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The Book of Totally Irresponsible Science: 64 Daring Experiments for Young Scientists
Sean Connolly

Workman Publishing Company, 2008

What could be more fun for kids than to have the kind of rip-roaring good time that harkens back to pre-video game, pre-computer days? Introducing 64 valuable science experiments that snap, crackle, pop, ooze, crash, boom, and stink! From Marshmallows on Steroids to Home-Made Lightning, the Sandwich Bag Bomb to Giant Air Cannon, The Book of Totally Irresponsible Science awakens kids' curiosity while demonstrating scientific principles like ...


Totally Inappropriate: Scandalous Billionaires (The Scandalous Billionaires Collection Book 3)

Drew Sinclair, 2014

Totally Inappropriate When is the attraction between a hot, healthy 27 year old man and a needy 25 year old adult woman just too damn inappropriate to be entertained? Harrison is the youngest and wildest of the multi-billionaire Demovic brothers. His family hopes he will finally settle down but there's no sign of it happening yet. With his bad boy good looks, his Silicon Valley bank account and viva Las Vegas attitude to life there is no ...


Totally MAD: 60 Years of Humor, Satire, Stupidity and Stupidity

Time Home Entertainment, 2012

For the past six decades (that's 60 years-we did the math so you don't have to) MAD Magazine has keenly observed the American landscape and promptly made fun of everything in sight. Unwavering in their commitment to high quality stupidity, MAD's legendary artists and writers, long known as "The Usual Gang of Idiots," have brilliantly satirized politics, celebrities, sports, media, cultural trends, and more. Totally MAD (originally titled ...


Totally for Twos (Age 2)
The Mailbox Books Staff

The Education Center, Inc., 2009

Engage your two-year-olds in playful learning with this one-stop resource. Develops social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development of your little ones. Hand selected from the best toddler ideas in The Mailbox magazine. 128 pages.


Totally Covered by Sean Michael

Resplendence Publishing, LLC, 2013

Mal has been Burke and Darby’s sub for many years. As an undercover cop, he needs the release his once a quarter visits give him. Burke and Darby get a lot of out of the visits, too. Both Doms, it’s important for them to share a sub now and then to keep them on an even keel. All that changes, though, when Mal is shot on the job and needs to stay with Burke and Darby during his recovery. Can his Doms bring Mal out of the funk his last ...


Princess Callie and the Totally Amazing Talking Tiara (The Callie Chronicles Book 1), 2011

Despite her highly abnormal name, Calandria Arabella Philomena Louisa Anastasia Richards tries very hard to fly under the radar. So she knows her life has gone crazy when she passes a note to her best friend: “Lewis—something strange happened to me this morning.I got a message in my Alpha Bits that said I was a princess and I had to help this place called Albion in their fight against an evil queen. C. P.S. Dad ...


Totally Tangled: Zentangle and Beyond
Sandy Steen Bartholomew

Design Originals, 2010

Learn to focus, relax your mind and boost your creative confidence! This inspiring book offers over 100 Zentangle designs, with versatile graphics that can be used to decorate any surface. Micron pens make drawing the tangles simple and permanent.


Totally Joe (The Misfits)
James Howe

Atheneum Books for Young Readers, 2007

"Everybody says you and Colin were kissing." "What? That's ridiculous!" "For heaven's sake, Joe, if you and Colin want to kiss, you have every right to." "We did not kiss," I told her. Addie shrugged. "Whatever." What was it with my friends? From the creator of The Misfits , the book that inspired NATIONAL NO NAME-CALLING WEEK, comes the story of Joe Bunch....


Totally Captivated Side Story: Totally Peeking Under the Sheets Volume 1
Hajin Yoo


In "How to Live with a Total Beast", attempting to balance love and career, Ewon agrees to his lustful lover Mookyul's scheme to have sex only once a week. The poor young man doesn't realize that this sex must make up for the rest of the week... and might even be life-threatening! And, in "Totally Peeking Under the Sheets", Ewon attempts to domesticate Mookyul's sex drive by teaching the man household chores. Little does he know that Mookyul can ...


Totally Together: Shortcuts to an Organized Life
Stephanie O'Dea

Berkley Trade, 2011

From a New York Times bestselling author, a planner and organizing system to help women conquer chaos. This book combines a practical planner with a smart system for women who are feeling frenzied (that is, most of them!). With sets of daily, weekly, monthly, and season to-dos, Totally Together lets women manage their priorities and prevent molehills from turning into mountains. From keeping the household in order to keeping the in-box ...


Totally Washi!: More Than 45 Super Cute Washi Tape Crafts for Kids
Ashley Ann Laz

Adams Media, 2014

Stick on the fun! Say hello to a whole new way of decorating! With Totally Washi! , you'll learn how to use washi tape, a colorful Japanese crafting tape, to transform everyday items into adorable creations everyone will love. Featuring 50 awesome washi tape projects, this book encourages you to let your imagination roam free as you cover your locker, bedroom, and even your friends' accessories in the stylish tape. Best of all, when you're ...


Totally Guitar: The Definitive Guide

Thunder Bay Press, 2004

Totally Guitar is the biggest and most complete book on the world's most popular instrument, full of expert tips and fascinating stories for both beginning and advanced players. An unrivalled guide to the guitar, here are the stories behind 100 key electric guitar makers, from Alembic to Zemaitis, with fabulous color photos of all the greatest models from the 1930s to the 2000s. Here too is advice on how to string, tune, set up, clean, maintain, ...


Totally Cool Nails: 50 Fun and Easy Nail Art Designs for Kids
Catherine Rodgers

Adams Media, 2014

Say hello to fabulous nail art designs you can create! It's time to get your nails noticed! Catherine Rodgers, the creator of the popular nail art YouTube Channel Totally Cool Nails, shows you how to paint one-of-a-kind nail art designs right in your own home. With her guidance and helpful tips, you'll create 50 super-stylish nail art designs like Starfish, Rainbow Wave, Candy Heart, and Watermelon Nails. She also shares her secrets for giving ...


Totally Useless MAD
Usual Gang of Idiots

MAD, 2013

Ripped from the pages of the magazine that inspired the hit Cartoon Network show, this new collection features all your MAD favorites! "Scrubbed clean" humor for all ages!


Totally for Twos: Art (Age 2)
The Mailbox Books Staff

The Education Center, Inc., 2010

More than 220 process-art activities perfect for engaging two-year-olds in art exploration. 128 pages.


Totally Top Secret Quiz and Activity Book (The Amazing World of Gumball)
Jake Black

Price Stern Sloan, 2014

Join Gumball and his friends and family in this fun, quirky activity & quiz book. Packed with mazes, word searches, crossword puzzles, awesome quizzes, and much more, it’s not only a must-have for all Gumball fans, but also great value at only $4.99.


The Totally Awesome Book of Useless Information
Noel Botham

Perigee Trade, 2012

Did you know that the Pilgrims ate popcorn at the first Thanksgiving? Or that Maine is the toothpick capital of the world, or that frogs have teeth? Do you want to know what a cockroach’s favorite food is, or how long it would take to drive to the sun? Amaze your friends and family by telling them that a baby giraffe is six feet long when it is born, or that tigers have striped skin! From the creators of The Book of Useless ...


Totally Chill: My Complete Guide to Staying Cool A Stress Management Workbook for Kids With Social, ...
Christopher Lynch

AAPC Publishing, 2012

When parenting, teaching and working with children who have social, emotional, and/or sensory sensitivities, we often put the emphasis on learning new skills. Countless hours are spent working on social skills, fine- and gross-motor skills, language skills, and academic skills, but stress management skills are often left unaddressed. This is unfortunate, as stress can create a multitude of challenges for learning and daily living. In other ...


Totally Captivated Side Story: Totally Peeking Under the Sheets Volume 2
Hajin Yoo


In "Totally Captivated: The Final Chapter Parts I &II", the love affair between Ewon and Mookyul reaches a fateful moment when Ewon's father dies, leaving behind his suicidal mother and innocent sister Nabin. Now Ewon's "happily ever after" must face a stark reality: Leave Mookyul forever, or abandon Nabin to live on the streets.


Totally Worth Christmas (The Worth Series, Book 4.5: A Copper Country Novella)

Copper Country Press LLC, 2013

Book 4.5 in the New York Times bestselling Worth Series An 18K word holiday novella Charlie Simpson was nursing a broken heart. Phoebe Robbins was just waiting tables. Fate brought them together for one night. Now, amidst the original Worth couples (Lizzie and Finn, Katie and Darío, Alison and Petey, and Deni and Sawyer), and a holiday party with lots of surprises, can Charlie and Phoebe find each other again? A holiday novella, ...



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