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The Black Stallion

Yearling, 2011

First published in 1941, Walter Farley's best-selling novel for young readers is the triumphant tale of a boy and a wild horse. From Alec Ramsay and the Black's first meeting on an ill-fated ship to their adventures on a desert island and their eventual rescue, this beloved story will hold the rapt attention of readers new and old. From the Trade Paperback edition.


Because of Mr. Terupt
Rob Buyea

Delacorte Books for Young Readers, 2010

Features seven narrators, each with a unique story, and each with a different perspective on what makes their teacher so special. It’s the start of fifth grade for seven kids at Snow Hill School. There’s . . . Jessica, the new girl, smart and perceptive, who’s having a hard time fitting in; Alexia, a bully, your friend one second, your enemy the next; Peter, class prankster and troublemaker; Luke, the brain; Danielle, who ...


Ranger's Apprentice: Oakleaf Bearers
John Flanagan

Corgi Yearling Books, 2008


Book of Greek Myths
Ingri Parin

Yearling Special, 1992


To Whisper Her Name (A Belle Meade Plantation Novel)
Tamera Alexander

Zondervan, 2012

USA Today  Bestseller    From the USA Today bestselling author of  A Lasting Impression  and  A Beauty So Rare  comes an exquisite historical novel set against the real history of Belle Meade Plantation in Nashville, TN that explores the struggles of real people of the post-war South and the journeys of a man and a woman scarred by betrayal.   Olivia Aberdeen, destitute widow of a man shot as a traitor to the South, ...


Dog Heaven
Cynthia Rylant

Blue Sky Press, 1995

In Newbery Medalist Cynthia Rylant's classic bestseller, the author comforts readers young and old who have lost a dog. Recommended highly by pet lovers around the world, Dog Heaven not only comforts but also brings a tear to anyone who is devoted to a pet. From expansive fields where dogs can run and run to delicious biscuits no dog can resist, Rylant paints a warm and affectionate picture of the ideal place God would, of course, create for ...


The Black Stallion Mystery
Walter Farley

Yearling, 1992

Someone's set a treacherous trap for Alec and his horse...  


Brotherband: The Hunters
John Flanagan

Yearling (imprint of Random House Children's Books), 2012


The Black Stallion
Walter Farley

Yearling, 2002

Shipwrecked with a wild stallion.


Lost Stories (Ranger's Apprentice)
John Flanagan

Yearling Books, 2011

The Lost Stories is the eleventh thrilling book in John Flanagan's Ranger's Apprentice series - over seven million sold worldwide. Will, there's something you should know. Something I should have told you long ago...There are stories about the Rangers that have never been heard before and it's time for you to hear them. Stories about your parents and how you came to be an orphan. About how a Ranger's life was saved. And about what happens next ...


Emperor of Nihon-Ja (Ranger's Apprentice)
John Flanagan

Yearling Books, 2011

The Emperor of Nihon-Ja is the tenth thrilling book in John Flanagan's Ranger's Apprentice series - over seven million sold worldwide. Will, you owe it to your friend to find him. Horace is missing. Months have passed since he was sent on a military mission and you, Evanlyn and Alyss set out to discover what has become of your old friend. You find him in Nihon-Ja where the rightful emperor has been overthrown. Now you must face the highly ...


Thoroughbred #01 A Horse Called Wonder
Joanna Campbell

HarperEntertainment, 1991

Ashleigh wouldn't care about anything, ever again. Ashleigh Griffen swore she'd never give her heart to another horse -- not after a terrible disease wiped out her family's breeding farm, along with Ashleigh's favorite mare, Stardust. Now the Griffens are starting over as breeding managers at Townsend Acres, and Ashleigh's sure she is going to hate living there. Then a small, sickly foal is born -- a beautiful copper filly that looks like ...


John Flanagan

Yearling Books, 2012

There is only one way to become a warrior. Boys are chosen for teams called Brotherbands and must endure months of gruelling battles in the treacherous sea. Hal finds himself the unwilling leader of a band of outcasts, the boys that no one wants. They are small and wiry but what they lack in size, they make up with skill and courage. Now they must battle against the other bands in the ultimate race where there can only be one winner. The icy ...


Ranger's Apprentice 6: the Siege of Macindaw



Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree
Robert Barry

Yearling, 1992

Mr. Willowby's Christmas tree Came by special delivery. Full and fresh and glistening green-- The biggest tree he had ever seen. That was the trouble. Mr. Willowby's Christmas tree was so tall, it couldn't stand up straight in his parlor. Mr. Willowby asked his butler to chop off the top of the tree. What happens to the treetop? Where will it be for Christmas?


Ordinary Princess, The
M.M. Kaye

Yearling, 1993

Unlike her six beautiful sisters, Princess Amy has mousy brown hair and freckles, and she would rather embark on an enchanting adventure in the forest than marry a prince. By the author of Shadow of the Moon. Reprint.


Brotherband: The Invaders
John Flanagan

Yearling (imprint of Random House Children's Books), 2012


Kings of Clonmel (Ranger's Apprentice)
John Flanagan

Yearling Books, 2011

Will, sometimes the past is the key to your future. The surrounding kingdoms have fallen prey to a religious cult who are spreading confusion and rebellion. The only Kingdom that is uncorrupted is Clonmel, and it is about to fall ...It is up to you, Halt and Horace to rid the land of this dangerous enemy and restore order once again. Could secrets from Halt's past hold the key to your success?



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