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Unleashed (The Amoveo Legend)
Sara Humphreys

Sourcebooks Casablanca, 2011

Book 1 of The Amoveo Legend What if you suddenly discovered your own powers were beyond anything you'd ever imagined... Samantha Logan's childhood home had always been a haven, but everything changed while she was away. She has a gorgeous new neighbor, Malcolm, who introduces her to the amazing world of the dream-walking, shapeshifting Amoveo clans...but what leaves her reeling with disbelief is when he tells her she's one of them... And ...


Unleashed (An Andy Carpenter Novel)
David Rosenfelt

Minotaur Books, 2014

Andy Carpenter’s accountant, Sam Willis, is stunned to receive a phone call out of the blue from Barry Price, a high school friend he hasn’t spoken to in years, pleading for help with something too frightening to discuss on the phone. Barry needs Sam’s financial acumen and lawyer Andy Carpenter’s legal expertise—and he needs them immediately. But when Sam almost runs over an injured dog lying in the road on the way to Barry’s house, ...


The Unleashed (Blemished #3) (Blemished Series), 2014

“I wanted to live. I wanted us to have a future, and there was nothing else on my mind. With Daniel by my side I ran so fast my lungs ached.” Mina’s world is turned upside down as an important person from her past materialises to take her away from the Compound. She finds herself separated from her friends and facing life-changing decisions on her own. Meanwhile Daniel is on a mission to find Mina when he becomes involved in the ...


Unleashed: The MacLauchlan Berserkers

Ardent Publishing, 2014

Meet the MacLauchlan Berserkers... Roderick - (Unspoken) He's death for hire, cursed by a malicious enemy who left him unable to speak. She's a refugee with a dangerous secret that could cost her life. Outnumbered by thousands, he's fated to die in battle like so many Berserkers before him. Could the strength of their love defy destiny? Connor - (Unwilling) He's a mercenary Laird who fears nothing but the darkness inside him. She's a ...


Unleashed (A Sydney Rye Novel, # 1), 2011

Amazon Top 100 Best Seller #1 in Hard Boiled #1 in Mystery Series #1 in Vigilante Justice The Sydney Rye series of mysteries feature a strong female protagonist and her rescue dog, Blue. It is recommended for the 18+ who enjoy some violence, don't mind dirty language, and are up for a dash of sex. Not to mention an awesome, rollicking good mystery! UNLEASHED is the first book in Emily Kimelman's best selling Sydney Rye series of ...


Printmaking Unleashed: More Than 50 Techniques for Expressive Mark Making
Traci Bautista

North Light Books, 2014

Unleash your inner artist and join Traci Bautista as she shares inventive ideas for making marks with handmade tools, nontraditional materials and simple DIY printmaking techniques. Pulsing with exploration and whimsy, Printmaking Unleashed features 60+ step-by-step demonstrations and countless possibilities for creating original prints, fabrics, art journal pages, mixed-media collage, and so much more. WHAT'S INSIDE... Tools Galore! Create ...


Unleash Me, Vol. 3, 2014

Note: You must read Volumes 1 and 2 before reading this final volume. Description: A threat. An assault. An abduction. And one massive twist! With Lisa Ward’s life now fully on the line, the question remains—who wants her dead? Is it her ex-boyfriend, Kevin, a homeless drunk addicted to meth? Or is it her former editor, Marco Boss, who has been cast to the bitter edges of revenge due to his firing? Or because of Lisa’s ...


Unleashed (Wolf Spring Chronicles)
Nancy Holder, Debbie Viguie

Ember, 2012

Katelyn McBride's life changed in an instant when her mother died. Now she has to start over in Wolf Springs, Arkansas—a tiny village in the Ozark Mountains. Like any small town, Wolf Springs has its secrets. But the secrets hidden here are more sinister than Katelyn could ever imagine. It's a town with a history that reaches back centuries, spans continents, and conceals terrifying truths. It's a town full of werewolves. 


Cherrie Lynn

Samhain Publishing, 2010

One week in paradise will make or break them… It’s not enough that Kelsey’s husband left her for another woman. Oh, no. The “other woman” had to be her best friend Evan’s fiancée. Not only has she lost her marriage, she fears losing Evan to the lingering awkwardness and humiliation that hangs between them. Evan has no intention of letting that happen. He’s got plans…namely, an extra plane ticket to Hawaii now his future ...


Unleashed (Fighter Erotic Romance Book 3)


Vivian "Vee" Simon is a Federal Defense Attorney. In the courtroom, she's a woman who most prosecution attorneys fear, and for good reason. She's tough, and takes no prisoners. When she gets home, however, things change. Sexually, she needs to toss her respective hands in the air and submit to her man - a motorcycle riding alpha male boxer. One problem. Her alpha male Dom has been charged with murder. Mike Ripton is a bare knuckles boxer ...


C# 5.0 Unleashed
Bart De Smet

Sams Publishing, 2013

Buy the print C# 5.0 Unleashed and get the eBook version for free! See inside the book for access code and details. C# 5.0 Unleashed is for anyone who wants to learn the C# programming language in depth, understanding how language features truly work. While giving you those insights, you learn where and how to use the features to design various kinds of software. This book not only teaches the language’s capabilities, it also ...


Unleashed: Release the Untamed Faith Within
Erwin Raphael McManus

Thomas Nelson, 2011

Two thousand years later the call to follow Christ has been repacked to be smooth and trouble-free, filled with opportunity and promise but lacking risk, passion, and sacrifice.  Is this really what Jesus died for?  If He chose the way of the cross, where would He hesitate leading us?  Is it possible that to follow Jesus is to live your life completely unleashed? Jesus never made a pristine call to a proper or safe religion.  Jesus ...


Willpower: Unleashed, 2014

What if anyone could have superhuman abilities without jumping into a vat of toxic waste? What if everyone already had the potential abilities within them? Well, in fifty years, anyone with the right training can do just that. The year 2064 is a much different place. After the destruction caused by the Grand Chasm twenty years ago, many Americans struggled with simple day-to-day tasks. Until the Unleashed Fighting Federation was created. The ...


Leashed (Going to the Dogs Book 1)

Blue Moon Creative, LLC, 2012

First book in the Going to the Dogs series and is a novella at 26,000 words. Jack has some ‘splainin’ to do! That's right! Callie Lassiter's normally well-behaved Great Dane Jack has run off and done the wild thing with the neighbor's dog. It must be puppy love! It's doubly embarrassing since she's a professional dog trainer. Of course, the neighbor would have to be hot, hot nightclub owner bad boy Owen McKay, just the kind of man ...


Kristopher Reisz

Simon Pulse, 2010

A sexy teen novel about a boy who falls in love with a girl who can shapeshift into a werewolf.


Unleash Me, Vol. 1 (Unleash Me, Annihilate Me Series), 2014

Chasing your dreams is dangerous. Fighting for them can end your life. Lisa Ward’s childhood dream was to become a best-selling novelist. But when luck finally strikes after years of trying to make it in the publishing industry, her entire world is tossed into turmoil when it’s revealed that somebody wants her dead. As the pressures mount and as the threats escalate, Lisa’s boyfriend—a former SEAL—quickly rises up to protect ...


Unleash Me, Vol. 2 (Unleash Me, Annihilate Me Series), 2014

Note: You must read Volume 1 before reading this volume. Description : Take one person. One life. And destroy it completely. Lisa Ward is that person--and right now? Her life is on the line. The questions is who is after her? Her ex-boyfriend, who is a homeless drunk addicted to meth? Her editor, whose altercation with Lisa sends him to the bitter edges of revenge? Or because of Lisa's rising fame--and all the pitfalls that come ...


Unleashed (Shaolin Darkness)

Wesley Lowe Media, 2014

THE MAKING OF A MONSTER - Evil is No Accident Electric Action. Compelling Characters. Gripping story. From China's ancient spiritual center, the rogue monk Chin arises to redefine Shaolin Kung Fu as a battle plan for his lust for criminal power. Cruelty, murder, and torture are this monk's hallmarks. How did Chin become like this? More importantly, as he builds his global criminal syndicate, will no one stop this errant true believer? ...



Cathryn Fox, 2014

The last thing Paranormal Task Force Agent Jace Garrett wants is to be teamed up with psychic Skylar Bray on a hunt for a murderous werewolf. It's not that he doesn't believe in her psychic abilities or her skills, he's worried that she will sense the secret he's been hiding for years—that the blood of a werewolf runs through his veins.To Skylar, the only good werewolf was a dead werewolf. Years ago, her family was slaughtered by a murderous ...


Spring Unleashed (Summer Unplugged Book 4)

336Love, 2014

Part 4 in the Summer Unplugged series. This is a novella at 22,000 words. Bayleigh graduates from high school and with her boyfriend Jace by her side, she feels like life can't get any better. That is until Jace and her mom suggest some plans for Bayleigh's future that she's not too thrilled about. As long as she can win them over to seeing things her way, life will be great again. Or so she thinks.



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