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Musicke of Sundrie Kindes
Kirkby, Consort of Musicke, ...

Eloquence Australia, 2011

Renaissance secular music between 1480 and 1620 is large in quantity, high in quality, rich in colour, diverse in form and very different in content from a similar time-span of any later period with which we may be more familiar. This set of four compact discs provides a comprehensive survey of sixteenth-century secular music. Composers include not only the accepted masters of the Renaissance such as Josquin, Lasso, Marenzio, Obrecht, Isaac, ...


Ars Magis Subtiliter: Secular Music of the Chantilly Codex
Ensemble P.A.N. (Project Ars Nova)

New Albion Records, 2009



Bach: Secular Cantatas / Röschmann, Saint-Celais, McMillan; Les Violons du Roy
Johann Sebastian Bach, Les Violons du Roy, ...

Alliance, 2011

(c) 1994 by Dorian Recordings (Troy, NY). Produced by Brian C. Peters; Executive producer Brian M. Levine. Stereo.


Bach: Secular Cantatas, Vol. 4
Johann Sebastian Bach, Masaaki Suzuki, ...

BIS, 2014

The two works on this disc perfectly illustrate a particular type of secular cantata, the so-called dramma per musica. In such works the libretto is constructed dramatically, and the singers embody various roles, such as gods and other characters from antiquity, and allegorical figures. The parallel with opera is apparent, although the drammi per musica do without any scenic element. Bach primarily used the form in works intended for princely ...


Bach: Secular Cantatas, Vol. 2
J. S. Bach, Masaaki Suzuki

Bis, 2012


Illumine Our Hearts: Liturgical and Secular Jewish Choral Music
Salamone Rossi, Tzvi Avni, ...

MSR Classics, 2009


Minnesang Secular Songs
Various, __

Christophorus, 2013


The Mirror of Narcissus - Secular Songs by Guillaume de Machaut
G. De Machaut

Hyperion UK, 1993



Bach: Secular Cantatas BWV 205 & 214 /Thomas * van der Sluis * Jacobs * Pregardien * OAE * Leonhardt
Gustav Leonhardt

Universal Music & VI, 1992


Purcell: The Complete Secular Songs
Henry Purcell, Robert King, ...

Hyperion UK, 2004


Magdalena Kozena

Archiv Produktion, 2005



Sacred & Secular Music
Guillaume De Machaut

Brilliant Classics, 2011


Secular Music From Spain
Bartomeu Carceres, Juan del Encina, ...

Erato Disques, 1999



Steffani: Lagrime Dolorose - Secular Cantatas
Steffani, Fabio Ciofini

Brilliant Classics, 2013

- New recordings of music by the 17th century composer and priest Agostino Steffani. - The disc features a trio of talented young singers. - The disc's booklet contains liner notes, biographies and sung texts.


Un Camino De Santiago
La Fenice & Jean Tubery

Ricecar, 2011

La Fenice brings formal & popular repertoire of the 17th century back to life on a disc featuring sacred & secular songs combined with joyfully festive traveling music.


Secular Cantatas Bwv 208-209
J.S. Bach

Haenssler Classics, 1999


Georgian Journey: Secular & Spiritual Vocal Music
Georgian Traditional, Antchis Chati Chor

Raumklang, 2005


Secular Cantatas
Johann Sebastian Bach, Frieder Bernius, ...

Sony, 1991


Baroque Music From Spain
Juan Cabanilles, Sebastian Duron, ...

Angel Records, 1998



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