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A Secret History: The Making of America   


Washington D.C. [HD]   


History of the World in Two Hours
Not Applicable


Product Description This landmark television special cuts 13.7 billion years of history down to size. In just two hours, you will get the whole story of where you came from and how you got here. Find out why your original ancestor is an exploding star, how your handheld device hides a Stone Age secret, and why your fast-paced modern lifestyle grew from seeds planted more than 10,000 year ago. From the formation of the earth and the emergence of ...


10.0 Megaquake   


Rogue Book, Plane vs. Skyscraper, Bettie Page, Hollywood Sign [HD]   


America: The Story of Us
Liev Schreiber


A riveting adventure of how America was invented, AMERICA THE STORY OF US focuses on the people, ideas and events that built our nation, covering 400 years of American history in the most extensive and in-depth television series ever produced by HISTORY. From the rigors of linking the continent by wagon trails to the transcontinental railway, the engineering of steel-structured buildings through to landing on the moon, this epic 12-part series ...


When China Ruled the Waves   


The History of Orthodox Christianity   


The Natural History of the Chicken   


Rome: Order From Chaos / Years of Trial   


The Presidents
Edward Herrmann


Product Description THE PRESIDENTS is an unprecedented eight-part survey of the personal lives and legacies of the remarkable men who have presided over the Oval Office. This highly acclaimed collection now includes a special BIOGRAPHY of President Barack Obama. From 1789 to today, THE PRESIDENTS collection gathers together vivid snapshots of all Commanders in Chief who have guided America throughout its history - their powerful personalities, ...


New York City   


Discovering the Bible   


Mankind: The Story of All of Us


Product Description From the producers of America : The Story of Us comes the epic tale of the rise of civilization. Mankind: The Story of All of Us , a 12-hour series, spans the first flourishing of life in Mesopotamia through the discovery of America, capturing the danger, action, struggle, heroism, and adrenaline using groundbreaking techniques.


Get Action [HD]   


Untold History of the United States

Warner Home Video, 2014

Untold History of the United States (DVD)


Episode 1 - Hitler   


The Haunted History of Halloween   


The Men Who Built America

Lionsgate, 2013

Vanderbilt, Rockefeller, Carnegie, Morgan, Ford .THE MEN WHO BUILT AMERICA. Meet the titans who forged the foundation of modern America and created the American Dream. The Men Who Built America mini-series shines a spotlight on the influential builders, dreamers and believers whose feats transformed the United States, a nation decaying from the inside after the Civil War, into the greatest economic and technological superpower the world had ever ...


HISTORY Classics: History's Mysteries

A&E Entertainment, 2011

Product Description Pick up where the textbooks leave off with HISTORY'S MYSTERIES and explore the stories, events, legends, and myths that have aroused curiosity, inspired wonder, and incited debate throughout the ages. From ancient history to modern subjects, this ground-breaking series investigates everything from conspiracy theories to unexplained incidents and folk legends to infamous police cases. In 1947, a strange object fell from the ...



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