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The House on Lakemore Drive

Kelly Schumacher, 2014

The summer after graduation, Shane is enjoying the last of his freedom before college begins. However, when his best friend's mysterious cousin, Toni, blows into town for the summer after their grandmother falls ill, his world is turned upside down in a way he never imagined. He quickly falls for her, and she him. When their grandmother passes away, Toni is left a lake house that no one in the family knew about. The house quickly becomes a spot ...


Small is Beautiful: Economics as if People Mattered
E.F. Schumacher

Perenial Library /Harper & Row, Publishers, 1975

Small is Beautiful is E. F. Schumacher's stimulating and controversial study of world economies. This remarkable book is as relevant today and its themes as pertinent and thought-provoking as when it was first published thirty years ago. Small is Beautiful looks at the economic structure of the Western world in a revolutionary way. Schumacher maintains that Man's current pursuit of profit and progress, which promotes giant organisations and ...


Small Is Beautiful: Economics as if People Mattered
E. F. Schumacher

Harper Perennial, 2010

“Nothing less than a full-scale assault on conventional economic wisdom.” — Newsweek   One the 100 most influential books published since World War II — The Times Literary Supplement   Hailed as an “eco-bible” by Time magazine, E.F. Schumacher’s riveting, richly researched statement on sustainability has become more ...


Mighty Fitz: The Sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald (Fesler-Lampert Minnesota Heritage)
Michael Schumacher

Univ Of Minnesota Press, 2012

The Edmund Fitzgerald , a colossal ore carrier, had been fighting her way through a pounding November storm on Lake Superior. Then the Fitz ’s radar went out, and she started to take on water. Despite gale-force winds and thirty-foot seas, there was no reason to think the Fitz wouldn’t find safe harbor at Whitefish Point, Michigan. The last words from the Fitz ’s captain, Ernest McSorley, was “We are holding our own.” By all ...


Small Is Beautiful: Economics as if People Mattered
E. F. Schumacher

Harper Perennial, 1989

“Nothing less than a full-scale assault on conventional economic wisdom.” — Newsweek   One the 100 most influential books published since World War II — The Times Literary Supplement   Hailed as an “eco-bible” by Time magazine, E.F. Schumacher’s riveting, richly researched statement on sustainability has become more ...


A Guide for the Perplexed
E. F. Schumacher

Harper Perennial, 1978

The author of the world wide best-seller, Small Is Beautiful, now tackles the subject of Man, the World, and the Meaning of Living. Schumacher writes about man's relation to the world. man has obligations -- to other men, to the earth, to progress and technology, but most importantly himself. If man can fulfill these obligations, then and only then can he enjoy a real relationship with the world, then and only then can he know the ...


Letzter Weg / Shimmer: Zwei Thriller in einem Band (German Edition)

Bastei Entertainment, 2014

Erstmalig zum unschlagbaren Sonderpreis! Diese E-Book-Sonderausgabe beinhaltet zwei packende Thriller von Hilary Norman: Letzter Weg und Shimmer - zwei Fälle für Detective Sam Becket vom Miami Beach Police Department Letzter Weg: Blutüberströmt lag Cathy zwischen ihren toten Eltern. Manchmal träumt sie noch davon. "Du rennst", sagt ihre Freundin Kez, "als wolltest du vor etwas davonlaufen." Cathy Robbins läuft für ihr Leben gern. Als Kez ...


November's Fury: The Deadly Great Lakes Hurricane of 1913
Michael Schumacher

Univ Of Minnesota Press, 2013

On Thursday, November 6, the Detroit News forecasted “moderate to brisk” winds for the Great Lakes. On Friday, the Port Huron Times-Herald predicted a “moderately severe” storm. Hourly the warnings became more and more dire. Weather forecasting was in its infancy, however, and radio communication was not much better; by the time it became clear that a freshwater hurricane of epic proportions was developing, the storm was well on its ...


Schumacher: The Official Inside Story of the Formula One Icon
Michael Schumacher

Ebury Press, 2003

For the first time, the Sphinx of Formula One opens up about his family, his success, his assessment of the other drivers and the state of Formula One, and his insider’s view of Ferrari in a handsome, photo-packed volume. Michael Schumacher is undoubtedly the greatest Formula One driver of his generation.


Research in Education: Evidence-Based Inquiry (7th Edition)
James H. McMillan, Sally Schumacher

Pearson, 2009

This substantially revised text provides a comprehensive, highly accessible, and student friendly introduction to the principles, concepts, and methods currently used in educational research. This text provides a balanced combination of quantitative and qualitative methods and enables students to master skills in reading, understanding, critiquing, and conducting research. The treatment of qualitative research is parallel to that of quantitative ...


Small Is Beautiful, 25th Anniversary Edition: Economics As If People Mattered: 25 Years Later . . . With ...
E. F. Schumacher

Hartley and Marks Publishers, 2000

Small is Beautiful is the perfect antidote to the economics of globalization. As relevant today as when it was first published, this is a landmark set of essays on humanistic economics. This 25th anniversary edition brings Schumacher's ideas into focus for the end-of-the-century by adding commentaries by contemporary thinkers who have been influenced by Schumacher. They analyze the impact of his philosophy on current political and ...


End Times
Anna Schumacher

Razorbill, 2014

Carbon County, Wyoming is like a current running through Daphne’s heart. When life gets too tough to bear in Detroit, Daphne flees to her Uncle Floyd’s home, where she believes she’ll find solace in the silent hills of her childhood summers. But Daphne’s Greyhound bus pulls over in downtown Carbon County and it’s not silence that welcomes her. It’s the sound of trumpets. Daphne’s desire to start again in simple country ...


Michael Schumacher

Headline, 2014

Michael Schumacher is the outstanding Formula One driver of his generation and, statistically, the greatest ever. Gifted with a rare blend of superior ability and nerve that defines a champion, for 15 seasons he has left rivals trailing in his wake, winning an unprecedented seven world drivers' championships. But he is a controversial figure, feared for his ruthless tactics, despised for using extreme methods in pursuit of his goals. THE EDGE ...


How Does the Show Go On: An Introduction to the Theatre
Thomas Schumacher, Jeff Kurtti

Disney Editions, 2007

Filled with detailed explanations, captivating illustrations, and entertaining trivia, this clearly written, lively, and uniquely-designed book is a first-of-its-kind introduction to the world of the Theatre, from the box office to backstage, and beyond. From one side of the book, the reader enters via the front door, where the people and activities of the “front of house” can be examined. From the book’s other side, the reader enters the ...


The Autopoiesis of Architecture: A New Framework for Architecture
Patrik Schumacher

Wiley, 2011

Take a theoretical approach to architecture with The Autopoiesis of Architecture , which presents the topic as a discipline with its own unique logic. Architecture's conception of itself is addressed as well as its development within wider contemporary society. Author Patrik Schumacher offers innovative treatment that enriches architectural theory with a coordinated arsenal of concepts facilitating both detailed analysis and insightful ...


Michael Schumacher: The Edge of Greatness
James Allen

Headline Book Publishing, 2009

Gifted with a rare blend of superior ability and unshakeable nerves, Michael Schumacher is the outstanding Formula One driver of his generation. Over the past 15 seasons he has won an unprecedented seven world drivers’ championships and in the process has captured the imagination of fans all over the world. For all his success, Schumacher is also a controversial figure, feared for his ruthless tactics and despised for using extreme methods ...


Every Step You Take
Kevin Schumacher

Abbott Press, 2014

Nicole Parker anxiously awaited her graduation from high school and the opportunity to escape the small logging town in which she had lived all her life. In just a few months she and her best friend, Sherry Johnson, would embark upon the next stage of their lives. But a murder in their hometown would forever change their plans, and lives. Frank Thomas, a former homicide detective in Los Angeles, was looking for a quiet place to complete his ...


Competing Risks and Multistate Models with R (Use R!)
Jan Beyersmann, Arthur Allignol, ...

Springer, 2011

This book covers competing risks and multistate models, sometimes summarized as event history analysis. These models generalize the analysis of time to a single event (survival analysis) to analysing the timing of distinct terminal events (competing risks) and possible intermediate events (multistate models). Both R and multistate methods are promoted with a focus on nonparametric methods.


Body Parts
Bev Schumacher

Learning Props, L.L.C., 2006

Learn body parts with colorful photo images of real children featured in this concept book. This early learning book was designed for preschool children. Word labels for each body part and a pronunciation page build vocabulary and language skills. Children, ages 3-6, will enjoy the colorful photos with word labels that build language and early learning. This durable book features hard covers and heavy weight pages.


Steppingstones for Seniors
Annette Schumacher

InspiringVoices, 2014

The stepping stones on the front cover say: Live well! Laugh often! Love much! These are the Steppingstones for Seniors on their life journeys. Ninety meditations consider issues of aging from a Christian perspective. Most include Bible references, while others are just lighthearted insights. You'll laugh, you may cry, and hopefully you'll find love, joy, and peace in Jesus! Proceeds from the sale of this book will go to special needs children.



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