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Stranded (Stranded, Part 1), 2014

**Due to mature content, this story is not appropriate for readers under the age of 18.**  This ebook is part 1 of 4 of a serial romance. It is approximately 30,000 words, which is the equivalent of 105 printed pages. The story continues with additional parts every 2 to 3 weeks.  New college graduate Ashley Spencer has big plans. Now that she has her degree, she's ready to conquer the world, but while driving to a new city she ...


Andrew Grey

Dreamspinner Press, 2013

Kendall Monroe is handcuffed to a car in the desert. Is this life imitating art or art imitating life? The only thing he's sure of is that the situation he finds himself in is a copy of a scene he filmed earlier, only this time, there is no director yelling "cut" and no crew to rescue him. Terrified for his life, Kendall takes comfort remembering happier times with his long-time lover, Johnny. He hasn't seen Johnny in weeks since Johnny ...


Stranded: A Maggie O'Dell Novel
Alex Kava

Anchor, 2014

ONE MAN’S REST STOP IS ANOTHER MAN’S HUNTING GROUND When FBI special agent Maggie O’Dell and her partner, Tully, discover the remains of a young woman in a highway ditch, the only clue is a map leading them to spot where they’ll find madman’s next victim. As the body count rises, Maggie must race against the clock to unmask the monster terrorizing America’s highways, even if it means turning to a former foe for help. But as she ...


Complications (Stranded, Part 2), 2014

**Due to mature content, this story is not appropriate for readers under the age of 18. ** This ebook is part 2 of 4 of the serial romance, Stranded . It is approximately 21,000 words, which is the equivalent of 85 printed pages. The story continues with additional parts every 2 to 3 weeks. Readers should begin by reading Part 1 (which is FREE ). After spending an unforgettable night with Colton Drake, Ashley Spencer gets the feeling that ...


Stranded (Alaskan Courage, Book 3)
Dani Pettrey

Bethany House Publishers, 2013

Eager Fans Await Bestselling Author Dani Pettrey's Latest Romantic Suspense When her friend vanishes from a cruise ship, reporter Darcy St. James isn't satisfied with their explanation that she simply left her job of her own accord. Something isn't lining up, and Darcy believes the only way to find the truth is to put herself in Abby's position. Within days, Darcy learns her friend wasn't the only person to disappear mysteriously. Last summer, ...


Jeff Probst, Chris Tebbetts

Puffin, 2013

A New York Times Bestseller! As seen on The Today Show , Rachael Ray, and Kelly and Michael. From the Emmy-Award winning host of Survivor , Jeff Probst, with Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life co-author, Chris Tebbetts, comes a brand new family adventure series! A family vacation becomes a game of survival! It was supposed to be a vacation--and a chance to get to know each other better. But when a massive ...


Trial by Fire: Stranded Book Two
Jeff Probst, Chris Tebbetts

Puffin, 2013

Sequel to the New York Times bestseller STRANDED , seen  The Today Show , Rachael Ray, and Kelly and Michael. From the multi-Emmy Award winning host of Survivor and the New York Times bestselling co-author of Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life comes a fantastic new middle grade series! They thought it couldn't get any worse. They were wrong. Being shipwrecked on a jungle island in the middle of the ...


On My Own (Stranded, Part 3), 2014

**Due to mature content, this story is not appropriate for readers under the age of 18. ** This ebook is part 3 of 4 of the serial romance, Stranded . It is approximately 25,000 words, which is the equivalent of 100 printed pages. The story will conclude by the end of April. After leaving Drake behind, Ashley drives to Reno to begin her new life. Though she can't stop thinking about the man she spent several incredible days with, she knows ...


Stranded (new cover)
Ben Mikaelsen

Disney-Hyperion, 2010

Koby's whole life changed after the accident four years ago. Between the smothering concern of her separated parents and the awkward glances from the kids at school, Koby only feels at home when she is on the ocean in her dinghy. That all changes when she rescues two dying pilot whales. Day after day, she visits the whales as they begin their long road to recovery. She finds a new friend in Dr. Tracy Michaels, a veterinarian, and ...


Survivors (Stranded)
Jeff Probst, Chris Tebbetts

Puffin, 2013

Sequel to the New York Times bestseller STRANDED and TRIAL BY FIRE! As seen on The Today Show, Rachael Ray, and Kelly and Michael. From the Emmy-Award winning host of Survivor , Jeff Probst with Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life co-author Chris Tebbetts comes a brand new family adventure series! Eleven days down, and no end in sight. How long could YOU survive? It’s been days since Buzz, Vanessa, ...


Silk White

Good2go Publishing, 2013

After a long ten years in prison, Dez is finally released and reunited with his family. When his wife decides that they should take a road trip to help bring their family closer, Dez agrees. But things turn from good to bad when their car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, and the only person that can help them is a creepy looking stranger that goes by the name Tom. Dez is forced into an impossible situation and has to use his street smarts ...


Stranded Temptation

Etopia Press, 2012

Stranded together, their passions will run wild. Kara has a deep dislike for her boss, Max. She also wants him so badly it’s making her nuts. He’s a workaholic, a robot man. And he’s never shown the least bit of interest in her or anything else that wasn’t recorded in the corporate minutes. But when their plane crashes on the way to a meeting, leaving them stranded on a deserted island…just the two of them, all alone with all that ...


Stranded with a Scotsman, 2012

A sweetly romantic short story. Cori Spencer doesn't particularly mind being stuck in a refuge hut three feet above the rising tide in the middle of the night. She's fallen in love with Lindisfarne, the tiny island off the north-east coast of England that's isolated from the mainland by the sea twice a day. The problem is that she's not alone. She's stranded in a ten-by-four-foot wooden box for four hours with Ewan Macbeth, and that's not going ...


Eve Vaughn

Samhain Publishing, 2008

One islandOne womanTwo studs. India Powers is at the end of her rope. After dumping her cheating fianc and having a falling out with her parents, she decides to take a much needed vacation. In route she meets two hunky fellow vacationers in the form of Rafe Santiago and Grant Thompson. Though shes not looking for love, India sees no harm in a little island flirtation. Rafe and Grant have been friends since they were kids; both from broken homes, ...


SEA - A Stranded Novel (Volume 2)
Theresa Shaver

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2012

Book 2 Due to some adult content this book is for 16 years and over. Five went by Land now Five go by Sea A group of teens on a class trip to Disneyland are left stranded. An EMP over North America has destroyed everything electronic. No cars, no planes, no phones, no electricity. Refusing to wait for someone else to help them, ten courageous young people take charge of their future and choose to begin the long journey home. Miles of adventure, ...


Stranded (The Hroza Connection Part 0)

Vitkas Grimm, 2013

An invasion tale like no other. An intelligent tale of terror for the working man. It's THE GREY meets ALIENS and THE THING. Men isolated at a logging camp in Alaska spend their days working and driving dogs. Drinkers. Smokers. Tough guys doing a tough job. In the middle of a terrible storm, a black circular shape careens overhead. None of them want to admit that they saw it: A goddamn flying saucer. A ship not only carrying ...


William McGaughey

AuthorHouse, 2014

"So there I stood, in the middle of the busiest street in Bangkok. I had lost 50 pounds, I was broke, had no food, an expired visa and no ticket home. I was without a doubt . . . stranded". Stranded is the story of a young army brat struggling to find himself in the sex, drugs and rock and roll era that was the American hippy movement. At a vital age in his youth, Bill was forced to move to Southeast Asia, far from family, friends and anything ...



White Rose Publishing, 2011

When wildlife photographer Savannah Matthews takes an unexpected detour off of Belize's scenic coast and becomes stranded on a lush, tropical island, she senses she's about to encounter something wild and dangerous--something from a long ago, forgotten past. What she does find, will change her life forever. Scarred both physically and emotionally, Grant Duncan guards his privacy. Those who dare set foot on his private island come face-to-face ...


Stranded [Menage / explicit sex]

New Dawning Bookfair, 2011

What begins as an idyllic cruise for four friends quickly becomes a nightmare… the pleasant afternoon has had tense moments as personalities clash. Iris is the newest member of the quartet, married to Dale Montgomery for a short time, she is reserved and elegant–a direct contrast to the earthy sexuality and eroticism of Giselle Jordan–the woman who has been Dale’s closest friend for many years. When their boat is caught in the crush of a ...


Stranded (Ivy Malone Mysteries, Book 4)
Lorena McCourtney

Fleming H. Revell, 2006

Super sleuth Ivy Malone's inquisitiveness has gotten her into plenty of trouble, including murder, mayhem, and a place on a mini-Mafia hit list. Still on the run from the mob, Ivy ends up in a small town in the Pacific Northwest with a broken-down motor home, a young traveling companion running from a violent husband, and a stray cat. With no way to fix their vehicle, Ivy and her companion are invited to stay in an old Victorian house by a ...



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