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Dennis W. Green

Mbedzi Publishing, 2013

Travis Becker is a police detective. So is Travis Becker. And Travis Becker. As a matter of fact, Travis Becker is a detective in countless existence streams, all of them living various versions of their lives, completely and safely unknown to each other. That is, until a brilliant scientist friend of his not only discovers the existence of parallel timelines, but how to navigate them as well. When a tragedy in one reality causes a chain ...


The Traveler
John Katzenbach

Mysterious Press, 2013

“Daring and admirable…it’s rare to find a suspense novel with the scope of well-crafted fiction… The Traveler is compulsive reading.” — Chicago Tribune This suspenseful classic from John Katzenbach, now back in print, reaffirmed his status as one of the best new thriller writers on the scene. Miami detective Mercedes Barren, recovering from a traumatic shooting, has transferred to the relative quiet of the forensics department to get ...


Richard Adams

Alfred A. Knopf, 1988

Examines the events of the Civil War through the eyes of General Robert E. Lee's closest companion and devoted horse, Traveller.


Traveler, 2011

Shelby Manning is living a normal, if uneventful life, in modern-day Virginia when on a cold winter evening she stumbles across Carter Lindsey in a Civil War battlefield park. Bleeding and disoriented, and dressed in Union blue, he seems to think he actually fought in the Battle of Fredericksburg nearly 150 years ago. Believing him to be an injured reenactor, she takes him to the hospital, but though his body heals, his mind is still certain he ...


The Traveler

Brave New Genre, Inc, 2015

Instructed in the Wiccan path by her mother and father, Abigail is a solitary Witch and very accomplished for her young age. After her mother's sudden death leaves her feeling isolated and alone, she finds solace in the art of witchcraft and dedicates herself to the study of the Old Ways. Between her father's new girlfriend, and being caught in a love triangle with her childhood friend Vic and fellow witch Erica, seventeen year old Abigail finds ...


The Traveler, 2012

During a catastrophic computer failure, the Traveler’s ship is forced to separate itself from his survival capsule. While the ship itself died, it saw that its master still had a chance of life. Now stranded on Earth, the Traveler was appalled to find that this planet was still in its barbaric stage. As he quickly learned, it would require all his knowledge and skills to fit in and survive. He hoped he would be rescued soon. His people had ...


The Traveler's Gift: Seven Decisions that Determine Personal Success
Andy Andrews

Thomas Nelson, 2005

“ The Traveler’s Gift effectively combines self-help with fiction . . . sustaining momentum while simultaneously passing on instructions for positive thinking . . . an exemplary job at  providing positive suggestions for overcoming life’s obstacles.” - Publishers Weekly “Andy Andrews will challenge you to reach your fullest potential.” - J ohn C. Maxwell , Founder, The INJOYTM Group “ The ...


Mary Alice Parmley

Indian Trail Press, 2011

Traveler is a beautifully written and illustrated story about a small dog that has traveled alone down a dusty road towards Bethlehem. In Bethlehem, Traveler finds an Inn Keeper and his wife whom he befriends. They let him sleep in their stable with a young couple who have recently had a baby named Jesus. This beautiful story, written for children of all ages, is about trust, faith, and hope encircled By love as lived through the life of a very ...


Ron McLarty

Viking Adult, 2007

The eagerly anticipated follow-up to Ron McLarty’s poignant and deep-souled debut, The Memory of Running When Ron McLarty’s debut novel, The Memory of Running , appeared, the publishing world sat up and took notice. Now, McLarty is back with another reason to cheer the arrival of his distinctive new voice. Jono Riley is an aging part-time actor and bartender trying to make ends meet in Manhattan when he receives a letter from a ...


The Traveler
John Twelve Hawks

Vintage, 2006

In London, Maya, a young woman trained to fight by her powerful father, uses the latest technology to elude detection when walking past the thousands of surveillance cameras that watch the city. In New York, a secret shadow organization uses a victim’s own GPS to hunt him down and kill him. In Los Angeles, Gabriel, a motorcycle messenger with a haunted past, takes pains to live "off the grid" — free of credit cards and government IDs. ...


If on a Winter's Night a Traveler
Italo Calvino

Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1982

Italo Calvino imagines a novel capable of endless mutations in this intricately crafted story about writing and readers.   If on a Winter's Night a Traveler turns out to be not one novel but ten, each with a different plot, style, ambience, and author, and each interrupted at a moment of suspense. Together they form a labyrinth of literatures, known and unknown, alive and extinct, through which two readers, a male and a female, pursue ...


The Tiny Traveler: Egypt: A Book of Shapes

Sky Pony Press, 2015

If you’re going to learn about shapes, why not do it in the exciting land of Egypt? Egypt’s Great Sphinx, pyramids, and camels all come to life in this new board book by graphic designer Misti Kenison. Toddlers will learn basic shapes such as triangles, hexagons, and circles with bright, geometric spreads while getting a flavor for Egypt’s rich and fascinating culture. Traveling to foreign places has never been so colorful, or educational, ...


The Traveler, 2014

Seven years ago, Rachel gave her heart to a dark, intense stranger, who left her broken and alone. Every day since then Rachel has thought about Dex, her memories refusing to be silenced. Now, Dex is back, but this time he is not alone. He has brought a formidable army – their sole purpose to conquer. Fate will bring Rachel and Dex back together, but on opposing sides of a war that threatens to obliterate her world. Pitted against ...


The Traveler

Newhouse Publishing, 2014

Meet Bethany Clayton just out of high school. While cleaning her parents century old home's attic, she finds an ancient journal. With it, comes the power of "the traveler" allowing her to travel into the past to meet her ancestors and fall in love with a very handsome gunslinger, named Jebidiah Cole. She meets her own ancestors and begins to fall in love with Jebidiah. They also have several adventures including meeting the legendary "Dark One" ...


The Traveler
Daren Simkin

Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2008

A charming fable that evokes a life lesson we would all do well to learn: living and loving are time well spent. Once, there was a boy named Charlie. He had a pretty nice life . . . but it wasn’t perfect. So one day he packed up all his time—all his round, squishy years and square, mushy months, down to every itsy-bitsy second—in his suitcase and locked it up safe, said goodbye to his parents, and set off to find something better to ...


The Time Traveler's Wife
Audrey Niffenegger

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2004

A dazzling novel in the most untraditional fashion, this is the remarkable story of Henry DeTamble, a dashing, adventuresome librarian who travels involuntarily through time, and Clare Abshire, an artist whose life takes a natural sequential course. Henry and Clare's passionate love affair endures across a sea of time and captures the two lovers in an impossibly romantic trap, and it is Audrey Niffenegger's cinematic storytelling that makes the ...


The Multidimensional Traveler: Finding Togetherness or How I Learned to Break the Rules of Physics and ...
Khartika Goe

New Page Books, 2015

The Multidimensional Traveler is an inspiring journey that awakens readers to worlds beyond physical limitations. In addition to illuminating the existence of vast multidimensional realities, it provides specific examples of adventures through time, space, and the universes. Freed of limitation, you are initiated into the lost knowledge of multidimensional travel. It gradually expands readers' consciousness so that they, too, may begin the ...


Parallel (Travelers Series Book 1)

Sugar Skull Books, 2013

Destiny has a way of catching up. Saddled with powers she doesn't understand, Etta Fleming's world is turned upside-down the day she meets Cooper Everett, the man who transports her to an alternate reality. A reality she was meant to be a part of. One minute, she's an orphan living at Dominion House for Girls, an institution for delinquent foster kids, then finds herself attending the exclusive Dominion Hall Academy. Plucked from ...


2015 United States Traveler's Guide to the Firearm Laws of the 50 States (Gun Laws for All Fifty States, 19 ...

NEWEST 2015 Updated Edition by the authorized distributor: Book Value USA. This book contains valuable information about the firearm laws of all 50 states, Canada, Mexico and how you should prepare, carry, and transport your weapons during local, intrastate, and interstate travel. STAY ON THE ROAD AND OUT OF JAIL!! This book presents a state by state breakdown of firearms ownership, semi-auto gun ownership, machine gun ownership, castle ...


Route 66: EZ66 GUIDE For Travelers - 3RD EDITION
Jerry McClanahan

National Historic Route 66 Federation, 2013

This third edition updates almost every page. The EZ66 GUIDE was developed by award-winning Route 66 historian Jerry McClanahan and The National Historic Route 66 Federation to make it as EZ as possible for travelers to find and follow the various alignments of Route 66. The guides have been used by thousands from around the world since 2005. The 200 page, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 guide is spiral bound, to make it EZ to use while traveling. It includes EZ ...



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