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Jason Schwartzman, Olivia Williams

Touchstone Home Entertainment, 1999

RUSHMORE is the story of a gifted, rebellious teenager named Max Fischer (Jason Schwartzman), a 10th grader at elite Rushmore Academy. Editor of the school newspaper, captain or president of innumerable clubs and societies, Max is also one of the worst students in the school, and the threat of expulsion hangs permanently over his head. Max's world is rocked when he falls for elegant 1st grade teacher Miss Cross (Olivia Williams) and he plans to ...


Jackass Number 2 [HD]   


Luke Wilson, Maya Rudolph

20th Century Fox, 2007

From Mike Judge, one of the creative minds behind Beavis and Butt-Head, King of the Hill and Office Space, comes an outrageous sci-fi comedy that'll make you think twice about the future of mankind. Meet Joe Bowers (Luke Wilson). He's not the sharpest tool in the shed. But when a government hibernation experiment goes awry, Bowers awakens in the year 2505 to find a society so dumbed-down by mass commercialism and mindless TV programming that ...


Legally Blonde   


The Royal Tenenbaums   


Legally Blonde
Reese Witherspoon, Luke Wilson

20th Century Fox, 2001

She's a California sorority girl who'll do anything to keep her man. Even if it means going all theway'to law school! Reese Witherspoon (Election) stars with Luke Wilson (Charlie's Angels), Selma Blair (Cruel Intentions), Matthew Davis (Pearl Harbor) and Victor Garber (Titanic) in a knock-out comedy with a heart of goldand hair to match! Elle Woods (Witherspoon) is a California blonde with couture clothes, fabulous friends and the hottest ...


The Royal Tenenbaums (The Criterion Collection)
Owen Wilson, Ben Stiller

Criterion, 2002

Royal Tenenbaum (Gene Hackman) and his wife, Etheline (Anjelica Huston), had three children -- Chas, Margot, and Richie -- and then they separated. Chas (Ben Stiller) started buying real estate in his early teens and seemed to have an almost preternatural understanding of international finance. Margot (Gwyneth Paltrow) was a playwright and received a Braverman Grant of $50,000 in the ninth grade. Richie (Luke Wilson) was a junior champion tennis ...


Family Favorites: 10-Movie Collection
Henry Thomas, Fred Savage

Universal Studios, 2013

Cloak & Dagger:          Fantasy video gamer Davey (Henry Thomas) suddenly finds his imaginary Cloak & Dagger world has come to exciting and perilous life and he must team up with his game’s hero to defeat enemy spies.   The Wizard:      Two runaway brothers (Fred Savage & Luke Edwards) join forces with a resourceful girl (Jenny Lewis) on an adventure of a lifetime when they head to California for a video game competition. Cop ...


Bottle Rocket [HD]   


Legally Blonde 1 & 2 [Blu-ray]
Luke Wilson, Selma Blair

MGM (Video & DVD), 2014

When her boyfriend dumps her to go to Harvard Law School, Elle Woods leaves her sorority life in California, her couture clothes, and fabulous friends to follow him; Harvard lawyer, Elle, heads to Washington D.C. to stop animal testing within the cosmetics industry.


Tyler Perry's Madea Goes To Jail   


Luke Wilson, Logan Lerman

New Line Home Video, 2006

Hoot (DVD)


Hellboy II: The Golden Army   


Blades of Glory   


The Corporation   


The Family Stone (Widescreen Edition)
Dermot Mulroney, Sarah Jessica Parker

20th Century Fox, 2005

Sarah Jessica Parker, Diane Keaton, and Rachel McAdams lead an all-star cast in The Family Stone. Join the eccentric Stone family for a holiday gathering filled with unexpected surprises. Before the festivities are over, love affairs will unravel, new ones will form, outrageous secrets will be revealed and the family will come together like never before.


Old School (Unrated Version)   


Bottle Rocket
Luke Wilson, Owen Wilson

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, 1999

Newcomer Owen Wilson, in a star-making performance, co-wrote the screenplay about three best friends who attempt to escape their suburban boredom through a life of crime. But these bickering, bumbling thieves are no match for the local "godfather" (James Caan) who leads them into the biggest heist of their careers. Co-starring Luke Wilson and Bob Musgrave in their film debuts.


Skeleton Twins
Luke Wilson, Ty Burrell

Lionsgate, 2014

Saturday Night Live alumni Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader reunite as estranged twins Milo and Maggie who are brought back together after 10 years of being apart.



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