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The Time Machine
H. G. Wells

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2014

The Time Machine is a science fiction novel by H. G. Wells, published in 1895. Wells is generally credited with the popularisation of the concept of time travel by using a vehicle that allows an operator to travel purposefully and selectively. The term "time machine", coined by Wells, is now universally used to refer to such a vehicle. This work is an early example of the Dying Earth subgenre. The portion of the novel that sees the Time ...


The War in the Air (Penguin Classics)
H.G. Wells

Penguin Classics, 2007

Following the development of massive airships, naïve Londoner Bert Smallways becomes accidentally involved in a German plot to invade America by air and reduce New York to rubble. But although bombers devastate the city, they cannot overwhelm the country, and their attack leads not to victory but to the beginning of a new and horrific age for humanity. And so dawns the era of Total War, in which brutal aerial bombardments reduce the great ...


Tales of Space and Time, 2011

This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers. You may find it for free on the web. Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery.


The Time Machine
H. G. Wells

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2013

H.G. Wells best-selling classic THE TIME MACHINE.


The War of the Worlds
H. G. Wells

Tribeca Books, 2013

H. G. Wells' best-selling classic THE WAR OF THE WORLDS


The War of the Worlds, 2012

This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers. You may find it for free on the web. Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery.


The Invisible Man (Signet Classics)
H.G. Wells

Signet, 2010

A Science Fiction Classic From the twentieth century's first great practitioner of the novel of ideas comes a consummate masterpiece of science fiction about a man trapped in the terror of his own creation.


The Invisible Man (Dover Thrift Editions)
H. G. Wells

Dover Publications, 1992

First published in 1897, The Invisible Man ranks as one of the most famous scientific fantasies ever written. Part of a series of pseudoscientific romances written by H. G. Wells (1866–1946) early in his career, the novel helped establish the British author as one of the first and best writers of science fiction. Wells' years as a science student undoubtedly inspired a number of his early works, including this strikingly original novel. Set ...


The Collected Novels of H.G. Wells: 25 Books in One Volume (Unexpurgated Edition) (Halcyon Classics)

Halcyon Press Ltd., 2009

This Halcyon Classics ebook collection contains 25 books by H.G. Wells, prolific 19th- and 20th century writer. Several of Wells' books have become classics of science fiction, including his novella THE TIME MACHINE, THE ISLAND OF DR. MOREAU, THE INVISIBLE MAN, THE WAR OF THE WORLDS, and THE FIRST MEN IN THE MOON. This collection also includes several of Wells' lesser-known middle and late-period novels. This ebook contains an active table of ...


Twelve Days (A John Wells Novel)
Alex Berenson

G.P. Putnam's Sons, 2015

John Wells has only twelve days to stop the United States from being tricked into invading Iran in the new cutting-edge novel of modern suspense from the #1 New York Times –bestselling author.   Twelve days. Wells, with his former CIA bosses Ellis Shafer and Vinnie Duto, has uncovered a staggering plot, a false-flag operation to convince the President to attack Iran. But they have no hard evidence, and no one at Langley or the White House ...


Deadly Spells (Prospero's War)
Jaye Wells

Orbit, 2015

MAGIC IS A DRUG. ADDICTIVE AND DEADLY. After the grisly murder of a dirty magic coven leader, Kate Prospero and The Magical Enforcement Agency team up with the local police to find the killer. When a tenacious reporter sticks her nose in both the investigation and Prospero's past in the covens, old ghosts resurface. As the infighting between covens turns ugly, an all-out war brews in the slums of Babylon.. Deadly Spells is ...


Living Well, Spending Less: 12 Secrets of the Good Life
Ruth Soukup

Zondervan, 2014

In Search of the Good Life Have you ever that your life--and budget--is spiraling out of control?  Do you sometimes wish you could pull yourself together but wonder exactly how to manage all the scattered pieces of a chaotic life?  Is it possible to find balance?

 In a word, yes .

 Ruth Soukup knows firsthand how stressful an unorganized life and budget can be. Through personal stories, biblical truth, and practical action ...


Linkershim: Sovereign of the Seven Isles: Book Six (Volume 6)
David A. Wells

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2013

Spring has arrived, and open war with it. Mostly healed from his wound, Alexander departs the Dragon Isle only to be set upon by enemies from all sides. Outnumbered, desperate and running for his life, he’s shipwrecked in enemy territory then sold into slavery in the fabled city of Mithel Dour. Ancient and mysterious, it’s said that the city was discovered rather than built. Within, Alexander finds a secret so old and so powerful that it ...


Sovereign Stone
David A Wells

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2012

After gaining entrance to Blackstone Keep and recovering the legendary Thinblade, Alexander Ruatha must seek out the Sovereign Stone, and quickly. Contained within the ancient teardrop ruby is the secret of Wizard's Dust, the source of magic and the one thing that will ultimately decide the final battle of the Reishi War. Prince Phane will stop at nothing to lay claim to the Stone and with it the world. Sovereign Stone is the story of ...


Well Fed: Paleo Recipes for People Who Love to Eat
Melissa Joulwan

Smudge Publishing, LLC, 2011

Preparing quality food is among the most caring things we can do for ourselves and the people we love. That's why Well Fed: Paleo Recipes For People Who Love To Eat is packed with recipes for food that you can eat every day, along with easy tips to make sure it takes as little time as possible to get healthy, delicious food into your well-deserving mouth. If you count meals and snacks, we feed ourselves about 28 times each week. All of the ...


Taken! 52 (Donald Wells' Taken! Series Book 16), 2015

Taken! 52 by Donald Wells The author of The Reynolds Family Saga, Blue Steele, The TAKEN! Series & Caliber Detective Agency.


The Silver Star: A Novel
Jeannette Walls

Scribner, 2014

From one of the greatest storytellers of our time, the acclaimed, bestselling, "gripping story of a courageous and sensible girl surviving the adults around her" ( St. Louis Post Dispatch )—"a page turner" ( Entertainment Weekly ). It is 1970 in a small town in California. “Bean” Holladay is twelve and her sister, Liz, is fifteen when their artistic mother, Charlotte, takes off to find herself, leaving her girls enough money to last a ...


The Grove

Blue Bedlam Science Fiction, 2015

Hain, a sentient plant creature, defies instinct and genetic imperative by holding herself separate from the planet-encompassing vegetative super-intelligence known as the Mother. Hain wants to explore the stars but when she finally encounters aliens, her destiny is forever changed. This novelette was previously published in the anthology: The Alien Chronicles. It is longer than a short story, but shorter than a novella.


Reishi Adept: Sovereign of the Seven Isles: Book Seven (Volume 7)
David A. Wells

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2014

The final book of the Sovereign of the Seven Isles begins in the mountains of Andalia with Alexander—wounded, surrounded and fleeing for his life. Isabel learns that Phane can use her link with the darkness for his own, terrible ends. And Abigail rallies the Coven to face the Sin’Rath, a threat now magnified a hundred fold. Battle rages across the Seven Isles, and Alexander Reishi stands at the center of it all. As forces converge on the ...


Lisa Kron

Theatre Communications Group, 2005

The acclaimed writer and performer Lisa Kron’s newest work is all about her mom. It explores the dynamics of health, family and community with the story of her mother’s extraordinary ability to heal a changing neighborhood, despite her inability to heal herself. In this solo show with other people in it, Kron asks the provocative question: Are we responsible for our own illness? But the answers she gets are much more complicated than she ...



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