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Bach: The Two and Three Part Inventions (Glen Gould Anniversary Edition)
J.S. Bach

Sony, 2001


Bach: Inventions & Sinfonias, BWV 772-801
Johann Sebastian Bach


"An utterly distinctive voice in the forest of Bach interpretation" - New York Times On her new album, Bach Inventions & Sinfonias, renowned pianist Simone Dinnerstein reconnects with the foundation of her musical career and what she's best known for a solo album of J.S. Bach's keyboard works. The recording was made at the Academy of Arts and Letters in New York by Grammy-winning producer Adam Abeshouse. The Inventions and Sinfonias, commonly ...


Bach With Pluck 2: Inventions & Sinfonias

Essay, 1994


Bach: Inventions, BWV 772-786 & Sinfonias, BWV 787-801 (Essential Classics)
J.S. Bach

Sony, 2006


Inventions & Sinfonias
J.S. Bach

Naxos, 1994


Bach: Two and Three Part Inventions
Johann Sebastian Bach, Glenn Gould

Sony, 1993

Better known among pianists and the public as the Two and Three Part Inventions , these little gems were written by Bach as instruction in proper keyboard and compositional technique for his son, Wilhelm Friedemann. True, the music may be in only two or three parts, but what parts! And as any pianist will tell you, this is not easy music to play, since Bach demands absolute equality between the various music lines. It's the sort of thing Gould ...


Don Dorsey

Telarc, 1990


Inventions & Sinfonias
J.S. Bach

RCA, 2004

If Peter Serkin's four Goldberg Variations recordings reveal a lifelong affinity for Bach on the concert grand, one suspects his approach to the Inventions has similarly been well-tempered and seasoned over the years. Compared to Glenn Gould's rhythmic vigor and Andras Schiff's fleeter, more spontaneously conceived readings, Serkin's eloquent understatement may appear impersonal and even bland. Repeated hearings, however, uncover ...


J. S. Bach: Two Part Inventions & Three Part Inventions
Johann Sebastian Bach, Andras Schiff

Decca, 2001


Inventions & Sinfonias
J.S. Bach

Haenssler Classics, 2000


Legendary Performers: Wanda Landowska - Bach: Goldberg Variations / Partita No. 2 / Inventions
Johann Sebastian Bach, Wanda Landowska

RCA Victor Gold Seal / BMG Classics, 2004


Original Jacket Collection - Glenn Gould Plays Bach
Glenn Gould

Sony, 2009

This set includes a mini book and 12 CD's.


Images: Glenn Gould Plays Bach/Glenn Gould Plays Not Bach
Johann Sebastian Bach, Ludwig van Beethoven, ...

Sony Classical, 1996

Glenn Gould ~ Images: Glenn Gould Plays Bach/


Inventions & Sinfonias
J.S. Bach

Naxos, 2006


Two & Three Part Inventions & Sinfonias
Glenn Gould

Sony, 2004


Bach: Solo Keyboard Works
Johann Sebastian Bach, Andras Schiff

Decca, 2003


Bach: Inventions; Sinfonias; Little Preludes (Bach on Clavichord, Vol. 3)
Johann Sebastian Bach, Richard Troeger

Lyrichord Discs, 2000

Volume Three of the ground-breaking "Bach on Clavichord" series features more world premieres of the master's keyboard music performed to perfection by Richard Troeger. Lyrichord’s series Bach On Clavichord will issue all of the major solo keyboard works of J.S. Bach in performances on the clavichord by Richard Troeger. This is the first integral recording of Bach’s keyboard music ever to use the clavichord as its basis. Vols. 1 and 2 (LEMS ...


Fantasia / 2 & 3 Part Inventions
J.S. Bach

Hyperion UK, 2001



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