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The Maelstrom: Book Four of The Tapestry
Henry H. Neff

Random House Books for Young Readers, 2012

The world is at the brink of ruin . . . or is it salvation? Astaroth has been weakened, and the demon Prusias is taking full advantage of the situation to create an empire of his own. His formidable armies are on the move, and Rowan is in their sights. Rowan must rely on Max McDaniels and David Menlo and hope that their combined powers can stop Prusias's war machine before it's too late. But even as perils loom, danger stalks their every move. ...


Death at Rottingdean (Robin Paige Victorian Mysteries, No. 5)
Robin Paige

Berkley, 1999

For Kathryn Ardleigh and her newly Lorded husband Charles, a seaside holiday in Rottingdean is a needed rest. The cozy hamlet is built on a labyrinth of hundred-year-old tunnels that once were used by smugglers. But when a coast guard's body is found on the beach, the town is suspected to plying its illicit trades of the past. And with the help of a young writer named Rudyard Kipling, they're about to discover something rotten in ...


Smuggler's Moon (The Raveneaus in Cornwall)

Boxwood Manor Books, 2014

A marriage begun in deception… Feisty Julia Faircloth is used to managing the lives of her eccentric relatives, so when darkly dangerous Lord Sebastian Trevarre arrives in Bath and proposes to her shy sister Sarah, she switches places with the bride to save her from a shockingly carnal wedding night. Against his better judgment, Sebastian consummates a marriage to the most provoking, appealing woman he’s ever known, then is forced to ...


God's Smuggler
Brother Andrew, John Sherill

Hovel Audio, 2008

As a boy he dreamed of being a spy undercover behind enemy lines. As a man he found himself undercover for God. Brother Andrew was his name and for decades his life story, recounted in God's Smuggler, has awed and inspired millions. The bestseller tells of the young Dutch factory worker's incredible efforts to transport Bibles across closed borders--and the miraculous ways in which God provided for him every step of the way. Revell and Chosen ...


The Scent of Scandal: Greed, Betrayal, and the World's Most Beautiful Orchid (Florida History and Culture)
Craig Pittman

University Press of Florida, 2012

Some people will do anything for beauty or fame “FANTASTIC. If I did not know most of the main players I would have thought the author had a vivid and twisted imagination..”—Paul Martin Brown, author of Wild Orchids of Florida “A fascinating true story of obsession, greed, and lust for the unobtainable. Reminds me a great deal of  The Maltese Falcon. This rare flower is definitely the stuff that dreams are made of.”—Ace ...


God's Smuggler
Brother Andrew and John and Elizabeth Sherrill

Barbour and Company, 1967

The story of how one man cam face to face with the living God and how this encounter changed his life forever. A true account of secret missionary activity behind the Iron Curtain of the 1950's and 60's.


Slipping The Cable
Bill Schweigart

Martin Sisters Publishing, 2012

Kelly Sensor is the newest junior officer aboard the Sentinel, a Coast Guard cutter where a typical day at the office means lethal drug smugglers, treacherous storms, and dangers only the sea can conjure. But it’s when Kelly runs afoul of his vengeful captain, Aregood, that shipboard life truly becomes deadly. After their battle of wills puts Sentinel on a collision course with disaster, Kelly hopes to escape to Key West, but paradise quickly ...


Andrea Carter and the San Francisco Smugglers (Circle C Adventures #4)
Susan K. Marlow

Kregel Publications, 2008

When a winter flood in Fresno closes school temporarily, Andi is outraged when she's sent to live with a spinster aunt in San Francisco, doomed to finish the winter term of school at Miss Whitaker's Academy for Young Ladies. But her new roommate, the equally untamable Jenny, and the timid but tenderhearted Lin Mei, a young girl who works at the school, expose her to a whole new world. Soon these three new friends find themselves in more trouble ...


The Politics of Heroin: CIA Complicity in the Global Drug Trade
Alfred W. McCoy

Chicago Review Press, 2003

The first book to prove CIA and U.S. government complicity in global drug trafficking, The Politics of Heroin includes meticulous documentation of dishonesty and dirty dealings at the highest levels from the Cold War until today. Maintaining a global perspective, this groundbreaking study details the mechanics of drug trafficking in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and South and Central America. New chapters detail U.S. involvement in the ...


Scum and Villainy (Star Wars Roleplaying Game)
Gary Astleford, Robert J. Schwalb, ...

Wizards of the Coast, 2008

New options for scoundrel characters from the Star Wars Roleplaying Game. Learn what it takes to be a smuggler, or how to build up a criminal empire that can rival the Hutt clans. Take your ship on the dangerous Kessel run, or chase down a bounty and claim your reward. Watch out for the long arm of Imperial law, though, or you may find yourself on a one-way trip to the spice mines. This book provides extensive information on life on the ...


The Golden Gate Smuggling Company: A San Francisco Marijuana Empire
Brett Douglas

iUniverse, 2011

In 1979, Brett Douglas was a twenty-eight-year-old US Marine Corps veteran working as a commercial tuna fisherman in California. That year, a young man named Bruce Perlowin came looking for professional seamen and found a few, including the author. The fishermen he recruited became a crew that played an integral part in smuggling more than 250 tons of marijuana that FBI agents credited to the "Perlowin Conspiracy." The Golden Gate Smuggling ...


Air Pirates (The Outlaw Chronicles)

Brian J Chase/ A1A enterprises, 2011

Are you into adrenaline? If you are, you can get your fix in this book as you follow the adventures of the lead character 'Chance', a very skilled drug smuggler and airplane thief as he takes care of business on two continents. Follow him into the jungles of Colombia and find out what happened to 2,000,000 kg of cocaine that were confiscated by the Colombian army. The cocaine was taken from a pole barn of one of Pablo Escobar's lieutenants named ...


Lost Island Smugglers
Max Elliot Anderson

Port Yonder Press, 2010

Sam Cooper had just moved to Harper's Inlet when he met Tony. Tony's father owned a marina. Sam, Tony, and Tyler took scuba lessons together. Tony got them in for free. After they completed the course, the boys decided to try out their new skills in the real world...the ocean. The only problem was, no one had permission. While Tony's father was away on a buying trip, the boys took one of the rental sailboats out for their diving adventure. ...


The Smuggler's Treasure
Sarah Masters Buckey

Demco Media, 1999

Sent to live with relatives in New Orleans during the War of 1812, eleven-year-old Elisabet determines to find a smuggler's treasure to ransom her imprisoned father.


One If by Land: What every American needs to know about our border
William R. Daniel

Wheatmark, 2012

For over twenty years ranchers on our southern border have stood alone, overrun with smugglers, criminals, illegal immigrants, and terrorists. As our government turned a blind eye to their plight they maintained their way of life and attempted to alert the country of the coming danger. One If by Land gives voice to their story. Today, men and women of law enforcement join the ranchers and together they expose the government policies that have ...



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