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Famous Classical Trumpet Concertos
Albinoni, Haydn, ...

Philips, 2001


Gottschalk Festival
Louis Moreau Gottschalk, Igor Buketoff, ...

Vox (Classical), 1992

Despite the value revisionists pretend to find in MacDowell and his contemporaries, the only really interesting 19th century American composer is the Creole Louis Moreau Gottschalk, who conquered Europe and South America with his colorful music and extravaganza piano performances. These recordings aren't new, and they don't include any of his solo piano music. But they do include some of Gottschalk's most characteristic music, in performances ...


Complete Symphonies
Beethoven, Weller, ...

Alliance, 1996

A good, not great Beethoven cycle that offers very few disappointments, but which also never rises to a notable level of excellence. Walter Weller has enjoyed a fairly distinguished career on disc--he did a fine set of Prokofiev symphonies on London/Decca--and there's nothing unmusical or routine about his Beethoven. But the orchestra isn't a great one, and there's so much competition in this repertoire that unless you're a fanatical ...


Varèse: The Complete Works
Edgard Varese, Riccardo Chailly, ...

London / Decca, 2001

For a composer who is (now) recognizably part of the 20th-century classical canon, the French émigré Edgard Varèse's output was astoundingly meager. Just 15 compositions from his entire life (he destroyed the compositions from his early years, and was a merciless editor of his own material in general) made it out to the listening world. Varèse was caught in the chasm between the music of yesterday and the music of tomorrow: scoring music ...


The Grainger Edition, Vol. 13: Works for Chamber Ensemble
Percy Grainger, Academy of St. Martin in the Fields

Alliance, 2006


Lejaren Hiller: A Total Matrix of Possibilities
Concord String Quartet, Jack McKenzie, ...

New World Records, 2008

Lejaren Hiller (1924 1994) was a musically eclectic composer, often combining several different types of techniques in the same piece. In the mid-sixties, he asserted that his, "objective in composing music by means of computer programming is not the immediate realization of an aesthetic unity, but the providing and evaluating of techniques whereby this goal can eventually be realized." In this sense Hiller was a forward-looking composer, in ...


Music for Piano 4 Hands 1
P. Grainger

Pearl, 1993


Hakan Hardenberger plays Haydn, Hertel, Hummel, Stamitz: Trumpet Concertos
Franz Joseph Haydn, Johann Nepomuk Hummel, ...

Philips, 1987

Hakan Hardenberger possesses a polished technique, a clear tone, and a smooth legato, and his playing is superb. A few examples of questionable musicianship (such as the undue stress he puts on the resolution of trills) point to the fact that he is a not-yet-fully-educated virtuoso. One might prefer a somewhat less bright, more mellow and burnished sound, but the technique and control the trumpeter exhibits are not to be faulted. He offers an ...


Gershwin: Rhapsody in Blue / Second Rhapsody For Orchestra with Piano / Klavier / Preludes Unpublished Piano ...
Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra

Alliance, 2006

Gershwin,G. ~ Rhaps Blue/2nd Rhaps/Preludes


Aquitania: Christmas Music from Aquitanian Monasteries (12th Century)

BMG, 2004


J. Cage

Wergo Germany, 2003


The Harmony of the World - a realization for the Ear of Johannes Kepler's Astronomical Data from Harmonices ...
Kepler, John Rodgers, ...

The Kepler Label, 2003

The main purpose of this record is to present Kepler's Harmony of the World for a period of several centuries. We decided that the length of time represented would have to be at least as long as the period of revolution of the slowest planet, Pluto. Pluto's period is approximately 248 years or, in our terms, 20 minutes and 42 seconds, and we chose a total length of 22 minutes, representing 264 years.


Clarinet Concertos by Arnold, Britten & Maconchy
Thea King, English Chamber Orchestra, ...

Hyperion UK, 2001


Arnold: Clarinet Concertos / Scherzetto / Britten: Concerto Movement / Maconchy: Concertinos - Thea King / ...
Malcom Arnold, Benjamin Britten, ...

Hyperion UK, 1996


Triple Concerto
L.V. Beethoven

Chandos, 2006


Panorama: Virtuoso Trumpet
Jeremiah Clarke, Tomaso Albinoni, ...

Deutsche Grammophon, 2001


Jungle Book
P. Grainger

Hyperion UK, 1996


The Grainger Edition Vol. 18: Works For Unaccompanied Chorus
Percy Grainger, Richard Hickox, ...

Alliance, 2002


Works for Solo Piano
P. Grainger

Alliance, 2006


Chants De Terre Et De Ciel
Messiaen, Leblanc, ...

ATMA Classique, 2008



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