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Structural Geology
Haakon Fossen

Cambridge University Press, 2010

Lavishly illustrated in color, this textbook takes an applied approach to introduce undergraduate students to the basic principles of structural geology. The book provides unique links to industry applications in the upper crust, including petroleum and groundwater geology, which highlight the importance of structural geology in exploration and exploitation of petroleum and water resources. Topics range from faults and fractures forming near the ...


Fascial Release for Structural Balance
Thomas Myers, James Earls

North Atlantic Books, 2010

Fascia, the soft tissue surrounding muscles, bones, and organs, plays a crucial role in supporting the body. By learning to intelligently manipulate it, a bodyworker or therapist can help clients with many chronic conditions, providing immediate pain relief as well as reducing ongoing aches and pains. In Fascial Release for Structural Balance , authors James Earls and Thomas Meyers—both respected bodywork professionals—argue that ...


Structural Engineering Formulas, Second Edition
Ilya Mikhelson, Tyler Hicks

McGraw-Hill Professional, 2013

PRACTICAL, PORTABLE, AND PACKED WITH UP-TO-DATE STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING FORMULAS Thoroughly revised with more than 300 new formulas, this compact yet comprehensive compilation puts essential data related to the design and analysis of engineering structures at your fingertips. Structural Engineering Formulas , Second Edition covers a wide range of topics, including statics, soils, foundations, retaining structures, pipes, and tunnels, and ...


Structural Packaging: Design Your Own Boxes and 3D Forms
Paul Jackson

Laurence King Publishing, 2012

Unlike other packaging titles, which simply provide templates to copy, this book enables designers of all packaging types to create 3-D packaging forms that are specific to their needs rather than based on an existing design. Structural Packaging gives the reader an understanding of the underlying principles of packaging construction and the technical knowledge and confidence to develop a greater number of their own unusual and innovative ...


Structural Engineering: A Very Short Introduction (Very Short Introductions)
David Blockley

Oxford University Press, 2014

Have you ever wondered how it's possible to build a skyscraper, a big bridge, a jumbo jet, or a cruise liner? Everything has structure. Structure is the difference between a random pile of components and a fully functional object. Through structure the parts connect to make the whole. Natural structures vary from the very smallest part of an atom to the entire cosmology of the universe. Man-made structures include buildings, bridges, dams, ...


Structural Systems ARE Mock Exam (SS of Architect Registration Exam): ARE Overview, Exam Prep Tips, ...
Gang Chen

ArchiteG Incorporated, 2013

A Practical Guide & Mock Exam for the Structural Systems (SS) Division of the ARE! Every July, NCARB begins to recreate the Architect Registration Examination (ARE) questions based on a new guide and scope. We always incorporate this latest information into our books. To become a licensed architect, you need to have a proper combination of education and/or experience, meet your Board of Architecture's special requirements, and pass all seven ...


Structural Engineer's Pocket Book: Eurocodes, Third Edition
Fiona Cobb

CRC Press, 2014

Functions as a Day-to-Day Resource for Practicing Engineers… The hugely useful Structural Engineer’s Pocket Book is now overhauled and revised in line with the Eurocodes. It forms a comprehensive pocket reference guide for professional and student structural engineers, especially those taking the IStructE Part 3 exam. With stripped-down basic material—tables, data, facts, formulae, and rules of thumb—it is directly usable for ...


Structural Analysis (8th Edition)
Russell C. Hibbeler

Prentice Hall, 2011

Structural Analysis, 8e, provides readers with a clear and thorough presentation of the theory and application of structural analysis as it applies to trusses, beams, and frames. Emphasis is placed on teaching readers to both model and analyze a structure. Procedures for Analysis, Hibbeler's problem solving methodologies, provides readers with a logical, orderly method to follow when applying theory.


Structural Engineering Handbook
Edwin Gaylord, Charles Gaylord, ...

McGraw-Hill Professional, 1996

The only reference to all important structural engineering principles and design techniques, this best-selling, internationally renowned handbook is updated for current standard specifications and codes (including the 1994 AASHTO specifications) and the latest design developments. Contributions from structural engineers discuss a broad range of vital topics. Concise, practical and user-friendly, this one-of-a-kind resource gives you not only ...


Structural Engineering Reference Manual
Alan Williams PhD SE FICE C Eng

Professional Publications, Inc., 2014

Comprehensive Coverage of the 16-Hour Structural SE Exam Topics The Structural Engineering Reference Manual prepares you for the NCEES 16-hour Structural SE exam. This book provides a comprehensive review of structural analysis and design methods related to vertical and lateral forces. It also illustrates the most useful equations in the exam-adopted codes and standards, and provides guidelines for selecting and applying these equations. ...


Structural Engineering for Architects: A Handbook
William McLean, Peter Silver, ...

Laurence King Publishing, 2014

This book gives students of architecture an understanding of the fundamental theories and practice behind the creation of architectural structures, helping them to develop an intuitive understanding of structural engineering. The book is divided into four sections: "Structures in nature" looks at structural principles found in natural objects. "Theory" covers general structural theory as well as explaining the main forces encountered in ...


Structural Holes: The Social Structure of Competition
Ronald Burt

Harvard University Press, 1995

Ronald Burt describes the social structural theory of competition that has developed through the last two decades. The contrast between perfect competition and monopoly is replaced with a network model of competition. The basic element in this account is the structural hole: a gap between two individuals with complementary resources or information. When the two are connected through a third individual as entrepreneur, the gap is filled, creating ...


The Structural Basis of Architecture
Bjorn N. Sandaker, Arne P. Eggen, ...

Routledge, 2011

This is a book about structures that shows students how to "see" structures as integral to architecture, and how knowledge of structures is the basis for understanding both the mechanical and conceptual aspects inherent to the art of building. Analyzing the structural principles behind many of the best known works of architecture from past and present alike, this book places the subject within a contemporary context. The subject matter is ...


Structural Functions of Harmony (Revised Edition)
Arnold Schoenberg

W. W. Norton & Company, 1969

This book is Schoenberg's last completed theoretical work and represents his final thoughts on the subject of classical and romantic harmony. The earlier chapters recapitulate in condensed form the principles laid down in his Theory of Harmony ; the later chapters break entirely new ground, for they analyze the system of key relationships within the structure of whole movements and affirm the principle of "monotonality," showing how all ...


Structural Engineering Reference Manual
Alan Williams PhD SE FICE C Eng

Professional Publications, Inc., 2011

The Structural Engineering Reference Manual is the most comprehensive reference and study guide available for engineers preparing for the NCEES 16-hour Structural Engineering (SE) exam. It provides a comprehensive review of structural analysis and design methods related to vertical and lateral forces, illustrates the most useful equations in the exam-adopted codes and standards, and provides guidelines for selecting and applying these ...


Structural Loads: 2012 IBC And ASCE/SEI 7-10
David A., Ph.d. Fanella

Amer Society of Civil Engineers, 2013

This publication has been developed to assist designers in the proper understanding and determination of structural loads in accordance with the 2012 edition of the International Building Code® (IBC®) and ASCE/SEI 7-10, including dead load, occupancy live load, roof live load and environmental loads such as rain, snow, ice, flood, wind and seismic loads. This updated edition includes a new chapter on load path, a new section on atmospheric ice ...


Sixguns and Society: A Structural Study of the Western
Will Wright

University of California Press, 1977

Stain on edge, back cover creased


Structural Equation Modeling: 2015 Edition (Statistical Associates "Blue Book" Series Book 14)

Statistical Associates Publishers, 2012

An illustrated tutorial and introduction to structural equation modeling using SPSS AMOS, SAS PROC CALIS, and Stata sem and gsem commands for examples. Suitable for introductory graduate-level study. The 2015 edition is a major update to the 2012 edition. Among the new features are these: * Was 227 pages, now 491 pages * Had 81 figures, now has added 200 new illustrations * Now covers Stata and SAS as well as SPSS * ...


Structural Anthropology
Claude Levi-strauss

Basic Books, 1974

The “structural method,” first set forth in this epoch-making book, changed the very face of social anthropology. This reissue of a classic will reintroduce readers to Lévi-Strauss’s understanding of man and society in terms of individuals—kinship, social organization, religion, mythology, and art.


The Structural Transformation of the Public Sphere: An Inquiry into a Category of Bourgeois Society (Studies ...
Jürgen Habermas

The MIT Press, 1991

This is Jurgen Habermas's most concrete historical-sociological book and one of the key contributions to political thought in the postwar period. It will be a revelation to those who have known Habermas only through his theoretical writing to find his later interests in problems of legitimation and communication foreshadowed in this lucid study of the origins, nature, and evolution ...



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