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Leadership and Golf (creating Organizational Alignment) SWING to BALANCE

Thomas K Wentz, William S Wentz

Corporate Performance Systems, 2002 - 181 pages
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Leadership & Golf is about the strategic ability to transform the way your business operates and competes in the new business environment. The leadership challenge is to create the muscle memory of a game many people have never played before and do it fast.

Leadership & Golf is a story about 16 executives of a company who need to change, have tried to change, and remain handicapped by the muscle memory of their old game. In the story, they participate in a unique business Simulation on the golf course that helps them understand how to translate the simulated experience into a new way of doing business.

Leadership & Golf is about the enormous economic impact of relaesing human potential in the work environment. In a startling was, the golf course experience reveals the unique link between organizational culture and financial results. Organizational alignment becomes a powerful competitive advantage.

Whether you like golf or despise the game, you will relate to the participants as they challenge the thinking of the old game. The victory of "trust your swing" is an emotional experience that everyone will enjoy.

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