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Seduced - Book Three - Surrender Series (Volume 3)
Melody Anne

Gossamer Publishing, 2013

At the end of Submit, Arianna Harlow had enough pride in herself to walk away from Rafe Palazzo, who had started their relationship using blackmail. Though she’d fallen in love with him, she was strong enough to say goodbye. We saw the softer side of Rafe, especially toward the end, but it was too late… Or was it? Seduced begins almost two years after Ari starts her new life. She is teaching at a community college, and when she asks the ...


Seduced (Rockstar Romance) (Lost in Oblivion)

Rainbow Rage Publishing, 2013

BOOK 0.5 - A full-length INTRODUCTION to the New Adult rockstar series, LOST IN OBLIVION Warning: get ready for a testosterone overload. The guys are in the driver's seat in Seduced - and the ride's gonna rock. Twenty-three year old Nick Crandall has one focus in his life: Oblivion, the band he formed with his best friend Simon Kagan. With gigs coming up and the band members lacking focus after losing their drummer to rehab, they're out ...


Seduced (Fantasy's Bar & Grill Book 1)

Tears of Crimson Publishing, 2014

Fantasy's Bar & Grill What goes on behind closed doors is hotter than anything you can order off the menu! *Warning Sexual Content* Zoey Summers is desperate!  After losing her job for refusing to sleep with her boss she's blacklisted from every legal firm in New York.  The spineless little prick warned her she'd have to beg on bended knees to work in the city again, but it will be a cold day in hell!  When she gets an interview with ...


Seduced 1, 2014

Get ready for the summer's hottest MMA Fighter Romantic Suspense Series from the bestselling author, P.A. Jones.  Tristan, former MMA Champion, Tattooed and Hot as hell is living his life away from any trouble--especially relationships trouble. Nikki is desperate to find a way to get back with the person she loves most in this world, but she needs someone as strong as Tristan to put her plan in motion. But when these two ...


Strangers on a Train (Seduced by the Park Avenue Billionaire Book 1)

Nelle L'Amour, 2012

“HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS LAYERED BILLIONAIRE ROMANCE! Though the sex was hot, there was so much more than the usual billionaire erotica. The story touched, shocked, and thrilled."--C. Mahoney, Amazon Reviewer Sarah Greene’s life is a mess. She’s the low-paid assistant to a tyrannical toy company executive; she can barely pay her rent; her social life sucks, and she’s worried sick about her cancer-stricken mother. Her life changes ...


Scorched - Book Four - The Surrender Series (Volume 4)
Melody Anne

Gossamer Publishing, 2013

Read the final book in the NYT Bestselling series: Surrender Scorched – Book Four Has Rachel been taken against her will by the powerful King Adriano, known to her as Ian? You will find out in the beginning of a story filled with romance, lust, conflict and heat. The king recently ascended the throne of Corythia, and his brother, Gianni, is out for revenge, for what he feels is rightfully his, a kingdom he once renounced. Meanwhile, Rachel is ...


Seduced by Innocence: A Paranormal Shifter Romance (The Seduced Saga Book 1)

Daring Books, 2013

Forbidden Passions. Deadly secrets. A love that will stand against it all. All my life I've been told that I will kill my first love. That the dark power I harbor within myself will destroy him. Just like it's destroyed others. Witches take an oath to do no harm, but I broke that oath even as a child, and so I hide within the invisible walls of my strange coven, keeping everyone at a distance. Until I meet Derek. His magnetism ...


Seduced (The Billionaire's Command #1), 2013

When Caroline's company won an all expenses paid trip to Hawaii, she thought all she'd be doing was lying on the beach drinking mai tais with her best friend Lisa. Little did she know her life would be turned upside down when she ran into Mark Selzer in the elevator. Expecting their one night of passion to be only that, Caroline is shocked when Mark shows up at her door two weeks later. Will she be able to open up enough to let him into her ...


Seduced by Lies Vol. 1 - Elysium (The Seduced Saga Book 4)

Daring Books, 2013

Rose and Derek have settled into married life and are enjoying their new jobs living with and teaching paranormal kids at the mansion with Father Patrick and their new friends. Everything seems idyllic, until paranormal teens start showing up dead in the local news, killed by what looks like a wolf attack. As Rose, Derek and their friends seek out the truth of these mysterious killings, a Bishop sent by the Pope arrives to undo everything ...


Seduced by Pain (The Seduced Saga Book 2)

Daring Books, 2013

"Hope is a fragile thing, yet strangely enduring. It hides in the crevices of pain, burrowing deep until unseen, for fear that sorrow, in its rage, will devour hope's desperate hold on the heart. It can live there for years, silent and waiting. Or, it can be slaughtered with a word— mankind's most powerful weapon. They say that universes are created with words. And with words, they are destroyed. Just as mine has been." *** ...


Seduced 4, 2014

Getting back with her missing husband was supposed to fix everything for Nikki—a rekindling to ignite their lost love and provide a father to her son. What could be better? Instead, it was getting worse. When Nikki tries to meet Maxim, the MMA fighter who can save her business and her son, he turns out to be none other than Tristan. To distract herself from her constant attraction to Tristan, she is trying to avoid him, but Tristan has ...


SEDUCED: A Forbidden, First Time, Pregnancy Taboo Tale, 2014

Come enjoy this short, forbidden tale of passion between a younger woman and her much older neighbor! Beautiful, innocent Janie can't help but notice her new next-door neighbor. He's sexy, masculine, and much older than the new college student, but that doesn't stop her from watching him renovate the house while she suns herself by the pool, rubbing tanning oil into her soft skin. When the people she lives with go out of town, she ...


Harlequin Holiday Collection: Four Classic Seasonal Novellas: And a Dead Guy in a Pear Tree\Seduced by the ..., ...

Harlequin Special Releases, 2011

Harlequin Holiday Collection: Four Classic Seasonal Novellas A struggling B&B owner scrambles to hide the dead body wrapped in her Christmas tree from a visiting camera crew—and from her still-irresistible reporter ex. A waitress and a sexy FBI agent mix business with pleasure while investigating a crime over the holidays. A crime lab worker finds herself in danger six days before Christmas...and only her off-limits but oh-so-attractive ...


Seduced by Power (The Seduced Saga Book 3)

Daring Books, 2013

Forbidden passions. Deadly secrets. A love that will stand against it all. In Seduced by Power, the final book in Rose's Trilogy, Rose and Derek face the greatest threat to their love, and lives, as they are forced to make painful choices to save those they love the most. They give everything they have to end the battle against Rose's mother and retrieve that which was stolen from them. But will it be enough to save them?


Flirting with French: How a Language Charmed Me, Seduced Me, and Nearly Broke My Heart
William Alexander

Algonquin Books, 2014

“A delightful and courageous tale and a romping good read. Voila! ” —Mark Greenside, author of I’ll Never Be French (No Matter What I Do) William Alexander is more than a Francophile. He wants to be French. There’s one small obstacle though: he doesn’t speak la langue française. In Flirting with French, Alexander sets out to conquer the language he loves. But will it love him back? Alexander eats, breathes, and sleeps ...


Devoured (Fantasy's Bar & Grill Book 2)

Tears of Crimson Publishing, 2014

* Warning Sexual Content * Fantasy's Bar & Grill Book 2 Four Sexy Billionaires What happens when four gorgeous billionaires decide that you’re the woman they want?  Is giving your heart to more than one man possible, or would it even be about love.  In the second book of the Fantasy’s Bar & Grill series, Zoey realizes she wants more than just the few, but dream worthy, memories of their tropical adventure.  Will she take a chance, and ...


Twisted (Rockstar Romance) (Lost in Oblivion Book 2)

Rainbow Rage Publishing, 2014

Book 2 in the NEW ADULT rockstar series, Lost in Oblivion He’s always saved her. Now she’s going to return the favor... Gray Duffy never thought he’d end up as the co-lead guitarist of Oblivion, one of the hottest rock bands in the country. Even better? He's sharing the experience with his best friend, Jazz. Since the day she’d showed up as his family’s new foster kid, Gray has protected her. Loved her. And not just ...


Seduced 2, 2014

Book 1 is available FREE at : Book 3 is available at : Free with Kindle Unlimited. Tristan finds out the dark secret Nikki has been hiding from him. His heart is broken by the sweet, smooth-talking girl. Will he be able to trust her again or choose to give up the second chance life has given him? What will Nikki do when Tristan comforts her? Will she tell him the truth, or just ...


Merry & Seduced (House of the Cat), 2014

House of the Cat #2.5 All roads lead home at Christmas... Cyborg Amme Vanak is wired to care for children and since her current charge is grown, she's feeling edgy. She's hoping a Christmas visit to Earth with her friends will offer distraction and maybe even a fling with a sexy Earthman before she flies on to Viros for a new adventure. Wealthy entrepreneur Marcus Polo is single with a rockin' social ...


Seduced By The Secret Billionaire (A Billionaire BWWM Romance), 2014

"A Unique Spin On The BWWM Billionaire Romance theme..." Shanice is a career focused woman who has been hurt in the past by men who have lied to her. However, when she meets a cute white guy named Connor she decides it might be time to give love a chance. Little does she know, Connor has a secret.... Connor is actually a self-made billionaire who is searching for true love. Tired of gold diggers, he decides to keep his true identity a ...



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