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Taking Charge
Mandy Baggot

Sapphire Star Publishing, 2012

5-Stars! "I absolutely loved this book!" -Forget the Housework, I'm Reading Book Reviews  5-Stars! "Another smash hit of a read!" Nikki Bywater, Amazon Reviewer  "Robyn Matthers might be the most courageous and confident romantic heroine I have ever come across." -Rose McClelland, Judging Covers  Overview of Taking Charge For nine years Robyn's been running from her past. With her father in the hospital, his ...


Taking Charge of Your Fertility, 10th Anniversary Edition: The Definitive Guide to Natural Birth Control, ...
Toni Weschler

Collins, 2006

Celebrating 10 years of helping hundreds of thousands of women achieve pregnancy, avoid pregnancy naturally, and gain better control of their health and lives, the 10th Anniversary Edition of the classic bestseller will include: • New 'Preface to the 10th Anniversary Edition" • Updates on new fertility technologies • Natural approaches to conception • Updated Resources and Books For any woman unhappy with her current method of ...


Leaders: Strategies for Taking Charge (Collins Business Essentials)
Warren G. Bennis, Burt Nanus

HarperBusiness, 2007

In this illuminating study of corporate America's most critical issue—leadership—world-renowned leadership guru Warren Bennis and his co-author Burt Nanus reveal the four key principles every manager should know: Attention Through Vision, Meaning Through Communication, Trust Through Positioning, and The Deployment of Self. In this age of "process", with downsizing and restructuring affecting many workplaces, companies have fallen trap to ...


Taking Charge: Caring Discipline That Works at Home and at School
JoAnne Nordling

JoAnne Nordling, 2013

If the children in your family or classroom are driving you crazy and you need ideas for getting back in control of the situation, this book is for you. It is a definitive guide to the art and skill of disciplining children with love and respect, for children from tots to teenagers. TAKING CHARGE is based on over forty years of parenting, teaching, and counseling experience, resulting in an overall approach that works. Solid ideas for ...


Before the Change: Taking Charge of Your Perimenopause
Ann Louise Gittleman

HarperOne, 2003

From renowned nutritionist and author of the bestselling Fat Flush Plan comes a revised and updated guide to taking charge of your perimenopause. Filled with the latest research as well as practical tips and menus, Gittleman also incorporates timely information, especially pertaining to Hormone Replacement Therapy. Learn How You Can head off Depression and Mood Swings, Weight Shifts, Erratic Sleep, Memory Loss, and Other Changes Leading to ...


Taking Charge of Adult ADHD
Russell A. Barkley

The Guilford Press, 2010

For adults with ADHD, problems with attention, planning, problem solving, and controlling emotions can make daily life an uphill battle. Fortunately, effective help is out there. No one is a better guide to how to get the best care—and what sufferers can do for themselves—than renowned ADHD researcher/clinician Russell A. Barkley. Dr. Barkley provides step-by-step strategies for managing symptoms and reducing their harmful impact. Readers ...


Taking Charge of ADHD, Third Edition: The Complete, Authoritative Guide for Parents
Russell A. Barkley

The Guilford Press, 2013

From distinguished researcher/clinician Russell A. Barkley, this treasured parent resource gives you the science-based information you need about attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and its treatment. It also presents a proven eight-step behavior management plan specifically designed for 6- to 18-year-olds with ADHD. Offering encouragement, guidance, and loads of practical tips, Dr. Barkley helps you: *Make sense of your child's ...


Taking Charge: The Johnson White House Tapes 1963 1964
Michael R. Beschloss

Simon & Schuster, 1998

Lyndon Johnson's secretly recorded tapes offer us the only chance we are ever likely to have to eavesdrop on an American President from his first moments in office until the end. This universally acclaimed volume captures LBJ's private passions and bedrock beliefs as he takes command after John Kennedy's assassination; makes his first fateful decisions on civil rights, poverty, and Vietnam; and runs against Barry Goldwater for President. Michael ...


Taking Charge: Your Life Patterns and Their Meaning
Gudrun Burkhard

Floris Books, 1998

While the modern world is rapidly making us into 'global citizens', at the same time we experience increasing isolation as individuals in our own society. There is a pressing need for us to develop new forms of relationship with familiy and society. Through working consciously and actively on our own life-story, we can build bridges to other people in a way that develops a new understanding for the lives of others. The ideas and methods ...


Taking Charge

Chris Johnson, 2013

This book is about taking charge of your career, and avoiding a line of least resistance. It's over twenty years since people first started to be told by employers, ‘it's up to you to manage your own career.' That's precisely what most of us have done - or have we? Too many people follow the line of least resistance when it comes to career choice. They are easily fooled by the milestones on the line of least resistance, and self seduce ...


Taking Charge of Your Fertility: The Definitive Guide to Natural Birth Control and Pregnancy Achievement
Toni Weschler

Perennial, 1995

An invaluable aid to couples facing infertility, this is the first book to fully detail the techniques of the groundbreaking Fertility Awareness Method--the exciting natural alternative to present methods of birth control.


Taking Charge of Anger, Second Edition: Six Steps to Asserting Yourself without Losing Control
W. Robert Nay Phd

The Guilford Press, 2012

This straight-talking book—grounded in over 25 years of experience—has already helped many tens of thousands of readers understand and manage destructive anger in all its forms. Anger expert Dr. Robert Nay guides you to:   *Figure out which of the five "faces of anger" are a problem for you, from passive–aggression to all-out rage. *Recognize the early warning signs of anger in your physical sensations and thoughts. ...


Taking Charge Of Your Emotions
Gregory Dickow

Gregory Dickow Ministries, 2013

Emotions: We all have them – the problem is sometimes they have us! But it's time to take them back! In this life–changing Paperback Book, you will discover: *How to change the way you feel *How to get of the emotional rollercoaster *The root of depression and all negative emotions *Freedom from anger *Freedom from stress *And much, much more!


Taking Charge of ADHD: The Complete, Authoritative Guide for Parents (Revised Edition)
Russell A. Barkley

The Guilford Press, 2000

A treasured parent resource since its publication, Taking Charge of ADHD provides authoritative information on ADHD and its treatment. From internationally renowned ADHD expert Russell A. Barkley, the book empowers parents by arming them with the knowledge, expert guidance, and confidence they need. Included are: *A step-by-step plan for behavior management that has helped thousands of children. *Current information on medications, ...


Critical Thinking: Tools for Taking Charge of Your Professional and Personal Life (2nd Edition)
Richard Paul, Linda Elder

Pearson FT Press, 2013

Use better thinking to empower yourself, discover opportunities, avoid disastrous mistakes, build wealth, and achieve your biggest goals! This is your complete, up-to-the-minute blueprint for assessing and improving the way you think about everything – from business decisions to personal relationships. Drs. Richard W. Paul and Linda Elder, of the Center for Critical Thinking, offer specific guidance for making more intelligent decisions, and ...


Taking Charge: Making the Right Choices
Perry M. Smith

Avery Publishing Group Inc.,U.S., 1989

A practical guidebook for busy, executives who want to sharpen their leadership skills. In well-focused chapters, the author shares the insights he has gained from his many years of experience with international organizations.


Beyond Betrayal: Taking Charge of Your Life after Boyhood Sexual Abuse
Richard B. Gartner

Wiley, 2005

With compassion and clarity, Richard Gartner shares insights from years of working with male survivors. Among this book's greatest strengths is the extensive use of examples from Dr. Gartner's clinical practice to illustrate problems and solutions on the path to healing. Beyond Betrayal offers support, encouragement, and useful skills to men in recovery. --Mike Lew, M.Ed., author of Victims No Longer and Leaping upon the Mountains ""If you have ...


Taking Charge of Anger: How to Resolve Conflict, Sustain Relationships, and Express Yourself without Losing ...
W. Robert Nay Phd

The Guilford Press, 2003

If anger is starting to rule your life, or someone else has urged you to "get a grip--or else," anger expert Dr. Robert Nay has a six-step plan that can help you regain control, even in the most stressful, hot-button situations. This proven program shows you how to stand up for yourself without losing your temper. Put a lid on destructive anger once and for all with fine-tuned strategies that help you: *Figure out which of the five "faces ...


Technology Book Bundle: Students Taking Charge: Inside the Learner-Active, Technology-Infused Classroom
Nancy Sulla

Routledge, 2011

The Common Core State Standards demand a level of understanding that requires students to engage with content.  Students Taking Charge  focuses on increasing academic rigor, fostering student engagement, and increasing student responsibility for learning. Teachers and administrators who recognize the needs of today's society and students, and their impact on teaching and learning, can use this book to create student-centered classrooms that ...


Critical Thinking: Tools for Taking Charge of Your Learning and Your Life (3rd Edition)
Richard Paul, Linda Elder

Prentice Hall, 2011

For Student Success and Career Development, or Critical Thinking courses. Written by two of the leading experts in the field, this book's approach to critical thinking is as a process for taking charge of and responsibility for one’s thinking.   Critical Thinking is based in theory developed over the last 30 years, it focuses on an integrated, comprehensive concept of critical thinking that is both substantive and practical; ...



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