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The Gift of Fear and Other Survival Signals that Protect Us From Violence
Gavin de Becker

Dell, 1999

True fear is a gift. Unwarranted fear is a curse. Learn how to tell the difference. A date won't take "no" for an answer. The new nanny gives a mother an uneasy feeling. A stranger in a deserted parking lot offers unsolicited help. The threat of violence surrounds us every day. But we can protect ourselves, by learning to trust—and act on—our gut instincts. In this empowering book, Gavin de Becker, the man Oprah Winfrey calls the ...


Canine Body Language: A Photographic Guide Interpreting the Native Language of the Domestic Dog
Brenda Aloff

Dogwise Publishing, 2005

Winner of the DWAA Maxwell Award for 2006, Best General Reference Book Your dog is talking. Are you listening? More important are you WATCHING? Dogs are attempting to communicate with humans as well as other dogs all the time. It s up to us to learn how to interpret their native language the language of body movement, facial expression and proximity to things and other beings. Canine Body Language is an exhaustive photographic documentation ...


The Invisible Woman: Gender, Crime, and Justice (Wadsworth Contemporary Issues in Crime and Justice)
Joanne Belknap

Cengage Learning, 2014

THE INVISIBLE WOMAN: GENDER, CRIME, AND JUSTICE is the definitive guide on women and the criminal justice system, focusing on female offenders and their treatment by the criminal justice system, female victims of crime, and female employees of criminal justice system agencies. Thoroughly updated with new research and statistics, the fourth edition covers such timely and important topics as restorative justice, gender-responsive programming, sex ...


The Fixed Trilogy
Laurelin Paige

Paige Press, 2014

NAMED IN PEOPLE MAGAZINE AS A TOP TEN READER DOWNLOAD FOR 2014 AND LISTED AS #7 IN AMAZON'S MOST POPULAR BOOKS OF 2014. All three books of the NY Times Bestselling Fixed Trilogy are included in this bundle. "If you are a fan of the Fifty Shades and Crossfire Trilogies, than you will love this serious as well!" "Move over Christian and Gideon, there's a new dominant in town." "Fifty Shades may have allowed the erotic storytelling to ...


Dathan Auerbach

1000Vultures, 2012

Penpal began as a series of short and interconnected stories posted on an online horror forum. Before long, it was adapted into illustrations, audio recordings, and short films; and that was before it was revised and expanded into a novel! How much do you remember about your childhood? In Penpal , a man investigates the seemingly unrelated bizarre, tragic, and horrific occurrences of his childhood in an attempt to finally ...


Family Violence Across the Lifespan: An Introduction
Ola W. Barnett, Cindy L. Miller-Perrin, ...

SAGE Publications, Inc, 2010

The most comprehensive research-based text on family violence – now more accessible and visually inviting than ever before Streamlined and updated throughout with state-of-the-art information, this Third Edition of the authors’ bestselling book gives readers an accessible introduction to the methodology, etiology, prevalence, treatment, and prevention of family violence. Research from experts in the fields of psychology, ...


Wisdom Sits in Places: Landscape and Language Among the Western Apache
Keith H. Basso

University of New Mexico Press, 1996

This remarkable book introduces us to four unforgettable Apache people, each of whom offers a different take on the significance of places in their culture. Apache conceptions of wisdom, manners and morals, and of their own history are inextricably intertwined with place, and by allowing us to overhear his conversations with Apaches on these subjects Basso expands our awareness of what place can mean to people. Most of us use the term sense of ...


Refinery29: Style Stalking
Piera Gelardi, Christene Barberich

Potter Style, 2014

THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING BOOK ON THE COOLEST STREET STYLE CAPTURED BY REFINERY 29   Get set to build your best ever wardrobe featuring the hardest-working looks from around the globe with Refinery29—the world’s leading style destination—as their editors break down the essentials of the everyday chic, straight from the street.   What transforms a look from on-trend to trendsetting? Editor-in-Chief Christene Barberich and Executive ...


The Mythology of Crime and Criminal Justice
Victor E. Kappeler, Gary W. Potter

Waveland Pr Inc, 2004

Now in its fourth edition, this widely used and superior alternative to traditional criminal justice books continues both effectively and clearly to debunk myths cited in the popular literature regarding the problems of criminality in the U.S. It serves as a solid foundation for readers to probe beneath popular notions of crime, criminals, and crime control. Each well-written chapter provides a distinct avenue for exploring misconceptions about ...


Crisis Intervention Handbook: Assessment, Treatment, and Research

Oxford University Press, 2005

As a result of the growing amount of acute crisis events portrayed in the media that impact the lives of the general public, interest in crisis intervention, response teams, management, and stabilization has grown tremendously in the past decade. However, there exists little to no literature designed to give timely and comprehensive help for crisis intervention teams. This is a thorough revision of the first complete and authoritative handbook ...


Computer Security Fundamentals (2nd Edition)
William (Chuck) Easttom II

Pearson IT Certification, 2011

Welcome to today’s most useful and practical one-volume introduction to computer security. Chuck Easttom brings together up-to-the-minute coverage of all basic concepts, terminology, and issues, along with all the skills you need to get started in the field. Drawing on his extensive experience as a security instructor and consultant, Easttom thoroughly covers core topics, such as vulnerability assessment, virus attacks, hacking, spyware, ...


Women and Crime: A Text/Reader (SAGE Text/Reader Series in Criminology and Criminal Justice)
Stacy L. Mallicoat

SAGE Publications, Inc, 2011

Women and Crime: A Text/Reader, part of the text/reader series in criminology and criminal justice, incorporates contemporary and classic readings (some including policy implications) accompanied by student-friendly authored text. This unique format provides a theoretical framework and context for students. The comprehensive coverage of the book includes the history and theories of female offending, offenders and their crimes, processing and ...


Responding to Domestic Violence: The Integration of Criminal Justice and Human Services
Eve S. Buzawa, Carl G. Buzawa, ...

SAGE Publications, Inc, 2011

This new edition of the authors’ best-selling text explores the response to domestic violence today, not only by the criminal justice system, but also by social service and health care agencies. After providing a brief theoretical overview of the causes of domestic violence and its prevalence in our society and its causes, the authors cover such key topics as barriers to intervention, variations in arrest practices, the role of state and ...


Family Violence in the United States: Defining, Understanding, and Combating Abuse
Denise A. Hines, Kathleen Malley-Morrison, ...

SAGE Publications, Inc, 2012

Rich in scholarly references and case materials, Family Violence in the United States: Defining, Understanding, and Combating Abuse, Second Edition by Denise A. Hines, Kathleen Malley-Morrison, and Leila B. Dutton is a thought-provoking book that encourages students to question assumptions, evaluate information, formulate hypotheses, and design solutions to problems of family violence in the United States.


The Guardian
Nicholas Sparks

Warner Books, 2004

Julie Barenson's young husband left her two unexpected gifts before he died-a Great Dane puppy named Singer and the promise that he would always be watching over her. Now, four years have passed. Still living in the small town of Swansboro, North Carolina, twenty-nine-year-old Julie is emotionally ready to make a commitment to someone again. But who? Should it be Richard Franklin, the handsome, sophisticated engineer who treats her like a queen? ...


Women and Crime: A Text/Reader (SAGE Text/Reader Series in Criminology and Criminal Justice)
Stacy L. Mallicoat

SAGE Publications, Inc, 2014

The Second Edition of Women and Crime: A Text/Reader , part of the text/reader series in criminology and criminal justice, incorporates contemporary readings (including some policy implications) accompanied by student-friendly authored text. This unique format provides a theoretical framework and context for students. The text includes the history and theories of victimization, female offending, international victimization issues, the ...


The Tracker
Tom Brown

Berkley Books, 1986

Focuses on a twentieth-century frontiersman initiated into the secrets of the trail by an old Apache tracker, recounting his tracking adventures in New Jersey's Pine Barrens, the Grand Tetons, the Dakota Badlands, the Grand Canyon, and Death Valley Title: The Tracker Author: Brown, Tom Publisher: Berkley Pub Group Publication Date: 1996/12/01 Number of Pages: Binding Type: PAPERBACK Library of Congress: bl 99957861


Women and Crime: The Essentials (Women in the Criminal Justice System)
Stacy L. Mallicoat, Connie Estrada Ireland

SAGE Publications, Inc, 2013

This student-friendly text provides a comprehensive and unique view into the world of women interacting with the criminal justice system. Authors Stacy L. Mallicoat and Connie explore key topics on women as victims, offenders, and criminal justice workers as they interact with various areas in criminal justice. They investigate relevant subjects that are not found in many traditional texts, including women who work as victim advocates, and ...


Hellhound on His Trail: The Electrifying Account of the Largest Manhunt in American History
Hampton Sides

Anchor, 2011

NATIONAL BESTSELLER Edgar Award Nominee One of the Best Books of the Year: O, The Oprah Magazine , Time , The Washington Post , The Christian Science Monitor , St. Louis Post-Dispatch , San Francisco Chronicle With a New Afterword On April 4, 1968, James Earl Ray shot Martin Luther King at the Lorraine Motel. The nation was shocked, enraged, and saddened. As chaos erupted across the country and mourners gathered at King's funeral, ...


Criminal & Behavioral Profiling
Curtis R. Bartol, Anne M. Bartol

SAGE Publications, Inc, 2012

Criminal and Behavioral Profiling , by well-established authors Curt and Anne Bartol, presents a realistic and empirically-based look at the theory, research, and practice of modern criminal profiling. Designed for use in a variety of criminal justice and psychology courses, the book delves into the process of identifying distinctive behavioral tendencies, geographical locations, demographic and biographical descriptors of an offender (or ...



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