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Stargate SG-1: Season 9
Ben Browder, Amanda Tapping

20th Century Fox, 2006

The Stargate is an intergalactic gateway, developed by an ancient civilization, that links other planets from other solar systems to ours. The U.S. Air Force assembles a Stargate team for interstellar peace-keeping missions. Boasting incredible special effects sequences, rapid-fire pacing and awesome scenes of alien warfare, STARGATE SG-1™ is your gateway to pulse-pounding, sci-fi action!




Stargate SG-1: The Complete Series Collection
Richard Dean Anderson, Michael Shanks

MGM, 2007

All 214 episodes, of all 10 seasons and all special features in a compact DVD case with commemorative booklet and metallic looking outercase!


Stargate SG-1 - Season 10
Ben Browder, Amanda Tapping

MGM Domestic Television Distribution, 2007

The final Season comes to DVD! In season 10, Vala, a former Goa'uld host turned freedom-fighter, joins SG-1 in their battle to defend the galaxy from the holy war of the Ori. Meanwhile, relations between the Jaffa and Earth continue to be strained. It all comes to a sizzling end on the finale.


Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars
Ben Browder, Claudia Black

Lions Gate, 2005

Claudia Black, Ben Browder, Gigi Edgley. The Peacekeepers and Scarrans battle over the mind of John Crichton, which contains the knowledge to make wormholes into weapons of mass destruction in this intensely popular sci-fi miniseries written by Rockne S. O'Bannon and David Kemper. 2 DVDs. 2004/color/3 hrs., 2 min/NR/widescreen.


Stargate: The Ark of Truth   


Stargate - The Ark of Truth
Ben Browder, Amanda Tapping

20th Century Fox, 2008

Blasting off where the Sci-Fi Channelâ??s longest running show, Stargate SG-1, left off, this thrilling feature thrusts the Stargate team â?" Daniel Jackson (Michael Shanks), Vala (Claudia Black), Tealâ??c (Christopher Judge), Sam (Amanda Tapping) and Cam (Ben Browder) â?" into their biggest challenge yet. In search of an Ancient artifact they hope can defeat the oppressive Ori, the team not only learns that the Ori are set to launch a ...


Unending [HD]   


Stargate: Continuum   


Stargate: Continuum
Ben Browder, Michael Shanks

MGM Entertainment, 2008

Baal travels back in time and prevents the Stargate program from ever being started. SG-1 team must somehow restore history and once again save the galaxy from oppressive domination.


Farscape: Season 4, 15th Anniversary Edition
Ben Browder, Claudia Black

New Video Group, 2014

A great deal of time passes between Seasons Three and Four which helps develop the show s extraordinary characters even more fully. More recent additions to the crew, including Noranti and Sikozu, as well as a shocking former enemy, play major roles in a series of thrilling, surreal, and nearly lethal adventures. As each season has raised the stakes for the crew, this season raises the stakes for the universe itself, with a series of ...


Stargate: The Ark of Truth/Stargate: Continuum [Blu-ray]
Ben Browder, Amanda Tapping

20th Century Fox, 2009

Ben Browder, Amanda Tapping. Taking its lead from the hit series Stargate SG-1, the Stargate team tries to save mankind from the impending Ori attack by finding the ancient artifact that can defeat them in The Ark of Truth (97 min.). In Continuum (99 min.), the SG-1 team races back to Earth only to discover that an alien has altered the timeline and Stargate hasn't even been invented yet! 2 Discs. 2008/color/NR.


Melrose Place: Season 2
Heather Locklear, Andrew Shue

Paramount, 2007

A nighttime soap opera about the lives, careers, trials and tribulations of a group of young people living in an apartment building in the trendy neighborhood of Melrose Place. The show was a spin off of Beverly Hills 90210 and starred Heather Locklear as the scheming Amanda Woodward, head of her own advertising agency and owner of the apartment building.


Farscape: The Complete Season 1
Ben Browder, Claudia Black

A&E Home Video, 2009

Flung through a cosmic wormhole, American astronaut John Crichton finds himself fighting for his life in the middle of an alien prison break, inside a Leviathan — a living space ship — on the far side of the galaxy. Hunted by the relentless Crais, a commander of the galactic enforcers known as Peacekeepers, Crichton joins forces with the alien convicts — hulking warrior Ka D’Argo; blue-skinned Priestess Zhaan; diminutive Dominar Rigel ...


Bad Kids Go To Hell [HD]   


Farscape: The Complete Season 3
Ben Browder, Claudia Black

A&E Home Video, 2009

The third season of Farscape explores the wonders, possibilities and dangers of the wormhole phenomenon more completely than ever before. Through more ominous, adult-themed tales, the series also peeks into the darker corners in the minds of Moya’s crew. Some critics have called Season 3 the year Farscape matured into a “grown up show.” Others see it as the year its creators’ brilliance was thrown into overdrive. DISC 1: Season of ...


Stargate SG-1 Season 3 Boxed Set
Richard Dean Anderson, Michael Shanks

MGM Domestic Television Distribution, 2003

To resolve the season 2 cliffhanger, General Hammond rounds up every conceivable ally to rescue the SG-1 team from Hathor's clutches and gets a much-needed field trip in the process. "Into the Fire " is actually a weak opening for the new year, but does boast some impressive visuals as Hammond and Brat'ac pilot a shuttle through an open Stargate (euphemistically called "threading the needle"). In subsequent episodes, Daniel Jackson is intrigued ...


Stargate SG-1 Season 7 Boxed Set
Richard Dean Anderson, Michael Shanks

MGM Domestic Television Distribution, 2004

A boxed set of Stargate SG-1 Season 7


Farscape: The Complete Series
Ben Browder, Claudia Black

A&E Entertainment, 2009

From Jim Henson Productions comes the Sci-Fi cult classic FARSCAPE. Follow John Crichton and the crew of Moya on a journey to places they never dreamed possible. Sizzling with brilliant characters, breathtaking effects, high-stakes action, and irreverent humor, Farscape is like no science fiction before. It is a story of good versus evil, obsession, friendship, and even love. The unpredictable twists and turns of this international TV hit will ...


Party of Five: Season 3
Matthew Fox, Scott Wolf

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, 2008

The five-disc DVD set includes all 25 episodes from the third season which features guest stars Carroll O’Connor (TV’s All in the Family , Return to Me ), Jeremy London ( Mallrats , Gods and Generals ), and Marla Sokoloff ( Dude, Where’s My Car? ). This season presents a whole new set of life-changing and soul-searching moments. Some of the emotional roller-coaster issues include the unpleasant consequences of Kristin losing her ...



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