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Billy Blanks' Tae-Bo Live! Advanced Volume 5

Billy Blanks

www.taebo.com, 2000
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Join 7-time World Martial Arts Champion Billy Blanks in this brand new Tae-Bo workout recorded Live! in Los Angeles. Explode into your workout with an energized group of Tae-Bo Heroes who have taken control of their lives to reach their fitness goals - just like you can.

Discover for yourself why Tae-Bo has ignited a worldwide fitness revolution as Billy Blanks blasts you with his electrifying energy, pushing you through this awesome series of workouts!

You'll sweat like never before to hot new moves and the pulsating heat of a hip soundtrack as Billy guides and motivates you through the ultimate total body workout. Tae-Bo Live! is so complete... even your toes will be fit!

So, come and join millions of couples, families, women and men from age 5 to 95. Be part of the Tae-Bo fitness revolution with Tae-Bo Live! ...the future of fitness.

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