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Sacred & Secular Music
Guillaume De Machaut

Brilliant Classics, 2011


Feeding The Monkies At Ma Maison
Frank Zappa

Zappa Records, 2011

Melty, Melty. Delicious. Nutritious. Icy Hot. Zappa at the Synclavier. Melt your ears with your own mad digital experience. Track Listing: 1. Feeding The Monkies At Ma Maison 2. Buffalo Voice 3. Secular Humanism 4. Worms From Hell 5. Samba Funk


Musicke of Sundrie Kindes
Kirkby, Consort of Musicke, ...

Eloquence Australia, 2011

Renaissance secular music between 1480 and 1620 is large in quantity, high in quality, rich in colour, diverse in form and very different in content from a similar time-span of any later period with which we may be more familiar. This set of four compact discs provides a comprehensive survey of sixteenth-century secular music. Composers include not only the accepted masters of the Renaissance such as Josquin, Lasso, Marenzio, Obrecht, Isaac, ...


Dennoch Singt Die Nachtigall: Secular Choral Music
J. Rheinberger

Carus, 2002


Aaron Copland and Virgil Thompson Sacred & Secular Choral Music
Gloriae Dei Cantores

Paraclete Press, 1998


Rore: Missa Doulce Memoire
The Brabant Ensemble, Stephen Rice, ...

Hyperion, 2013

The Brabant Ensemble continues their investigation into unknown jewels of the Low Countries Renaissance, researched by their director Stephen Rice and recorded with equal amounts of passion and erudition by the young singers of the group. Cipriano de Rore was and is principally known as a madrigal composer. This recording presents some of the least well-known works in de Rore's output. It contains two Mass settings based on French chansons, ...


Purcell: The Complete Secular Songs
Henry Purcell, Robert King, ...

Hyperion UK, 2004


Bach: Secular Cantatas, Vol. 4
Johann Sebastian Bach, Masaaki Suzuki, ...

BIS, 2014

The two works on this disc perfectly illustrate a particular type of secular cantata, the so-called dramma per musica. In such works the libretto is constructed dramatically, and the singers embody various roles, such as gods and other characters from antiquity, and allegorical figures. The parallel with opera is apparent, although the drammi per musica do without any scenic element. Bach primarily used the form in works intended for princely ...


Sacred & Secular Works
Landgraf von Hessen, Manfred Cordes

cpo, 2014

Moritz von Hessen-Kassel, ""Maurice the Learned"", ruled Hessen-Kassel from 1592-1627. He had a broad interest in the arts and sciences and felt urged toward artistic expression. In his own compositions he initially imitated Franco-Flemish composers with whom he had become acquainted. The art-loving landgrave also developed his taste from works dedicated to him by Praetorius, Sch├╝tz and others. The WESER-RENAISSANCE ensemble led by Manfred ...


Brahms: Secular Choral Songs
Brahms, Marcus Creed

Harmonia Mundi, 2010


Sacred & Secular Music
Hassler, Currende, ...

Etcetera, 2011

Erik van Nevel pursued instrumental and vocal studies at the Lemmens Institute in Leuven, and at the Royal Conservatories of Brussels & Antwerp. He is both founder and conductor of Currende, an ensemble that appears regularly at the major European festivals. He works in a solo capacity with the Currende Consort, and also leads orchestral concerts with his own Baroque orchestra, Concerto Currende.


Brahms: Songs and Romances for Chorus (4 Songs, Op. 17; Toasting Song, Op. 93b; 6 Secular Songs, Op. 93a; 12 ...
Johannes Brahms, Musica Sacra, ...

RCA, 1984


Magdalena Kozena

Archiv Produktion, 2005



Ars Magis Subtiliter: Secular Music of the Chantilly Codex
Ensemble P.A.N. (Project Ars Nova)

New Albion Records, 2009



Sacred & Secular Music From 6 Centuries
Hilliard Ensemble

Hyperion UK, 2004


Secular Cantatas
J.S. Bach

Berlin Classics, 2008


The Mirror of Narcissus - Secular Songs by Guillaume de Machaut
G. De Machaut

Hyperion UK, 1993



Secular Music From Spain
Bartomeu Carceres, Juan del Encina, ...

Erato, 1999



Bach: Secular Cantatas
RIAS Kammerchor, Akademie fur Alte Musik Berlin, ...

Harmonia Mundi, 2014

The secular cantatas afford us a glimpse of what J.S. Bach could have done if he had been tempted to write an opera. They reveal a composer who was highly sensitive not only to the place where they were to be performed (in the Zimmermann cafe or gardens in Leipzig), but also to the texts he was given to set and to the audience that was to listen to them. As performed by the Akademie fur Alte Musik Berlin and Rene Jacobs, these fascinating works ...



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