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Bird-X DG Deer Gard Ultrasonic Deer Repeller


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The Bird-X Deer Gard is a simple and cost-effective way to prevent foraging deer away from your property. This motion-activated repellent emits ultrasonic sound waves that are silent to humans to deter pests. Simply install this low-maintenance device anywhere you're having pest problems. The best part is, there are no chemicals or dangerous traps that could hard kids or pets. ABOUT BIRD-X Established in 1964, Bird-X has become the leading brand of humane pest and bird control solutions worldwide. With a drive for innovative product development, Bird-X aims to produce high-quality repellent that aligns with sustainable, eco-friendly and humane practices. Bird-X devices are proven to help wildlife and pest populations by migrating them to where they can be controlled and are free from harm. Electronic ultrasound repellent device. Covers up to 4000 sq. ft.. Built-in infrared motion detector. Continuous or motion-sensor operation modes. Includes AC power cord with 30 ft..

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