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The Promise
Chaim Potok

Anchor, 2005

Reuven Malter lives in Brooklyn, he’s in love, and he’s studying to be a rabbi. He also keeps challenging the strict interpretations of his teachers, and if he keeps it up, his dream of becoming a rabbi may die. One day, worried about a disturbed, unhappy boy named Michael, Reuven takes him sailing and cloud-watching. Reuven also introduces him to an old friend, Danny Saunders–now a psychologist with a growing reputation. Reconnected by ...


The technique of Martha Graham (Studies in dance history)
Alice J Halpern

Society of Dance History Scholars, at Princeton Periodicals, 1991

"A stunning volume" ( Time ) and the most magnificent book on the world's trees published in years. The publication of Remarkable Trees of the World took American audiences by storm. Thomas Pakenham embarks on a five-year odyssey to most of the temperate and tropical regions of the world to photograph sixty trees of remarkable personality and presence: Dwarfs, Giants, Monuments, and Aliens; the lovingly tended midgets of Japan; the enormous ...


The Commitment Chronicles
McClary Ph.D. J.D.

Sourcebooks Casablanca, 2006

The Commitment Chronicles helps you understand why you continue to stay in a tired, half-dead relationship that feels like it's circling the drain. Maybe you just don't feel happy anymore and, worst of all, your partner doesn't get it. He thinks you're crazy because he is happy and to him, everything is just fine! You are not delusional. Your partner is plainly and simply clueless! The Commitment Chronicles will empower you to shake up your ...


Praying Gods Word Day by Day P (Christian Softcover Originals)
Beth Moore

Christian Large Print, 2007

With half a million copies in print, Praying God’s Word is author Beth Moore’s best-selling release to date. A landmark book among women and men, it continues to serve readers in "tearing down strongholds by captivating our minds with the knowledge of God" (2 Corinthians 10:3-5). Now, the perennial favorite is available in a convenient day-by-day reading format as Beth encourages readers to seek the mind of Christ through fervent daily ...


From Thug to Scholar: An Odyssey to Unmask My True Potential
James a. Williams


This is a journey through my life where being intelligent and following the didactic spiritual teachings of my parents got me laughed at and teased until I adopted and embraced a thug mentality. I became a prisoner of my mind by seeking to please and to gain acceptance from others. Chasing a masked lifestyle that was opposed to my God-given potential, I was no different from the millions of people who chase materialistic things, lifestyles, and ...


The Zen teaching of Huang Po on the transmission of mind;: Being the teaching of the Zen master Huang Po as ...
John Blofield

Rider, 1958

This complete translation of the original collection of sermons, dialogues, and anecdotes of Huang Po, the illustrious Chinese master of the Tang Dynasty, allows the Western reader to gain an understanding of Zen from the original source, one of the key works in its teachings; it also offers deep and often startling insights into the rich treasures of Eastern thought. Nowhere is the use of paradox in Zen illustrated better than in the teaching ...


Live From Jordan: Letters Home From My Journey Through the Middle East
Benjamin Orbach

AMACOM, 2007

On the eve of the U.S. invasion of Iraq, Pittsburgh native and graduate student Ben Orbach traveled to the Middle East to experience the region first-hand. Despite having a degree in Middle Eastern studies, he was completely unprepared for what he discovered. Beyond the anti-American sentiment he expected, he found a complex, curious people whose lives were made even more difficult by an overwhelming feeling of powerlessness. "Live from Jordan" ...


Breaking Trail: A Climbing Life (Lisa Drew Books)
Arlene Blum

Scribner, 2005

Arlene Blum is a legendary trailblazer by any measure. Defying the climbing establishment of the 1970s, she led the first teams of women on successful ascents of Mt. McKinley and Annapurna, and was the first American woman to attempt Mt. Everest. In her long, adventurous career, she has played a leading role in more than twenty expeditions and forged a place for women in the perilous arena of high-altitude mountaineering. Breaking Trail is ...


AdWords For Dummies (For Dummies (Lifestyles Paperback))
Howie Jacobson

For Dummies, 2007

AdWords lets every business-from eBay PowerSellers to Fortune 500 companies-create targeted, cost-efficient advertising campaigns on the Web, and accounts for the bulk of Google's $6 billion in annual revenues This all-new guide helps advertisers get a handle on AdWords complexities and nuances, adopt AdWords best practices, and turn clicks into ka-ching! Topics covered include conducting quick and cheap market research, crafting a message that ...


Orchard of Hope (Hollyhill Series, Book 2)
Ann H. Gabhart

Revell, 2007

Orchard of Hope (Hollyhill Series, Book 2)


Relativity Visualized
Lewis Carroll Epstein

Insight Press, 1985

Perfect for those interested in physics but who are not physicists or mathematicians, this book makes relativity so simple that a child can understand it. By replacing equations with diagrams, the book allows non-specialist readers to fully understand the concepts in relativity without the slow, painful progress so often associated with a complicated scientific subject. It allows readers not only to know how relativity works, but also to ...


How to Photograph Your Life: Capturing Everyday Moments with Your Camera and Your Heart
Nick Kelsh

Stewart, Tabori and Chang, 2003

Nick Kelsh's books on photographing babies and families consistently rank among the top-selling titles in their category. Nick knows how to take great pictures and he can teach anyone - with any kind of camera - to do the same. How to Photograph Your Life features 40 brand-new picture-taking scenarios - the type that fill everyone's photo albums. Whether capturing milestones, such as graduations or weddings, or the random occurrence, such as ...


Paths Less Travelled of a Scholar Warrior (Spy) Teacher Healer: Scholar Warrior (Spy) Teacher Healer
Hon K. Lee

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2014

A personal memoir by Hon K. Lee describing his adventures: growing up in New York's Chinatown; being a combat Marine; running CIA clandestine operations; teaching Chinese martial arts; and treating patients with Chinese medicine and acupuncture. His story begins with Lee as a scrawny runt in a Chinese immigrant family. He gets bullied so often he yearns to be like the kung fu heroes he sees in the movies. He becomes a Marine to prove himself, ...


A Seed Is Sleepy
Dianna Hutts Aston

Chronicle Books, 2007

Award-winning artist Sylvia Long and author Dianna Hutts Aston have teamed up again to create this gorgeous and informative introduction to seeds. Poetic in voice and elegant in design, the book introduces children to a fascinating array of seed and plant facts, making it a guide that is equally at home being read on a parent's lap as in a classroom reading circle.


Life Happens: More Stuff From the Sloss Holler Scholar (Volume 2)
Rick Watson

Homefolk Media, 2012

Rick Watson is a freelance columnist for newspapers across the south.  Life Happens is a compilation of the best columns from the last few years.  Watson's words are sometimes poignant, insightful, and often humorous.


Eva Cassidy: Songbird
Rob Burley, Jonathan Maitland, ..., 2003

The stirring, full-color oral biography of the singer whose pure, haunting voice came to be loved by millions around the world after her tragically brief life. Eva Cassidy's albums Songbird, Live at Blues Alley, Eva By Heart, Time After Time , and Imagine have sold over a million and a half copies in the U.S. and millions more worldwide. Her songs have been heard on many television shows and film soundtracks, and the video of her classic ...


Make the Right Career Move: 28 Critical Insights and Strategies to Land Your Dream Job
Rachelle J. Canter

Wiley, 2006

Praise for Make The Right Career Move "Make the Right Career Move is a wonderful guide for the new age professional. This book will help you execute one of the most important decisions in your life and includes practical tips that you will use for the rest of your career." --Marshall Goldsmith, bestselling author of The Leader of the Future and What Got You Here Won't Get You There "This great new book will help thousands of businesspeople ...


Plenty of Blame to Go Around: Jeb Stuart's Controversial Ride to Gettysburg
Eric J. Wittenberg, J. David Petruzzi

Savas Beatie, 2006

June 1863. The Gettysburg Campaign is in its opening hours. Harness jingles and hoofs pound as Confederate cavalryman James Ewell Brown (JEB) Stuart leads his three brigades of veteran troopers on a ride that triggers one of the Civil War's most bitter and enduring controversies. Instead of finding glory and victory-two objectives with which he was intimately familiar-Stuart reaped stinging criticism and substantial blame for one of the ...


Scholar Mine: An Ohio State Love Story

BookBaby, 2013

Jose and Sharyn goofed up in their twenties and they've paid for it. Now in their mid-thirties, they encounter one another in the History Department at Ohio State University, he as a graduate student and T.A., she as a staff member. Struggling with notions about feminism, legitimacy, and The American Dream, Sharyn is drawn to the magnetic, studious Jose. She watches him and waits for him to return her gaze. Nothing happens, so she goes after ...


Augustine of Hippo: A Biography (New Edition, with an Epilogue)
Peter Brown

University of California Press, 2000

This classic biography was first published thirty years ago and has since established itself as the standard account of Saint Augustine's life and teaching. The remarkable discovery recently of a considerable number of letters and sermons by Augustine has thrown fresh light on the first and last decades of his experience as a bishop. These circumstantial texts have led Peter Brown to reconsider some of his judgments on Augustine, both as the ...



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