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Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind

Alison Lohman, Patrick Stewart

Walt Disney Home Entertainment, 2005
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From one of the most celebrated filmmakers in the history of animation and the creator of the Academy Award(R)-winning SPIRITED AWAY (Best Animated Feature Film, 2002) comes Hayao Miyazaki's epic masterpiece NAUSICA- OF THE VALLEY OF THE WIND. A thousand years after a global war, a seaside kingdom known as the Valley Of The Wind remains one of only a few areas still populated. Led by the courageous Princess Nausica-, the people of the Valley are engaged in a constant struggle with powerful insects called ohmu, who guard a poisonous jungle that is spreading across the Earth. Nausica- and her brave companions, together with the people of the Valley, strive to restore the bond between humanity and the Earth. NAUSICA- OF THE VALLEY OF THE WIND is written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki. And this spectacuar 2-disc set features exotic settings, impactful music, and a timeless story about courage and compassion in the face of danger.~~(c)1984 Nibariki - GH

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