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The Cross in the Shadow of the Crescent: An Informed Response to Islam's War with Christianity
Erwin W. Lutzer

Harvest House Publishers, 2013

Islam is on the rise all over the West, including America. In this compelling new book, bestselling author Erwin Lutzer urges Christians to see this as both an opportunity to share the gospel and a reason for concern. We have now reached a tipping point--the spread of Islam is rapidly altering the way we live. These changes are cause for alarm, for they endanger our freedoms of speech and religion. At the same time, this opens an incredible ...


Halfway to Forever (Forever Faithful, Book 3)
Karen Kingsbury

Multnomah Books, 2002

You wept with them as they were Waiting for Morning You shared their Moment of Weakness Now they face the greatest struggles of their lives. Matt and Hannah Bronzan have found a new life in the face of devastating loss.  Together with Hannah’s daughter, Jenny, they are finally moving forward—toward the adoption of a little girl. A younger sister for Jenny, a daughter for them to love and raise together. But just when the dream seems ...


The Weight of Mercy: A Novice Pastor on the City Streets
Deb Richardson-Moore

Monarch Books, 2012

Ministry can be messy, complicated, and bewildering. Whether responding to the church alarm mysteriously and repeatedly going off in the middle of the night, firing a kitchen assistant with a habit of buying drugs from parishioners, or interacting with the Chicken-Eatin' Preacher from West Greenville, pastor Deb Richardson-Moore quickly admits that there is a great deal they do not teach you in seminary. In this frank and engaging account of ...


Halley's Bible Handbook with the New International Version---Deluxe Edition
Henry H. Halley

Zondervan, 2007

Clear. Simple. Easy to read. Now in full color for its twenty-fifth edition, this world-renowned Bible handbook is treasured by generations of Bible readers for its clarity, insight, and usefulness. Halley’s Bible Handbook makes the Bible’s wisdom and message accessible. You will develop an appreciation for the cultural, religious, and geographic settings in which the story of the Bible unfolds. You will see how its different themes fit ...


Charles Stanley's Handbook for Christian Living: Biblical Answers to Life's Tough Questions
Dr. Charles F. Stanley

Thomas Nelson, 2001

Since life is a journey, feel free to stop and ask for directions. Previously released as the bestselling The Glorious Journey , this practical volume by Charles Stanley shows readers how to put God's Word to work in their daily lives with this easy-to-apply handbook. As believers, our desire is to follow the Lord more closely and to utilize His Word for maximum impact in our lives. Occasionally, however, we find ourselves not even knowing ...


Broken Heart on Hold: Surviving Separation
Linda W. Rooks

David C. Cook, 2006

A woman who is separated needs a friend to walk beside her on her difficult journey. Broken Heart on Hold is that friend, one that will uplift, encourage, and hold her up while offering practical insights and pointing her to God. It is a book of hope. Because it is written by a woman who has gone through the trauma of a separation and the eventual healing of her own marriage, the reader will know she is not alone. This collection of ...


Maximized Manhood

Whitaker House, 2001

Pornography. Adultery. Television addiction. Immaturity. Dr. Edwin Louis Cole, known as "the father of the Christian men's movement," was not afraid to tackle the tough topics that affect men today. His straightforward, biblical insights help men and women alike to realize their full potential in Christ. Putting the principles found in Maximized Manhood into practice will revolutionize your home and transform your life into what God designed it ...


Who Is This Man?: The Unpredictable Impact of the Inescapable Jesus
John Ortberg

Zondervan, 2012

Jesus' impact on our world is highly unlikely, widely inescapable, largely unknown, and decidedly double-edged. It is unlikely in light of the severe limitations of his earthly life; it is inescapable because of the range of impact; it is unknown because history doesn't connect dots; and it is doubled-edged because his followers have wreaked so much havoc, often in his name. He is history's most familiar figure, yet he is the man no one knows. ...


The Crucified Rabbi: Judaism and the Origins of Catholic Christianity (Origins of Catholic Christianity ...
Taylor Marshall

Saint John Press, 2009

Praise for The Crucified Rabbi :   "Taylor Marshall helps us to be more Catholic by taking our faith to its most profound depths - its ancient roots in the religion of Israel, the Judaism beloved by the Apostles, the religion of the Temple and Synagogue, the Torah and the sacrifice. Jesus said he came not to abolish that faith but to fulfill it. In this book, we see that fullness down to the smallest details. I treasure this book." ...


Rose Book of Bible Charts, Maps, and Time Lines
Rose Publishing

Rose Publishing, 2005

The bestselling Rose Book of Bible Charts, Maps and Time Lines is the #1 Bible Chart Book on the Market Rose Book of Bible Charts, Maps and Timelines has more than 180 pages of popular full-color reproducible Bible charts, Then and Now Bible maps®, and Bible timelines. It includes pictures and illustrations of the Tabernacle, Temple, Noah's Ark, and the Armor of God. It's perfect for Bible students, Sunday school teachers, Christian ...


The Gift of Peace: Personal Reflections
Joseph Louis Bernardin

Loyola Press, 1997

“I can say in all sincerity that I am at peace. I consider this as God’s special gift to me.” —Joseph Cardinal Bernardin, Archbishop of Chicago, announcing on August 30, 1996, that his cancer had returned after fifteen months of being in remission. The Cardinal died November 14, 1996. In the final two months of his life, Joseph Cardinal Bernardin made it his mission to share his personal reflections and insights in this book, The ...


Hated Without A Cause
Dianna Knox Cooper

Hope of Vision Publishing, 2013

“Dianna, the words the prophet spoke to you will come to pass. You want God to work in a hurry, but you’ve got to be patient. You need to write your book and tell your story. They need to hear your story.” That is some of the prophecy as I remember, that was spoken into my life. I knew over 10 years ago I was supposed to write a book, but didn’t realize the urgency of it until I got this particular prophecy. I asked myself, how many ...


Jonathan Edwards: A Life
George M. Marsden

Yale University Press, 2004

Jonathan Edwards (1703–1758) is a towering figure in American history. A controversial theologian and the author of the famous sermon Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God, he ignited the momentous Great Awakening of the eighteenth century. In this definitive and long-awaited biography, Jonathan Edwards emerges as both a great American and a brilliant Christian. George Marsden evokes the world of colonial New England in which Edwards was ...


John Calvin: A Heart for Devotion, Doctrine, Doxology
Various Authors

Reformation Trust Publishing, 2008

Meet the Man Behind the Myths John Calvin's name evokes powerful images, most of them negative. In the minds of many, he is perceived as an ivory-tower theologian who was harsh and unreasonable, the driving force behind a dangerous theological system. In this volume, Burk Parsons and eighteen other leading Reformed pastors and scholars authoritatively reveal the truth about Calvin and his teaching that he was humble, caring, pious, ...


Nubby: an unthinkable crime, an unlikely redemption.
Nancy Paul

Nancy Paul, 2013

If the pieces of this book were scattered on the floor--a resplendently macabre jigsaw puzzle, the mix would be confounding. There are the random faces of unlikely, everyday heroes, an innocent, unwanted baby, and villains so despicable it would be better if their pieces remained facing down or better yet got lost under the couch or in a heater vent somewhere. But they don’t. In this twisting, turning tale about a little girl whose ...


Immersion: Live the Life God Envisioned for you.
Mark McNees

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2011

Immersion uses the author's experience of swimming from Alcatraz Island to the shore of San Francisco as a metaphor for living out the Great Commandment (loving God and loving others). This book showcases the author's story telling, Bible knowledge, and teaching, which results in a compelling and life changing reading experience. 


Wrestling with Our Inner Angels: Faith, Mental Illness, and the Journey to Wholeness
Nancy Kehoe

Jossey-Bass, 2009

Wrestling with Our Inner Angels is Nancy Kehoe’s compelling, intimate, and moving story of how she brought her background as a psychologist and a nun in the Religious of the Sacred Heart to bear in the groups she formed to explore the role of faith and spirituality in their treatment – and in their lives. Through fascinating stories of her own spiritual journey, she gives readers of all backgrounds and interests new insights into the inner ...


Spiritual Terrorism: Spiritual Abuse from the Womb to the Tomb
Boyd C. Purcell

AuthorHouse, 2008

Spiritual Terrorism is about the effect of fear-based religion on people's lives who have been spiritually abused by a negative conception of God through eternal hell-fire preaching and teaching. The doctrine of eternal punishment in literal fire is at the heart of many forms of spiritual abuse and all forms of spiritual terrorism which is the most extreme form of spiritual abuse. This book effectively explains the symbolic use of fire in the ...


Prayer in America: A Spiritual History of Our Nation
James P. Moore Jr.

Image, 2007

A stirring chronicle of the spiritual life of a nation, Prayer in America shows how the faith of Americans—from the founding fathers to corporate tycoons, from composers to social reformers, from generals to slaves—was an essential ingredient in the formation of American culture, character, commerce, and creed. Prayer in America brings together the country’s hymns, patriotic anthems, arts, and literature as a framework for telling ...


Creating a Missional Culture: Equipping the Church for the Sake of the World
JR Woodward

IVP Books, 2012

Once upon a time, Moses had had enough. Exhausted by the challenge of leading the Israelites from slavery to the Promised Land, Moses cried out to God, "What have I done to displease you that you put the burden of all these people on me? . . . If this is how you are going to treat me, please go ahead and kill me" (Exodus 11:11, 15). If that sounds hauntingly familiar to you, you may be the senior pastor of a contemporary church. The burden of ...



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