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Strongman's His Name II: Biblical Answers to Spiritual Warfare Questions
Jerry Robeson, Carol Robeson

Whitaker House, 2000

Do you have questions about spiritual warfare? Do you wonder why you have so much trouble with the Devil if he's already defeated? The simple, no–nonsense, biblical answers in this book will help you understand what it is to be one of God's warriors in these last days


Trial by Fire (Newpointe 911 Series #4)
Terri Blackstock

Zondervan, 2000

Pastor and fireman Nick Foster found the body in the inferno engulfing his church. From the bullet wound in the head, it’s clear this is no ordinary fire victim. The quiet community of Newpointe, reeling from the shock of the dead man’s identity, struggles with the agonizing question: who did it—and why? Paramedic Issie Mattreaux is no icon of virtue, but she cares enough about her teenage nephew, Jake, to track him down when he turns up ...


The Gift of Peace: Personal Reflections
Cardinal Joseph Bernardin

Image, 1998

Joseph Cardinal Bernardin's gentle leadership throughout his life of ministerial service had made him an internationally beloved figure, but the words he left behind about his final journey would change the lives of many more people from all faiths, from all backgrounds, and from all over the world. In the last two months of his life, Joseph Cardinal Bernardin made it his ultimate mission to share his personal reflections and insights as a ...


Jonathan Edwards: A Life
George M. Marsden

Yale University Press, 2003

Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758) is a towering figure in American history. A controversial theologian and the author of the famous sermon "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God", he ignited the momentous Great Awakening of the 18th century. In this biography, Jonathan Edwards emerges as both a great American and a brilliant Christian. George Marsden evokes the world of colonial New England in which Edwards was reared - a frontier civilization at the ...


Charles Stanley's Handbook for Christian Living: Biblical Answers to Life's Tough Questions
Dr. Charles F. Stanley

Thomas Nelson, 2001

Since life is a journey, feel free to stop and ask for directions. Previously released as the bestselling The Glorious Journey , this practical volume by Charles Stanley shows readers how to put God's Word to work in their daily lives with this easy-to-apply handbook. As believers, our desire is to follow the Lord more closely and to utilize His Word for maximum impact in our lives. Occasionally, however, we find ourselves not even knowing ...


The Heart of Wisdom Teaching Approach: Bible Based Homeschooling
Robin Sampson

Heart of Wisdom Publishing, 2005

Created for all homeschoolers that want to make the Bible the center of their school day. The Heart of Wisdom Teaching Approach is a combination of several popular homeschool methods: Hebrew education methods, Charlotte Mason, delight directed, thematic unit studies, lifestyle of learning, learning styles, writing to learn and notebooking. Sampson provides you with the methods, program, and resources for a course of study where students spend ...


Black Yellowdogs: The Most Dangerous Citizen Is Not Armed, But Uninformed
Ben Kinchlow

Morgan James Publishing, 2008

It has often been said, ""What you don't know won't hurt you."" Not true. Ignorance is deadly. Have you ever heard of the phrase forty acres and a mule? Do you know how slavery actually began in America? Did you know the KKK lynched over a thousand white people? Do you know why? Have you ever wondered, ""What do African Americans want?"" Why they vote Democrat? Did you know that most Blacks DO NOT support Affirmative Action? Who speaks for ...


Maximized Manhood

Whitaker House, 2001

Pornography. Adultery. Television addiction. Immaturity. Dr. Edwin Louis Cole, known as "the father of the Christian men's movement," was not afraid to tackle the tough topics that affect men today. His straightforward, biblical insights help men and women alike to realize their full potential in Christ. Putting the principles found in Maximized Manhood into practice will revolutionize your home and transform your life into what God designed it ...


Prayer in America: A Spiritual History of Our Nation
James P. Moore Jr.

Image, 2007

A stirring chronicle of the spiritual life of a nation, Prayer in America shows how the faith of Americans—from the founding fathers to corporate tycoons, from composers to social reformers, from generals to slaves—was an essential ingredient in the formation of American culture, character, commerce, and creed. Prayer in America brings together the country’s hymns, patriotic anthems, arts, and literature as a framework for telling ...


Halfway to Forever (Forever Faithful, Book 3)
Karen Kingsbury

Multnomah Books, 2002

You wept with them as they were Waiting for Morning You shared their Moment of Weakness Now they face the greatest struggles of their lives. Matt and Hannah Bronzan have found a new life in the face of devastating loss.  Together with Hannah’s daughter, Jenny, they are finally moving forward—toward the adoption of a little girl. A younger sister for Jenny, a daughter for them to love and raise together. But just when the dream seems ...


Mysteries of the Glory Unveiled
David Herzog, 2013

Fifty years after the last great miracle revival, believers of every Christian denomination are experiencing a restoration. As foretold by the prophets, this rain is resulting in the greatest harvest of souls the world has ever known. What took centuries to understand and accomplish, God is doing in an instant in this present glory. Mysteries are being unveiled now to those who seek the knowledge of God's glory. There were many healings and ...


Salt of the Earth: The Church at the End of the Millennium- An Interview With Peter Seewald
Peter Seewald

Ignatius Press, 1997

Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, well-known Vatican prelate and head of the Congregation on the Doctrine of the Faith, gives a full-length interview to a secular journalist on a host of controversial and difficult issues facing Catholicism and Christianity at the end of the millennium. Similar to his best-selling book interview in 1985, The Ratzinger Report, he responds with candor and insight, giving answers that are often surprising and always ...


America's God and Country Encyclopedia of Quotations

Fame Publishing, Inc., 1996

With over 2,100 quotations from approximately 700 sources, this exhaustive reference tool contains inspiring quotations ranging from the Magna Carta (1215) to the 1990s. Included are founding fathers, presidents, statesmen, constitutions, court decisions, military heroes, business leaders, scientists, inventors, ministers from a variety of denominations, African-American leaders, musicians, educators, authors, artists, women leaders, British ...


The New American Empire
Rodrigue Tremblay

Infinity Publishing, 2004

What is behind the American-led war in Iraq? Has the long and uninterrupted march towards globalization and world economic interdependence reached a zenith and begun to regress? What will be the consequences for the United States and for the world? The author explains the fundamental shift that foreign and domestic policies have taken under George W. Bush, since September 11, 2001. Besides attempting to focus a critical light on the new ...


American Minute
William J. Federer

Amerisearch, Inc., 2003

Notable Events of American Significance Remembered on the Date They Occurred. An interesting and inspiring collection of history vingettes, one for each day of the year. Well-known national holidays and achievements are recalled in fascinating detail as well as little known facts of courage, sacrifice and captivating American trivia. A great gift for any journalist, teacher, student, radio host, politician, or avid history buff! A book you won't ...


Westminster Dictionary of Theological Terms
Donald K. McKim

Westminster John Knox Press, 1996

This unique volume briefly identifies nearly six thousand theological terms. Its concise definitions capture a broad range of theological disciplines: biblical studies; church history; ethics; feminist theology; liberation theology; ministry; philosophy; Protestant, Reformed, and Roman Catholic theologies; and more. No other single volume provides such easy access to so many theological definitions. Both the novice and the theologically ...


Ordinary Work, Extraordinary Grace: My Spiritual Journey in Opus Dei
Scott Hahn

Image, 2006

To conspiracy theorists, Opus Dei is a highly secretive and powerful international organization. To its members, however, Opus Dei is a spiritual path, a way of incorporating the teachings of Jesus into everyday life. In Ordinary Work, Extraordinary Grace , Scott Hahn, a member of Opus Dei, describes the organization’s founding, its mission, and its profound influence on his life. Hahn recounts the invaluable part Opus Dei played in his ...


Kingdoms in Conflict
Charles Colson, Ellen Vaughn, ...

Zondervan, 1989

' ...Definitely worth reading' -Billy Graham 'Colson's criticisms of the Religious Right are especially noteworthy...Colson's warnings echo a concern that religious conservatives would be reckless to ignore.' -Richard N. Ostling, Religion Editor, Time 'The timing could hardly be better for an author with a new book.' -Newsweek 'Kingdoms in Conflict speaks with wisdom and 'guts' to the major issues of our day.' -Charles R. Swindoll 'Kingdoms ...


The Divine Plan of the Ages
Charles T. Russell

Bible Students Congregation of New Brunswick, 2000

Over 1600 Scriptures examined from the Old and New Testaments. The Bible reveals that God's ultimate purpose for the world of mankind is to fulfill His promise to faithful Abraham, "In thee and in thy seed shall I bless all the families of the earth." But even to honest-hearted Christians, that promise still seems far from its fulfillment and many questions persist. For instance, what does God intend to do to relieve the conditions of sin ...


Foxfire 7
Inc. Foxfire Fund

Anchor, 1982

The seventh Foxfire volume  presents traditions of mountain religious heritage,  covering ministers, revivals, baptisms,  gospel-singing, faith healing, camp meetings, snake handling,  and more.



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