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Baby Knows Best: Raising a Confident and Resourceful Child, the RIE™ Way

Little, Brown and Company, 2013

Raise self-confident, self-reliant children using the RIE (Resources for Infant Educarers) Approach. Your baby knows more than you think. That's the heart of the principles and teachings of Magda Gerber, founder of RIE (Resources for Infant Educarers), and Educaring. BABY KNOWS BEST is based on Gerber's belief in babies' natural abilities to develop at their own pace, without coaxing from helicoptering or hovering parents. The Educaring ...


Geraldine's Blanket
Holly Keller

Perfection Learning, 1988

When her mother and father insist that Geraldine get rid of her baby blanket, she finds a new way to keep it with her all the time.


Surviving HIV/AIDS in the Inner City: How Resourceful Latinas Beat the Odds (Studies in Medical Anthropology)
Sabrina Chase

Rutgers University Press, 2011

Surviving HIV/AIDS in the Inner City explores the survival strategies of poor, HIV-positive Puerto Rican women by asking four key questions: Given their limited resources, how did they manage an illness as serious as HIV/AIDS? Did they look for alternatives to conventional medical treatment? Did the challenges they faced deprive them of self-determination, or could they help themselves and each other? What can we learn from these resourceful ...


Joseph Had a Little Overcoat (Caldecott Medal Book)

Viking Books for Young Readers, 1999

Joseph had a little overcoat, but it was full of holes—just like this book! When Joseph's coat got too old and shabby, he made it into a jacket. But what did he make it into after that? And after that? As children turn the pages of this book, they can use the die-cut holes to guess what Joseph will be making next from his amazing overcoat, while they laugh at the bold, cheerful artwork and learn that you can always make something, even out ...


The Co-Parents' Handbook: Raising Well-Adjusted, Resilient, and Resourceful Kids in a Two-Home Family from ...

Karen Bonnell, 2014

When it comes to a child's sense of family, what divorce breaks apart, solid co-parenting rebuilds. With a tested "here's how" approach, The Co-Parents' Handbook helps parents confidently take on the challenges of raising children in two homes. Addressing parents' questions about the emotional impact of separation, conflict, grief and recovery, the authors skillfully provide a road map for all members of the family to safely navigate through ...


You, Resourceful: Return To Who You Want To Be (Volume 1)
Kristin Prevallet

Wide Reality Books, 2012

The new book from the critically acclaimed author of I, Afterlife: Essay in Mourning Time. This book will teach you powerful and strategic ways to use your creative mind to rewire your brain using metaphor, internal narrative, and the placebo effect. Synthesizing the latest research in neuroscience and mind/body medicine, you will learn how to change habitual patterns and access your inner resources in a refreshing new way. Integrating ...


In The SpotLight: Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking and Performing
Janet E. Esposito M.S.W.

In the Spotlight Llc, 2000

In The SpotLight: Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking and Performing is a perfect book for those who are afraid of speaking or performing in front of others. This book provides many different methods and strategies to help you get beyond stage fright and learn to speak or perform with ease and confidence. This book will also help anyone who is self-conscious and uncomfortable in any social situation. You will discover how to: * ...


7 Strategies for developing Capable* Students. (*responsible, respectful, and resourceful)
H. Stephen Glenn, Michael L. Brock

Prima Lifestyles, 1998

A Proven Program That Helps Every Child Succeed The number one goal of every parent and educator is to help children become successful adults. To achieve this goal children must learn self-discipline, responsibility, and judgment—the very same principles that help them become good students. But how do we teach such essential concepts in today's complex and temptation-filled world? Nationally acclaimed educators H. Stephen Glenn and Michael ...


Hackney Child: a true tale of 'Hope Daniels' a neglected, but resourceful child surviving UK poverty and the ...
Morag Livingstone

Livingstone's Photos, 2012

Hackney Child is about a resourceful child, whose parents are unable to cope. Hope is left to help her brothers survive poverty and the economic collapse of the late 1970s and early 1980s. Her mother is a prostitute whose clients come to the home, and the children are exposed to her profession, knowing it is wrong, but without fully understanding. Despite the challenges, the compassion Hope shows towards her parents, particularly her alcoholic ...


Smart Parenting: How To Raise Happy, Can-Do Kids
Dr. Brad Smart, Dr. Kate Smart Mursau

CDK Press, 2006

The greatest gift you can give your children is the motivation and judgment to figure things out sensibly, every day. And what a gift to yourself! This father-daughter team provides powerful, fun activities to overcome two of the most common complaints of parents: "My kids aren't motivated." "My kids don't make very good decisions on their own." Whether you are a parent, teacher, or someone else who influences children, you will be so proud when ...


Using NLP Techniques To Produce Powerful Change With Any Counseling Approach: A step-by-step, practical guide ...
Clyde M. Feldman

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2012

This manual provides detailed, step-by-step instructions for understanding and using OVER 50 DIFFERENT NEURO-LINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING TECHNIQUES to improve a wide range of problems including anxiety, depression, stress, anger, addictions, negative self-image, negative behavior patterns, emotional over-reactions, childhood issues, relationship issues, AND techniques for increasing positive motivation and achieving personal and professional goals. ...


The Timebook (The Time Chronicles 1)

Mariana Alvarez-Tostado, 2013

Twelve year old Jurna, a bright girl, is intrigued at the library and checks out a magic book that whisks its readers into the time of Greek gods and goddesses. While there, she discovers things about herself and her past. She then faces many adventures and makes new friends trying to return to her own time. Will she make it? Find out in the first and exciting book of The Time Chronicles.


The Last Newspaper Boy in America
Sue Corbett

Dutton Juvenile, 2009

Big Heart + Big Brain = Funny, Feel Good Fiction! WilÂ’s sidearm throw can land a paper on your porch from twenty yards out. But he doesnÂ’t know if heÂ’ll be able to put his unusual talent to use because the big newspaper company has canceled delivery to WilÂ’s small town. Well, that was the paperÂ’s first mistake. Underestimating Wil was the second. With physics, his clueless brother, and a neighbor girl on his side, Wil ...


Love on the Kitchen Table: A Couples' Guide to Creative Communications and Lasting Love
Aleisha Coote

BalboaPress, 2014

Each day we are bombarded with mixed messages and beliefs about what it means to be in a relationship. We encounter shocking statistics on divorce rates and examples on where it all goes wrong. Yet where is the focus on success? What if your relationship could be saved or enhanced based on your understanding of some simple yet powerful insights to human behaviour? Challenging the trends of society, Love on the Kitchen Table flips common ...


Parents' Handbook: NLP and Common Sense Guide for Family Well-Being
Roger Ellerton

Trafford Publishing, 2010

"Feelings of worth can flourish only in an atmosphere where individual differences are appreciated, mistakes are tolerated, communication is open, and rules are flexible - the kind of atmosphere found in a nurturing family." - Virginia Satir, Family Therapist Parenting is not an idea, a concept or a belief. It's a process and therefore is neither static nor fixed in time that results in something special being created. Your activities and ...


Master Plan to Master Exams

BookSurge Publishing, 2006

Editorial Reviews: –– CHRIS HOWARD International Speaker and #1 Best selling author of Turning Passions Into Profits – 3 Steps to Wealth and Power “If exams are standing between you and your dreams, this book is a lifesaver! In Master Plan to Master Exams: How to Discover Your Hidden Abilities to Create the Success You Desire, Teresa Bolen captures the essence of some of the most powerful personal growth technologies in the ...


Jump-Start the Adult Learner: How to Engage and Motivate Adults Using Brain-Compatible Strategies

Corwin, 2007

"Overall this text is a very interesting read with significant applicability to both advisors and faculty. The creative advisor will have no problem synthesizing Materna's ideas and theories of brain-compatible learning strategies into daily interactions with students and faculty." — Jennifer Varney, Hesser College Use these interactive strategies to help adults become more self-directed in their learning, improve their ability to ...


A Mitford Trilogy: The Mitford Series, Box Set: Books 1, 2, and 3 (At Home in Mitford, A Light in the Window, ...
Jan Karon


Reader's Digest 3 volume boxed set of At Home in Mitford, A Light in the Window, and These High Green Hills.


Ladder to SOE: How to Create Resourceful and Efficient Solutions for Market Changes within Business and ...
Michael Poulin

Troubador Publishing Ltd, 2009

In the book Michael argues that the modern way of thinking about Service Orientation opens up new possibilities for Business and IT to construct business-oriented customer-centric convergent solutions for business problems. The Service Orientation concept has the potential not only to align IT with Business, but also to align the entire company with the market dynamics. A Service-Oriented Enterprise - SOE - is the organisation constructed and ...


Tools for Transforming Trauma
Robert Schwarz

Routledge, 2002

Tools for Transforming Trauma provides clinicians with an integrative framework that covers a wide range of therapeutic modalities and a "black bag" full of therapeutic tools for healing trauma patients.



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