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Sebastian Junger

Twelve, 2010

In his breakout bestseller, The Perfect Storm, Sebastian Junger created "a wild ride that brilliantly captures the awesome power of the raging sea and the often futile attempts of humans to withstand it" ( Los Angeles Times Book Review). Now, Junger turns his brilliant and empathetic eye to the reality of combat--the fear, the honor, and the trust among men in an extreme situation whose survival depends on their absolute commitment to one ...


Sebastian, 2013

Sebastian is an intelligent look at alternative ways to live and love, presented as a thriller around the most horrific, and one of the most lucrative human enterprises. If you're you are open to difference, are interested in alternative ways to live and love, and enjoy a fast-paced thriller, then this book is for you—so read and enjoy. Eighteen year-old Sebastian is an enigma. Everyone likes him, but no one knows anything about him. He wears ...


Sebastian's Trumpet
Miko Imai

Candlewick, 1995

Delightful illustrations capture the frustration that turns into joy when practice finally pays off as young Sebastian the bear tries and tries to get a sound out of his trumpet.


Sebastian (Ephemera, Book 1)
Anne Bishop

Roc, 2007

Long ago, Ephemera was split into a dizzying number of magical lands-connected only by bridges that may take you where you truly belong, rather than where you had intended to go. In one such land, where night reigns and demons dwell, the half-incubus Sebastian revels in dark delights. But in dreams she calls to him: a woman who wants only to be safe and loved-a woman he hungers for while knowing he may destroy her.And an even more devastating ...


Pamela Ervin

Tate Publishing, 2014

When all signs of the holiday season are missing, everyone in this small town fears


The Convert's Song: A Novel
Sebastian Rotella

Mulholland Books, 2014

A global manhunt sweeps up a former federal agent when his childhood friend becomes the chief suspect in a terrorist rampage. His hazardous stint in U.S. law enforcement behind him, Valentine Pescatore has started over as a private investigator in Buenos Aires. Then he runs into a long-lost friend: Raymond Mercer, a charismatic, troubled singer who has converted to Islam. After a terrorist attack kills hundreds, suspicion falls on ...


Sebastian (Bowen Boys Book 5)

World Castle Publishing, LLC, 2014

The man is a computer genius… Sebastian Bowen is the computer mastermind of the family. He’s always loved high tech stuff and he’s good at it. So good that he’s always busy with everyone else’s stuff, and sometimes the family’s computer needs are unintentionally placed on the back burner. Ama really wants to help Sebastian’s parents, but not at the expense of her pride. Sebastian Bowen can go to hell as far as she’s ...


Sebastian's Roller Skates
Joan De Deu Prats

Kane/Miller Book Pub, 2005

Sebastian didn't talk very much, even though he had a lot to say. He wanted to tell the barber not to make his head look like a billiard ball. He wanted to tell his neighbors that he hadn't grown all that much. And he wanted to ask Ester, the little girl who sat in front of him at school, if she wanted to be friends. But he couldn't. He couldn't say any of those things. Sebastian was shy. He was very shy. And then one day he finds an old pair of ...


Sebastian (The Beck Brothers Series #2)

Andria Large, 2013

After his wife cheated on him and then asked for a divorce, Sebastian Beck was devastated. The solution? Never let another woman get close enough to hurt him. His mind was made up. He would never fall in love again. And he most certainly would never get married again. Except, he never expected the one night that he was forced to protect his nephews with deadly force to bring him back in contact with the one woman he thought he’d never see ...


Sebastian and the Balloon
Philip C. Stead

Roaring Brook Press, 2014

On a boring day, on a dull street, Sebastian sat high atop his roof—something he was never supposed to do. When he launched himself into the air in his balloon made of Grandma's afghans and patchwork quilts, his journey took on a life of its own and his boring day turned into the adventure of a lifetime.   From award-winning author/illustrator Philip C. Stead, comes another timeless adventure with his trademark whimsical illustrations and ...


Sebastian Cupid (The Arrows Book 1), 2012

If you’ve never shot yourself in the chest, Sebastian Cupid can tell you it hurts like hell. Still, he’d rather take three bullets to any part of his anatomy than find his brother’s body in an alley, drained of blood. Now Sebastian is facing an inquiry from three gods while an innocent mortal lies comatose in a bed just down the hall, and she’s the only eye witness. Armed with next to no information and a lifelong history of resentment, ...


Why Kings Confess: A Sebastian St. Cyr Mystery
C.S. Harris

NAL Hardcover, 2014

The gruesome murder of a young French physician draws aristocratic investigator Sebastian St. Cyr and his pregnant wife, Hero, into a dangerous, decades-old mystery as a wrenching piece of Sebastian’s past puts him to the ultimate test. Regency England, January 1813: When a badly injured Frenchwoman is found beside the mutilated body of Dr. Damion Pelletan in one of London’s worst slums, Sebastian finds himself caught in a high-stakes ...


Who Buries the Dead: A Sebastian St. Cyr Mystery
C.S. Harris

NAL Hardcover, 2015

The grisly murder of a West Indies slave owner and the reappearance of a dangerous enemy from Sebastian St. Cyr’s past combine to put C. S. Harris’s “troubled but compelling antihero” ( Booklist ) to the ultimate test in this taut, thrilling mystery. London, 1813. The vicious decapitation of Stanley Preston, a wealthy, socially ambitious plantation owner, at Bloody Bridge draws Sebastian St. Cyr, Viscount Devlin, into a macabre ...


What Darkness Brings: A Sebastian St. Cyr Mystery
C.S. Harris

Signet, 2014

The death of a notorious London diamond merchant draws aristocratic investigator Sebastian St. Cyr and his new wife, Hero, into a sordid world of greed, desperation, and the occult, when the husband of Sebastian’s former lover Kat Boleyn is accused of the murder. Regency England, September 1812 : After a long night spent dealing with the tragic death of a former military comrade, a heart-sick Sebastian learns of a new calamity: Russell ...


The Asylum for Fairy-tale Creatures

Carina, 2014

Once upon a nightmare… Long ago, in a land where imagination meets the darkest nightmares, they built the asylum. Surrounded by a forest of thorns, it holds the most twisted minds in the fairy tale kingdom: a terrible collection of evil creatures and forgotten souls. Imprisoned within its walls, they are doomed to spend forever after telling their tales… and serving as a warning to others. Now, you are invited to accompany Blood Red ...


Sebastian (The Three Nations Trilogy)
Mr Christoph Fischer

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2013

Sebastian is the story of a young man who, due to an unfortunate accident, has his leg amputated shortly before World War I. When his father is drafted to the war it falls to him to run the family grocery store in Vienna, to grow into his responsibilities, bear loss and uncertainty, and hopefully find love. Sebastian Schreiber, his extended family, their friends and the store employees experience the ‘golden days’ of pre-war Vienna, ...


Sebastian Scouts ... The 7 Wonders
Ebony Clark

A Little Birdie Studios, 2014

On The Lookout for Adventure: Sebastian Scouts and his friends take on an amazing adventure - and the chance to beat a world record - on their latest daring mission! Can Sebastian and his fearless crew see all 7 World Wonders in three days?


Birdsong: A Novel of Love and War
Sebastian Faulks

Vintage, 1997

Published to international critical and popular acclaim, this intensely romantic yet stunningly realistic novel spans three generations and the unimaginable gulf between the First World War and the present. As the young Englishman Stephen Wraysford passes through a tempestuous love affair with Isabelle Azaire in France and enters the dark, surreal world beneath the trenches of No Man's Land, Sebastian Faulks creates a world of fiction that is as ...


Home Sweet Mulberry (A Sasha and Sebastian Mulberry Mystery Book 1)

ravZen Press, 2014

Sasha Barton and her talking British shorthair, Sebastian, inherit Grams' lovely old home in the quaint and quirky town of Mulberry. There's more than lots of rooms and antique furniture in Grams' old house. It seems that Ms. Maxine's gentleman friend Alfred is still hanging around in spirit. Before the boxes are even unpacked, Henry DuPont, the curmudgeon neighbor across the street turns up dead and Sasha is suspect number one. In exposing ...


Mr Squirrel and the Moon
Sebastian Meschenmoser

NorthSouth, 2015

When Mr. Squirrel awakens to find that the moon has landed on his tree, he frantically tries to get rid of it before someone suspects him of stealing it and puts him in jail. But when he rolls the moon off of his tree, it's gets stuck on Mrs. Hedgehog's bristles and when the billy-goat arrives and butts it with his horns . . . Will the moon ever be the same again? Sebastian Meschenmoser's hilarious illustrations and rollicking tale will be a ...



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