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Foley Is Good: And the Real World Is Faker Than Wrestling

Mick Foley

ReganBooks, 2001 - 481 pages
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Chapter OneHe's Back.And you won't believe what he has to say this time.

Some people might think that World Wrestling Federation Superstar Mick Foley said his piece in his 532-page, number one New York Times bestselling literary opus Have a Nice Day! Well, some people would be wrong. Very wrong. Because Mick Foley is back with a vengeance.

Foley Is Good picks up right where the last book left off, as once again readers are given a bird's-eye view of the behind-the-scenes action in the World Wrestling Federation. With the same total honesty and riotous humor displayed in his last book, Mick shines a spotlight into some of the hidden corners of the World Wrestling Federation. From the ongoing controversy surrounding "backyard wrestling" to the real story behind his now-infamous I Quit" match with The Rock, Foley covers all the bases in this hysterically funny roller-coaster ride of a memoir.

Some know him as Cactus Jack, others as Dude Love. We loved him as Mankind, and he was the best Commissioner the World Wrestling Federation ever had. But if you want to know the real Mick Foley, if you want to get inside the head of one of sportsentertainment's biggest Superstars, then there's no substitute for Foley Is Good. Readers and fans everywhere need their recommended daily allowance of pure, unadulterated Mick. And it's all right here for the taking.

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