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The Trapper's Bible: The Most Complete Guide on Trapping and Hunting Tips Ever

Skyhorse Publishing, 2012

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Hunting and Trapping! A collection of tips, tactics, and anecdotes from the finest trappers the United States has ever seen, The Trapper’s Bible is an essential reference guide for hunters, trappers, and historians. Taken directly from some of the upmost authorities on the trapping profession, hundreds of photos and illustrations adorn this fascinating compendium. Broken up into sections, this volume ...


The Trapper's Bible: Traps, Snares & Pathguards
Dale Martin

Paladin Press, 1987

The traps, snares and pathguards detailed here can be constructed out of the most basic materials, keeping your expenses down and your net profits up. Includes pest snares, large animal snares, and transplant traps, plus camp alarms that alert you to intruders and deadly pathguards that could save your life.


Nate Grisham : Revenge: Book 3

Loose Cannon Ent., 2015

A new adventure in the Nate Grisham, Black Mountain Man saga. Nate and Cotton are always ready for trouble, but when they're ambushed by a Blackfoot war party they barely escape with their lives. Injured and on the run, the pair stumble into the bloody remains of a settler's wagon train. Miraculously three souls survived the carnage, a runaway slave and his two young children. Nate befriends the trio, and attempts to get them to safety. What ...



Pullo Pup Publishing, 2014

Caleb Pasco was on his way out of the mountains after more than thirty seasons of trapping beaver and living wild and free. Then he stumbled across a new valley, full of plump, prime beaver, complete with a creature from his nightmares, and more gold than he could carry. After besting the creature he was ready to go east and live the good life - until he realized there was yet another creature, smarter than the first, and it wanted his gold. ...


Dersu the Trapper (Recovered Classics)
V. K. Arseniev

McPherson, 1996

Vladimir Klavdievich Arseniev (1872-1930) undertook twelve major scientific expeditions between 1902 and 1930 in the Siberian Far East, and authored some sixty works from the geographical, geological, botanical, and ethnographic data he amassed. Among these, Dersu the Trapper has earned a privileged place in Russian literature. In this Russian counterpart to The Journals of Lewis and Clark and the novels of James Fenimore Cooper, Arseniev ...


Mad Trapper of Rat River: A True Story Of Canada's Biggest Manhunt
Dick North

Lyons Press, 2005

"The Arctic trails do indeed have their secret tales, and one of the best is that of The Mad Trapper of Rat River , equal to the legends of Bonnie and Clyde or John Dillinger. Now author Dick North (of course) may have solved the mystery of the Mad Trapper's true identity, thereby enhancing the saga."--Thomas McIntyre, author of Seasons & Days: A Hunting Life "A courageous and unrelenting posse on the trail of a furious and desperate ...


Black Beaver The Trapper, 2011

This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers. You may find it for free on the web. Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery.


Journal of a Trapper
Osborne Russell

Bison Books, 1965

'Reader, if you are in search of a Classical and Scientific tourist, please to lay this 'volume' down, and pass on, for this simply informs you what a Trapper has seen and experienced. But if you wish to peruse a Hunter's rambles among the wild regions of the Rocky Mountains, please to read this and forgive the authors foibles and imperfections, considering as you pass along that he has been chiefly educated in Nature's School under that rigid ...


Trapper (Serendipity Books)
Stephen Cosgrove

Price Stern Sloan, 2003

Trapper, a sweet-natured minstrel seal, helps a scary creature named Muttsok learn that it isn't right to take things just because they are beautiful. Through the power of music everyone learns that the loveliness of nature is there for everyone to share. Illustrated by Robin James.


Ellie Jordan, Ghost Trapper

J. L. Bryan, 2014

Ellie Jordan’s job is to catch and remove unwanted ghosts. Part detective, part paranormal exterminator, Ellie operates out of Savannah, Georgia, the most haunted city in the United States. When a family contacts her to deal with a disturbing presence in the old mansion they’ve recently purchased, Ellie first believes it to be a typical, by-the-book specter, a residual haunting by a restless spirit. Instead, she finds herself ...


Trappers and Mountain Men (Events in American History)
Anastasia Suen

Rourke Publishing (FL), 2006


The Trapper's Guide: A Complete Manual of Instructions For Capturing all Kinds of Fur Bearing Animals, and ...
S. Newhouse

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2014

“Mr. S. Newhouse, a member of the Oneida Community, having become widely known as the maker of an excellent kind of steel-traps, and it being generally understood that the practical perfection of his traps is owing to the wisdom in wood-craft which he gained in early life by actual experience in trapping, he has often been applied to by his customers and others for information in regard to the best methods of capturing various animals.” -The ...


The Crawling Darkness (Ellie Jordan, Ghost Trapper Book 3), 2015

Paranormal investigator Ellie Jordan faces a new case in an apartment building where a twisted, dangerous entity emerges from closets and doorways to terrorize the residents at night. A powerful spirit, it feeds on fear and takes the shape of its victims' worst nightmares. Ellie and her mentor Calvin have tried to capture the same entity before, in a different house nearby, an attempt that ended in disaster. Now, with the help of her ...


The Kid Trapper
Julia Cook

National Center for Youth Issues, 2010

For grades two to six. This book addresses the most often misunderstood piece in the puzzle of the sexual victimization of children, and that is acquaintance molestation. In a non-offensive manner, it takes the extremely sensitive issue of child-molestation and presents it in a way that gives the victim power and strength. Can be used to teach children and adults to recognize and prevent traps set by acquaintance molesters. It can also be used ...


Terminal (Ellie Jordan, Ghost Trapper Book 4), 2015

Ellie Jordan and her apprentice Stacey investigate a house in an elaborate planned community that was only half-built before it went bankrupt, leaving an instant ghost town with only a few residents. The entity haunting this house is a banshee that feeds on sadness and misery. Unfortunately for Ellie, this is no simple haunting, but just one symptom of the cursed land on which the suburban community was built. The old railroad line running ...


Adventure of Zenas Leonard, Fur Trader and Trapper, 1831-1836

The Burrows Brothers, 2014

In the spring of 1830, Leonard, a native of Clearfield, Pennsylvania, "ventured to embark in an expedition across the Rocky Mountains, in the capacity of clerk to the company. The last letter received by his parents, left him at the extreme white settlement [Independence, Missouri], where they were busily occupied in making preparations for the expedition to the mountains—from whence he promised to write at short intervals; but one misfortune ...


Trappers and mountain men, (American heritage junior library)
Evan Jones

American Heritage Pub. Co; book trade distribution by Golden Press, 1961

Trappers and mountain men, (American heritage junior library)


Firearms, Traps, and Tools of the Mountain Men: A Guide to the Equipment of the Trappers and Fur Traders Who ...
Carl P. Russell

Skyhorse Publishing, 2010

This classic, scholarly history of the fur trappers and traders of the early nineteenth century focuses on the devices that enabled the opening of the untracked American west. Sprinkled with interesting facts and old western lore, this guide to traps and tools is also a lively history. The era of the mountain man is distinct in American history, and Russell’s exhaustive coverage on the guns, traps, knives, axes, and other iron tools of this ...


Trappers, 2014

The day was just another day on the long journey to Fort Pitt for the trapper Jean-Pierre. For Jacob, the young companion beside him on the trail, the day had been looked forward to all season. Jacob had spent late nights before the fading embers of their fire, while Jean-Pierre slept soundly, anticipating this day. Countless times Jacob had lost his focus while on the hunt over his anticipation. The day had become the single most longed for ...


Journal of a Trapper Or Nine Years Residence among the Rocky Mountains Between the years of 1834 and 1843

Syms-York Company, Incorporated, 2015

In 1830, 16-year-old Osborne Russell left his Maine farm and ran away to sea. He didn't like it. He ended up joining an expedition headed to Oregon by way of the Rocky Mountains. Along the way he acquired the skills necessary for survival in the mountains. He also learned the Snake language, hunted buffalo, and trapped beaver, looked for new trails west, and kept a journal that forms the basis of this vigorously authentic book. The descriptions ...



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