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Sensational Kids Revised Edition: Hope and Help for Children with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD)
Lucy Jane Miller Ph.D OTR, Doris A. Fuller, ...

Perigee Trade, 2014

R evised and updated—the authoritative bestseller that presents the latest research on Sensory Processing Disorder. Sensory Processing Disorder is an increasingly common diagnosis, with a wide range of symptoms that can be difficult for parents and pediatricians to identify. In Sensational Kids, internationally renowned expert Dr. Miller shares her more than forty years of experience and research findings on SPD. Now in its fourteenth ...


Sensational She-Hulk, Vol. 1
John Byrne

Marvel, 2011

From Savage to Sensational! With John Byrne writing and penciling, witness She-Hulk go where no super hero has gone before: right through the 4th wall! See She-Hulk vs. Spider-Man! Beheaded! Against the wrath of Dr. Bong! Alongside Santa Claus! On her own Star Truck! Hosting her own golden age guest star! Guest-starring the Wasp, Mr. Fantastic and Razorback! COLLECTING: Sensational She-Hulk #1-8, Marvel Comics Presents (1988) #18 ...


Sensational Sugar Animals
Frances McNaughton

Search Press, 2012

Renowned sugarcrafter, Frances McNaughton, shows how to make beautiful, natural-looking sugar animals with realistic colouring, attitudes and expressions. In the step by step demonstrations, she uses simple modelling techniques and basic shapes to create the animals, then sculpts and colours them to produce sensational cake toppers. Learn how to make favourites such as a lion and cats, as well as more unusual animals such as a meerkat, gorilla ...


Sensational Meditation for Children: Mindfulness, Guided Imagery and Other Child-Friendly Meditation ...
Sarah Wood Vallely

Satya International, Inc, 2013

Higher self esteem, improved focus, better reading skills, closer family relationships and better health - these are just a few of the outcomes parents, therapists and teachers who've used Sensational Meditation for Children are raving about. Considered the bible for teaching meditation to children, this book provides a step-by-step roadmap for introducing, inspiring, and supporting children to meditate. Rich with philosophy, supporting ...


Sensational Kids: Hope and Help for Children with Sensory Processing Disorder
Lucy Jane Miller Ph.D OTR, Doris A. Fuller

Perigee Trade, 2007

Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) is a condition affecting at least one in twenty children who experience sensations in taste, touch, sound, sight, smell, movement, and body awareness in a vastly different manner from how other children their ages do. What may be typical activities for most kids are a daily struggle that may result in social, emotional, or academic problems. Dr. Lucy Jane Miller, the best-known SPD researcher in the world, ...


Simply Sensational Cookies
Nancy Baggett

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2012

Sophisticated, contemporary cookie recipes from one of America's most respected baking experts From bestselling cookbook author and award-winner Nancy Baggett comes Simply Sensational Cookies, a delicious collection of cookie recipes that covers both the classics that mom used to make and modern, innovative ideas for the adventurous baker. Whether you're a novice baker, an experienced cook, or a parent looking for new treats to try, this is ...


Sensational Buttercream Decorating: 50 Projects for Luscious Cakes, Mini-Cakes and Cupcakes
Carey Madden

Robert Rose, 2014

Amazing, melt in your mouth Swiss-style buttercream is the perfect decorating tool. Swiss-style buttercream is the lightest, fluffiest icing, and is the icing of choice for professional and novice bakers alike because its luscious consistency makes it perfect for decorating cakes and cupcakes. Carey's inspired cake decorating projects show off wholesome, delicious buttercream to its best effect. From start to finish, Carey shares her ...


Sensational Science Projects For Kids: Awesome Experiments From Erupting Volcanos and Frisbee Science to Oil ..., 2014

Sensational Science Projects For Kids These fun and exciting science projects are sure to spark your child's interest in science as well as provide a fun family activity. The book is geared towards elementary and middle school students, but can always be adjusted for more complex high school projects. From erupting volcanos and Frisbee science to oil spill cleanups and trick candles, this collection of over 40 "kid approved" projects are ...


Sensational Knitted Socks
Charlene Schurch

Martingale and Company, 2005

Readers learn how to create oodles of original socks with ten basic sock designs and loads of stitch patterns to make it easy. Full color.


Sensational Six: Action and Adventure in Sci Fi, Fantasy and Paranormal Romance, ...

Bella Media Management, 2014

Six Sensational Stories from award-winning and best-selling authors that include love with a psychic, trapping a saber-tooth tiger, a mercenary and a rebel, a fae and a werewolf, an ascended vampire and the darkening, and an epic battle between a werewolf cop and the Army of Evil. Dare to take this ride of action and adventure in sci fi, fantasy and paranormal romance! Still Sexy (a Hunter Protection Group story) by Sasha White A ...


Sensational Nightingales: The Story of Joseph "Jo Jo" Wallace & the Early Days of the Sensational ...
Opal Louis Nations

Scat Trax, 2014

First-published history of the Sensational Nightingales, this internationally celebrated Post-War, black gospel music quartet, spanning the last seven decades. With 40 pages of rare photographs plus interviews with leading protagonists "Jo Jo" Joseph Wallace and the late Charles Johnson. Includes childhood recollections, harrowing, out-on-the highway travel tales, detailed record release appraisals and annotated album discographies written from ...


Fancy Nancy and the Sensational Babysitter
Jane O'Connor

HarperFestival, 2010

Nancy is tremendously excited about her new babysitter coming over. She has their whole evening planned out, from playing with Marabelle to dressing up in fancy ensembles. But things don't turn out quite as Nancy had planned!


The Sensational Samburger
David Pelham

Dutton Juvenile, 1995

In order to catch a thief who has been stealing hamburgers throughout the neighborhood, Sam and Samantha concoct the world's worst hamburger, which includes such delicacies as shampoo mayonnaise and crunchy caterpillars. Lit Guild.


300 Sensational Soups
Carla Snyder, Meredith Deeds

Robert Rose, 2008

The definitive collection of recipes for soup lovers everywhere. A good soup nourishes the heart as well the stomach, spreading a feeling of satisfaction and contentment. Hot soup is warming on a winter day, while cold soup is just as welcome in the heat of summer. From comforting creamy chicken and rice soup to refreshing gazpacho, 300 Sensational Soups offers something for every season, mood and occasion. There are 50 ...


Sensational Senses: With flaps, tabs and a pop-up surprise!
Simon Abbott

Ticktock Books, LTD, 2014

Packed with sensory activities, this novelty lift-the-flap book will help you understand the incredible ways in which your senses work. Wink! See the mind-boggling illusions. Grab! Feel the tricky textures. Find out how we experience the world in this amazing book which delves into the human body to suss out just what's going on behind the scenes!


Cars of the Sensational '70s, A Decade of Changing Tastes and New Directions
James M. Flammang

Publications International, 2000

This is the book fans of 70s cars have been asking for. Cars of the Sensational 70s covers everything from the first of the new subcompact class up to the last of the truly big traditional family cars. Imported makes that were gaining popularity in the U.S. and products of specialty carbuilders are also included. ¥ Approximately 1,900 photographs and illustrations, most in full color ¥ Year-by-year overviews of major news and cultural events ...


Sensational Vancouver
Eve Lazarus

Anvil Press, 2014

Literary Nonfiction. Travel Writing. Includes a Walking Tour map of historic Strathcona and Chinatown. History books typically show Vancouver as a pioneer city built on forestry, fisheries, and tourism, but behind the snow-capped mountains and rain forests, the Vancouver of the first half of the 20th century was a hotbed of civic corruption. The top job at the Vancouver Police Department was a revolving door with the average tenure for a police ...


Sensational Smoothies & Drinks

PUBNI, 2013

Find over 225 thirst-quenching recipes to boost energy for a workout, provide a nutritious breakfast or mid-morning snack, refresh at happy hour or indulge after meals.


Sensational Designs: The Cultural Work of American Fiction, 1790-1860
Jane Tompkins

Oxford University Press, 1986

What makes a literary classic? In "Sensational Designs" Jane Tompkins argues that it is not the intrinsic merit of a text, but rather the circumstances of its writing. Against the modernist belief that art, in order to be art, must be free from propaganda, Tompkins contends that writers like Brockden Brown, Cooper, Stowe, and Warner wrote in order to alter the face of the social world, not to elicit aesthetic appreciation.Thus, the value and ...


Sensational Religion: Sensory Cultures in Material Practice

Yale University Press, 2014

The result of a collaborative, multiyear project, this groundbreaking book investigates the dynamic constellation of religion, sensation, and materiality, exploring the interpretive worlds of sensory phenomena in material practices of religions.   Under the rubric of “making sense,” the studies assembled here consider how people have used and valued sensory data. How have they shaped their material and immaterial worlds to encourage or ...



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