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Encyclopedia of Aquarium & Pond Fish
David Alderton

DK ADULT, 2008

A lavishly illustrated reference covering all aspects of keeping fish, the Encyclopedia of Aquarium & Pond Fish is the first book on the market to provide care and identification information on all types of fish for every possible environment, from indoor aquariums to outdoor ponds. The book contains a directory of over 800 of the most popular fish-freshwater, saltwater, coldwater, and tropical-showing not only what each fish looks like, but ...


The Conversation: Simple Truths to Make Life Work
Agnieszka Perlinska, Chip Chapados

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2013

How would you like to meet someone who tells you a few simple truths that turn your life around? The authors, Agnieszka Perlinska and Chip Chapados, invite you to join a series of life-transforming conversations about how to live the best life possible. Grounded in science, these conversations identify fundamental principles in five key areas: • Understanding yourself and others • Managing relationships • Creating change • Dealing ...


Personality Plus: How to Understand Others by Understanding Yourself
Dr Florence Littauer

Monarch Books, 2007

Each of the following statements relates to one of the four basic personality types: Melancholy, Phlegmatic, Sanguine, and Choleric. Which do you relate to most? I am well organised and keep everything in its proper place. I find it hard to express excitement, even about something that's really important to me.Sometimes I forget where I parked the car.I get annoyed when my employees don't follow my instructions to the letter. In this revised and ...


The Harvard Dictionary of Music (Harvard University Press Reference Library)

Belknap Press, 2003

This classic reference work, the best one-volume music dictionary available, has been brought completely up to date in this new edition. Combining authoritative scholarship and lucid, lively prose, the Fourth Edition of The Harvard Dictionary of Music is the essential guide for musicians, students, and everyone who appreciates music. The Harvard Dictionary of Music has long been admired for its wide range as well as its reliability. ...


Humane Livestock Handling: Understanding livestock behavior and building facilities for healthier animals
Temple Grandin

Storey Publishing, LLC, 2008

Temple Grandin, North America's most influential advocate of humane livestock treatment, has spent her life developing stress-free facility designs and standards of humane management. In an environment of growing concern regarding large factory-farming practices, Grandin is a voice of reason explaining the benefits of keeping animals calm through every phase of their lives — benefits that include safer working conditions, higher yields of ...


Lend Me an Ear: Temperament, Selection and Training of the Hearing Ear Dog

Dogwise Publishing, 2013

Compared to dogs, all humans are hearing-challenged! But it takes more than sharp ears to be a hearing Dog. Mixed companion-breed dogs from shelters and rescues have proven themselves to be more talented for this career than any existing dog breed. When a curious, people-loving busybody of a mutt with a natural interest in sounds is trained and paired with the right human partner, wonderful things happen. Martha explains: The complex ...


Drunks, Drugs & Debits: How to Recognize Addicts and Avoid Financial Abuse
Doug Thorburn

Galt Pub, 2001

This is possibly the most comprehensive book on alcohol and other drug addiction ever written. It is the first to explain how to identify the problem in the earliest stages, before tragedy occurs. Most readers cannot put the book down; they depict it as a ¡§page turner,¡¨ a description rarely used in regards to non-fiction work. You will discover: (1) Alcoholism is a biological disorder, based in ancestry. It¡¦s inception has nothing to ...


Your Personality Tree
Florence Littauer

Thomas Nelson, 2005

Many people are playing roles they never auditioned for, on stages they didn't design, while wearing masks they don't know how to remove. They are trying so hard to be all things to all people that they do not know who they really are. What about you? Have you tried so hard to be all things to all people that you are not sure who you really are? As an adult are you still struggling to become what your parents had in mind for you? Do you ...


Bernedoodles: A Head to Tail Guide
Sherry Rupke

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2013

What exactly is a Bernedoodle? It’s cross between a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Poodle, and according to fans of this newcomer to the hybrid world, it’s downright adorable. Sherry Rupke of SwissRidge Kennels was the first breeder to deliberately cross Bernese Mountain Dogs and Poodles. Rupke loved everything about the gorgeous and sweet-natured Bernese, except for the short-lived breed’s genetic propensity for cancer. Plus it sheds. ...


The Original Dog Bible: The Definitive New Source To All Things Dog (Original Dog Bible: The Definitive ...

i5 Press, 2005

This guide to all things canine includes profiles of more than 250 breeds, one hundred grooming tips, fifty careers with dogs, and one hundred health remedies for common canine ailments, as well as many other tips and factoids useful to dog owners, lovers, and breeders. Original.


Look Before You Lead: How to Discern and Shape Your Church Culture
Aubrey Malphurs

Baker Books, 2013

Pastoral ministry is challenging work, especially when a pastor ignores the church's "congregational culture" when seeking to minister to church members or implement changes. Just as a pastor studies to interpret the Scriptures in order to understand and preach the Bible, he or she must interpret the local church culture to better understand and move it toward accomplishing its mission and vision. In Look Before You Lead , trusted ...


Maximizing Your Effectiveness: How to Discover and Develop Your Divine Design
Aubrey Malphurs

Baker Books, 2006

Every Christian wants to know, "What is God's purpose for my life? " Whether volunteering part time or involved in fulltime vocational ministry, Christians frequently struggle to find satisfaction in their areas of service. This book helps readers match who they are their unique spiritual gifts, passions, temperament, talents, and leadership style with the ministry area for which God designed them. A practical guide, it takes dedicated ...


When the Labels Don't Fit: A New Approach to Raising a Challenging Child
barbara probst

Harmony, 2008

“One of the finest and most helpful books we have ever read . . . should be the first stop for any parent trying to help a struggling child.” —Brock Eide and Fernette Eide, authors of The Mislabeled Child Finally, a positive approach designed around your child’s traits and needs Many children do things that seem odd, troubling, or excessive at some point in their development, and our culture is quick to attach a label to every child ...


Legacy of the Cat
Gloria Stephens

Chronicle Books, 2001

With over 100,000 copies sold to date, Legacy of the Cat is a "must for every cat lover's library" (Cat World International). This completely revised and updated edition offers all new photographs and text, as well as detailed descriptions of new breeds. Scores of beguiling full-color photographs accompany in-depth information on the origin, classification, and temperament (always a surprise) of each of the different breeds. This ...


Quick Guide to the 16 Personality Types in Organizations: Understanding Personality Differences in the ...
Linda V Berens, Sue A Cooper, ...

Telos Pubns, 2002

The Quick Guide to the 16 Personality Types in Organizations is written by leading experts in the theory of personality type and its applications. This booklet helps you develop your personal effectiveness within the workplace by providing two full pages of information about each of the sixteen personality types under the topics of Problem Solving, Leadership, Creativity, Teams, Stress, Learning, Career Mastery, and Personal Development. Also ...


The Three Grumpies
Tamra Wight, Ross Collins

Bloomsbury USA Children's Books, 2003

A hilarious romp through one little girl's bad day-she wakes up on the wrong side of the bed, and all day the three Grumpies: Grumpy, Grumpier and Grumpiest, follow her around. She tries everything to get rid of them: stomping, hollering, and even ignoring them. But they only grin and retaliate by tripping her or splattering paint on her brand-new shirt. It seems she will never be rid of them...until a little smile creeps across her face and ...


The Complete Dog Book, 19th Edition
American Kennel Club Staff

*Howell Book House, 1998

The Best-Selling Dog Book of All Time! From Affenpinschers to Yorkshire Terriers, with all the breeds and varieties in between, there is only one source for all the breed standards, all the canine sports and all you need to know about choosing, living with and enjoying purebred dogs. The Complete Dog Book Official Publication of the American Kennel Club "If the dog owner can buy only one book, this has to be the one!" ? The New York Times A ...


Understanding Yourself and Others, An Introduction to Temperament
Linda V. Berens

Telos Publications, 1998

The four temperaments are patterns of organization. David Keirsey described these patterns of organization in the popular book Please Understand Me. By understanding these four temperament patterns we can better understand and relate to others. In this booklet, Linda V. Berens has made these temperament patterns more available and applicable to everyday life. As an application booklet, Understanding Yourself and Others, An Introduction ...


Temperament another one? -8 Do you know the animal character of their children ISBN: 4054013953 (2002) ...
Helen Neville

Gakken, 1000



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