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Yoga for the Rest of Us - Back Care Basics

Peggy Cappy

PBS, 2007
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Ease your back and improve your posture! Just as Peggy Cappy has modified yoga poses in her earlier videos Yoga for the Rest of Us and More Yoga for the Rest of Us to make yoga accessible to every body, Peggy now turns her attention to stretches and exercises that are most beneficial to back care. Strong, healthy back muscles provide support for your spine and result in more energy and vitality in everything you do. Peggy shows you the right exercises and yoga poses to protect your back and improve your posture. These simple but powerful exercises stretch and strengthen back muscles and can alleviate back pain caused by muscular tension. And, with regular practice, they can keep back pain from returning. Peggy has designed this program in six easy-to-use segments, including leg and back stretches performed while positioned on your back, on your side, or on your belly. By using the exercises that work best for you, in no time at all, you will experience the difference that Back Care Basics can make.Bonus Segment! Let Peggy show you two restorative poses where, with the aid of a chair, pillows, or the wall, you simply relax and let gravity work for you, bringing comfort to your body and peace to your mind.

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