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Barbie Fairytopia

Kelly Sheridan, Lee Tockar

Family Home Ent, 2005
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Barbie stars as Elina in her first-ever Fairytopia movie. Come join Elina and discover a magical new land filled with fairies, flowers, and enchanting experiences! Just through the rainbow, in the world of Fairytopia, lives Elina, a beautiful flower fairy who longs to have wings! Her home is a large flower in the Magic Meadow where she lives with Bibble, a quirky but loveable puffball. One day Elina wakes to find that her flower home is sick, and that her fairy friends can’t fly! She summons the courage to help and embarks on a fantastic journey to find Azura, a fairy guardian she thinks can solve the problem. What Elina doesn’t know is that the evil Laverna has caused the flying sickness as part of her plan to take power from the Enchantress, ruler of Fairytopia! Elina’s journey, on the back of a giant and beautiful butterfly named Hue, takes her to strange and beautiful places. She meets new people who test her courage and teach her the value of true friendship. But can a young, wingless fairy save all of Fairytopia?

A message from the Barbie Fairytopia DVD distributor:

While the Barbie Fairytopia DVD is fully functional on virtually all of the 600 plus DVD player models in the marketplace, to date we have identified that there are five DVD players on which the DVD is sometimes prompting a request for a parental code–-rather than allowing the DVD to play. The five players identified to date are: RJTech 1200b, Daewoo model# 5900, Cinevision model# DVR 2000, AMW model# S99, GO Video VHS/DVD model# 1030. We deeply regret the inconvenience that this may cause owners of one these players. We have identified that the issue on these players is tied to one of the fun special features that was included on the DVD designed to further enhance the wonderful enjoyment that kids will have with the Barbie Fairytopia DVD. The interactive game has an element of programming complexity that is confusing these DVD players. We are attempting to resolve the issue for these players, but in the meantime:

If you own one of these players- you may be asked to enter a Parental Code Pass Code. If you are given this prompt–- and have never set up a Parental Code Pass Code--you may be able to resolve the issue by following the instructions below:

1. Refer to your DVD user manual to obtain default Parental Code pass code.

2. Enter pass code and hit select or enter.

3. If you see a black screen for longer than a few seconds, hit the menu button.

4. If the problem is still not solved, eject disc, unplug player, and try again.

If you do not own or play the DVD on one of the DVD players that we have identified, your DVD should play regularly. Once again--we regret any inconvenience to owners of one of the 5 players noted above. If you have any questions or comments--or have identified another player with this parental-code notification, please do not hesitate to contact us at customerservice@lgf.com.

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