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Chinese Medical Herbology & Pharmacology
John K. Chen, Tina T. Chen

Art of Medicine Press, 2004

Chinese Medical Herbology and Pharmacology integrates contemporary understanding of the ancient practice of Chinese herbal medicine with essential safety information for a context in which use of pharmaceutical and traditional medicines is increasingly integrated in the treatment of illness. In 1,266 information-packed pages, this text offers healthcare practitioners, researchers, educators and students information for a lifetime of learning and ...


Demystified Chinese Herbal Medicine
Yu Qi, Dongcheng Li

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2012

There are a lot of Chinese herbal books available in the market. However, most of them are fit to be as reference books instead of text books for TCM school students. As we know, most TCM students in the US are part-time and they need to concentrate on the most useful and succinct information in order to grasp knowledge more efficiency. This book is basically the result of six years of teaching materials to Chinese herbal medicine students.


Nei Jia Quan: Internal Martial Arts Teachers of Tai Ji Quan, Xing Yi Quan, and Ba Gua Zhang

North Atlantic Books, 2004

Using an interview format, this book brings out the many different facets of the Nei Jia Quan, the umbrella name for Tai Ji Quan (Tai Chi), Xing Yi Quan, and Ba Gua Zhang. Each teacher gives a sense of the history of their art, its philosophical and spiritual underpinnings, and their training philosophy, giving students strategies for incorporating a wide range of approaches into their own studies. Included is additional commentary on these ...


Clinical Handbook of Classical Chinese Herbalism
Tim Rudowsky

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2012

This part-formulas text, part-clinical notebook approaches standard traditional Chinese herbal formulas in a unique and readily accessible format. With both the Chinese herbal medicine student and practicing clinician in mind, the Clinical Handbook concisely presents herbal formulas alphabetically with associated ingredients, dosages, source text quotations, specific preparation and decoction instructions, TCM anecdotes, and notes from master ...


Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul II ('Xin ling ji tang-shao nian hua ti', in traditional Chinese, NOT in ...
Jack Canfield

Chen Xing, 2000

The teen years are one of the most difficult periods of life; while at the same time one of the most fun. Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul II is the handbook for all teenagers for surviving and succeeding during these exciting years. Teenagers will treasure this heart-warming collection of stories and find comfort in the advice they offer. These inspirational stories are infused with courage, hope and wisdom; they offer guidance, sustenance and ...


Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine: A Comprehensive Guide, 1e
Giovanni Maciocia CAc(Nanjing)

Churchill Livingstone, 2004

Easily accessible and heavily illustrated, this complete guide to diagnosis in Chinese Medicine places an emphasis on "real world" issues. Focusing on clear interpretations of signs and symptoms, it addresses the practice beyond the theory and leads readers through both basic and sophisticated levels of diagnostic interpretation. Since Chinese medicine diagnosis relies on a subtle appraisal of a patient's disharmony, many factors beyond ...


Ten Key Formula Families in Chinese Medicine
Huang Huang, Translated by Michael Max

Eastland Press, 2009

Ten Key Formula Families in Chinese Medicine provides a practical path to a deeper understanding of traditional Chinese herbal formulas. Dr. Huang discusses the core aspects of the ten most important families of formulas in the classical formula tradition in a way that is both profound and accessible. By introducing the concept of constitutions and the attendant vulnerabilities of those constitutions to certain types of disorders, he hands the ...


Treatment of Infertility with Chinese Medicine, 1e
Jane Lyttleton

Churchill Livingstone, 2004

Providing a clear understanding of infertility, this practical resource analyzes and describes the diagnoses and treatment of infertility - both male and female - with Chinese medicine. It includes Western medical information with explanations of physiology, reproductive biology, and modern infertility treatments to expand the understanding of patient options. Content discusses all aspects of achieving a successful pregnancy, including ...


Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine for Women's Health: Bridging the Gap Between Western and Eastern ...
Kathleen Albertson

Vervante, 2009

Effective health care for women is crucial. Women have suffered for years as Western medicine suggests drugs or surgeries to ease symptoms. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) offers natural resolution and has successfully treated gynecological diseases, infertility, a variety of illnesses and health problems facing women for over 5,000 years. This book explores the potential value of TCM so that women can consider their treatment options. It ...


Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine for Women's Health: Bridging the Gap Between Western and Eastern ...
Dr Kathleen Albertson PhD

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2009

Educates readers about Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), ( acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine), and how women's health problems are effectively treated holistically versus the typical Western, compartmentalized approach. Acquire a basic understanding of TCM - what it is and how it works - as well as its benefits, risks and potential for treatment. Potential benefits of using TCM decrease the discouragement and futility felt by many ...


Chinese Herbal Medicine Made Easy: Effective and Natural Remedies for Common Illnesses
Thomas Richard Joiner

Hunter House, 2001

This comprehensive guide features alphabetical listings of more than 250 illnesses, information on their treatment in both Western and Chinese medicine, and more than 750 herbal formulas used to treat specific complaints.


A Guide to Alternative Medicine and the Digestive System
Anil Minocha MD

Slack Incorporated, 2012

A Guide to Alternative Medicine and the Digestive System is unique in that it provides answers to many practical clinical questions, all in one comprehensive resource. This single-authored handbook by Dr. Anil Minocha contains content supported by close to a 1,000 scientific citations. A Guide to Alternative Medicine and the Digestive System discusses the supportive evidence, and addresses safety issues, side-effects, and drug interactions. ...


260 Essential Chinese Medicinals
Bob Flaws

Blue Poppy Pr, 1999

While there are more than 6,000 Chinese medicinals described in the Chinese medical literature on herbal medicine, only about 260 of these are typically used in day to day clinical practice. This book describes the clinical uses of this core repertoire of Chinese medicinals. This book is the ABCs of the art of practicing Chinese herbal medicine.


The Diaries of Sir Ernest Satow, British Envoy in Peking (1900-06), Vol. 2

Lulu Press Inc., 2006

The Peking (Beijing) diaries (1900-06) of the great Victorian-Edwardian diplomat Sir Ernest Satow, published for the first time ever on as a PAPERBACK and DOWNLOAD, by permission of the National Archives (UK) on behalf of the Controller of Her Majesty's Stationery Office. Satow was Britain's top diplomat in China when he wrote this journal, as he called it. He replaced Sir Claude MacDonald after the Siege of the Peking Legations which ...


Chinese Language and Culture
Weijia Huang, Qun Ao

The Chinese University Press, 2003

This is a reader written especially for learners of intermediate level Chinese and above. It contains forty articles on topics such as Chinese language, culture, history, society, folklore, holidays, geography. Grammatical notes and exercises are included after each article and two appendices are available for easy reference.


Dian Zhen Liao Fa: TCM and Electroherbalism
Esther E Aldrich, Randall R Bornemann

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2013

Electroherbalism involves the use of targeted frequencies applied to the human body for therapeutic purposes. This book contains a full Materia Medica of frequencies based upon TCM principles, over 100 sets derived from the functions and indications of traditional Chinese herbal formulas with accompanying point prescriptions, as well as some basic sets for Western diagnoses. No longer just a Western alternative modality, this book adapts the ...


Fang Xiang Liao Fa: Essential Oil Analogues of TCM Herbal Formulas
Esther E Aldrich, Randall R Bornemann

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2013

Some people just don't like needles. Children, for example, can be very difficult to needle. Then there are people who have to be careful with herbs. Celiacs are limited in that they can only use gluten-free herbs. This book provides an alternative to both. With a 53 page TCM-based Materia Medica of essential oils, a full Materia Medica of carrier oils, and over 100 blends, all based on TCM herbal formulas, complete with point prescriptions ...


Berlitz Mandarin Chinese Phrase Book & Dictionary (English and Chinese Edition)

Berlitz Publishing, 2007

You will never be lost for words with Berlitz - from arriving at the airport, to ordering food and drinks, sightseeing or booking accommodation; this portable Mandarin Chinese phrase book and dictionary covers everything you need to know to enjoy your trip. Featuring over 8,000 of the most useful everyday phrases, you will be able to converse with confidence in any situation that you may come across; whether you are travelling with children, on ...


Foundations for Integrative Musculoskeletal Medicine: An East-West Approach
Alon Marcus

North Atlantic Books, 2005

This book, an authoritative text on musculoskeletal and physical medicine that integrates Eastern and Western approaches, covers every aspect of musculoskeletal medicine, starting with an in depth introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) principles as they relate to the subject. Author Alon Marcus surveys the science of pain from both modern biomedical and TCM perspectives, examines the foundations of integrative musculoskeletal ...


The Cold War's Odd Couple: The Unintended Partnership between the Republic of China and the UK, 1950-1958 ...
Steven Tsang

I. B. Tauris, 2006

The relationship between the US and the People's Republic of China was the defining factor in the Cold War in Asia--the potentially explosive conflict which, as seen in the Korean War, brought the world to the brink of nuclear disaster. The PRC had not become "Titoist" as some hoped and remained firmly within the Soviet international orbit. But how did Great Britain and the Republic of China fit into this potentially lethal global jigsaw? Steve ...



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