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Cognitive Infiltration: An Obama Appointee's Plan to Undermine the 9/11 Conspiracy Theory
David Ray Griffin

Olive Branch Press, 2010

Griffin's meritorious effort to raise public awareness and understanding Former Chicago and Harvard law professor Cass Sunstein, who in 2009 was appointed by President Barack Obama to direct an important executive branch office, had in 2008 co-authored an article containing a plan for the government to prevent the spread of anti-government "conspiracy theories." Arguing that such theories are believed only by groups suffering from ...


Nations United: How the United Nations Undermines Israel and the West
Alex Grobman

Balfour Books, 2009

Rising from the ruins of World War II, both Israel and the United Nations have been on a collision-course ever since, as radical Islam, left-wing agendas, and European meddling have undermined democratic efforts to topple totalitarianism. In a fascinating bit of research that doubles as critical analysis and gripping narrative, Alex Grobman shines a light on the radical agenda of the United Nations to weaken Israel's security, foment ...


Silencing Political Dissent: How Post-September 11 Anti-Terrorism Measures Threaten Our Civil Liberties
Nancy Chang

Seven Stories Press, 2002

In her groundbreaking new book, Silencing Political Dissent, constitutional expert Nancy Chang examines how the Bush administration's fight against terrorism is resulting in a disturbing erosion of First Amendment rights and increase of executive power. Chang's compelling analysis begins with a historical review of political repression and intolerance of dissent in America. From the Sedition Act of 1798, through the Smith Act of the 1940s and ...


Getting it Wrong: How Faulty Monetary Statistics Undermine the Fed, the Financial System, and the ...
William A. Barnett

The MIT Press, 2011

Blame for the recent financial crisis and subsequent recession has commonly been assigned to everyone from Wall Street firms to individual homeowners. It has been widely argued that the crisis and recession were caused by "greed" and the failure of mainstream economics. In Getting It Wrong , leading economist William Barnett argues instead that there was too little ...


I May Be Wrong, But I Doubt It: How Accounting Information Undermines Profitability
Douglas Hicks, 2008

Explains a variety of modern cost accounting issues. A must read for any industry accounting professional. No needlessly complex examples, only simple examples right to the point. The author is a long time advocate of ABC and understand cost drivers, he brings his experience to help us all understand them.


Chado the Way of Tea: A Japanese Tea Master's Almanac
Sasaki Sanmi

Tuttle Publishing, 2001

Chado The Way of Tea: A Japanese Tea Master's Almanac is a translation of the Japanese classic Sado-saijiki, first published in 1960. Covering tea-related events in Japan throughout the year, Sasaki provides vignettes of festivals and formal occasions, and as well as the traditional contemplative poetry that is a part of the tea ceremony.


Fourth Instinct: The Call of the Soul
Arianna Huffington

Simon & Schuster, 1994

A popular author and television personality explores how developing our Fourth Instinct, which leads toward self-knowledge, spiritual meaning, and can transform life, showing how to fulfill our better impulses. 40,000 first printing. $40,000 ad/promo. Tour.


Pink Ribbon Blues: How Breast Cancer Culture Undermines Women's Health

Oxford University Press, 2010

Pink ribbon paraphernalia saturate shopping malls, billboards, magazines, television, and other venues, all in the name of breast cancer awareness. In this compelling and provocative work, Gayle Sulik shows that though this "pink ribbon culture" has brought breast cancer advocacy much attention, it has not had the desired effect of improving women's health. It may, in fact, have done the opposite. Based on eight years of research, analysis of ...


American Nightmare: How Government Undermines the Dream of Home Ownership
Randal O'Toole

Cato Institute, 2012

The American dream of homeownership turned into a nightmare in the recent financial crisis, but Randal O’Toole argues that we can rebuild the dream by eliminating federal, state, and local housing policies that distort the free market for housing.


Water Can Undermine Your Health

Norwalk Press, 1995

Our bodies need from two to four quarts of water each day to maintain good health. This book will show you how to protect yourself and your family from deadly bacteria, viruses, chemicals, and other pollutants that are present in a large percentage of public water supplies. Dr. Walker's treatment of water pollution is revealing, comprehensive, and scientific. His findings and his recommendations for corrective action offer new hope.


Inside Teaching: How Classroom Life Undermines Reform
Mary Kennedy

Harvard University Press, 2005

Reform the schools, improve teaching: these battle cries of American education have been echoing for twenty years. So why does teaching change so little? Arguing that too many would-be reformers know nothing about the conflicting demands of teaching, Mary Kennedy takes us into the controlled commotion of the classroom, revealing how painstakingly teachers plan their lessons, and how many different ways things go awry. Teachers try ...


Failure to Flourish: How Law Undermines Family Relationships
Clare Huntington

Oxford University Press, 2014

Exploring the connection between families and inequality, Failure to Flourish: How Law Undermines Family Relationships argues that the legal regulation of families stands fundamentally at odds with the needs of families. Strong, stable, positive relationships are essential for both individuals and society to flourish, but from transportation policy to the criminal justice system, and from divorce rules to the child welfare system, the ...


Hidden Bias - How Unconscious Attitudes on Diversity Undermine Organizations and What to do about it
Gerard J. Holder

Self, 2008

---Questions to consider:--- Do you have a diversity initiative? ---Is it bias-free? ---How do you know? ---What would you be able to tell an outsider about the specifics of your diversity initiative? --- If you had any hesitation at all about addressing these questions ... or if you d like to know how to uncover unconscious bias and help keep your own team, department or company out of million-dollar lawsuits ... read on. ---The Four Levels of ...


Hooked: Ethics, the Medical Profesion, and the Pharmaceutical Industry
Howard Brody

Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2006

For decades, medical professionals have betrayed the public's trust by accepting various benefits from the pharmaceutical industry. Both drug company representatives and doctors employ artful spin to portray this behavior positively to the public, and to themselves. In Hooked, Howard Brody argues that we can neither understand the problem, nor propose helpful solutions until we identify the many levels of activity connecting these purportedly ...


Abuse in the Jewish Community: Religious and Communal Factors that Undermine the Apprehension of Offenders ...
Michael J. Salamon PhD

Urim Publications, 2011

''Michael J. Salamon, Ph.D.' s book is so important in that it actually sheds light on this issue and identifies how and why abuse in the Jewish community is less reported and less known than that in the Catholic Church or within other religious groups.'' -Robin Sax, author of It Happens Every Day


The Girlfriend's Code of Ethics
Hope Bakari

iUniverse, Inc., 2007

Hilarious and spot on, The Girlfriend’s Code of Ethics shatters myths about men (they are not all married, jailed, on drugs, or gay) and puts you well on your way to a drama-free, girlfriend-packed life. Based on loyalty and decency, the Code will help you stop sabotaging your love relationships and undermining your friendships, eliminate even the appearance of impropriety ( Code #25: Never “forget” to inform your girlfriend if her ...


Aid Dependence in Cambodia: How Foreign Assistance Undermines Democracy

Columbia University Press, 2012

International intervention liberated Cambodia from pariah state status in the early 1990s and laid the foundations for more peaceful, representative rule. Yet the country’s social indicators and the integrity of its political institutions declined precipitously within a few short years, and inequality grew dramatically. Conducting an unflinching investigation into the case of Cambodia, Sophal Ear uncovers the pernicious effects of aid ...


Myth and Measurement
David Card, Alan B. Krueger

Princeton University Press, 1995

David Card and Alan B. Krueger have already made national news with their pathbreaking research on the minimum wage. Here they present a powerful new challenge to the conventional view that higher minimum wages reduce jobs for low-wage workers. In a work that has important implications for public policy as well as for the direction of economic research, the authors put standard economic theory to the test, using data from a series of recent ...


A Gift From God: How Presuppositionalism Undermines Christianity, 2014

The Christian apologetic known as Presuppositionalism, credited to Cornelius Van Til, states that the Christian Faith is the only basis for rational thought. By attempting to undermine other worldviews, Presuppositionalism seeks to establish the Bible as the inerrant word of a God that must be presupposed to make sense of any human experience. A Gift From God exposes the flaws in the Presuppositionalist’s arguments and reveals the linguistic ...


Ackoff's Fables: Irreverent Reflections on Business and Bureaucracy
Russell L. Ackoff

Wiley, 1991

``Nothing is as obstructive to satisfaction of human needs and desires, let alone human progress, as bureaucracies.'' So goes Russell Ackoff's philosophy on human development. While relating wry observations made during a long career promoting human development, Ackoff demonstrates how most systems created to foster development actually prevent or retard it. You'll laugh at these war stories, but more importantly, you'll learn how to maximize ...



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