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Perplexus Original Maze Game by PlaSmart, Inc.

PlaSmart, Inc.

PlaSmart, Inc., 2009
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Flip, twist, and spin your way through the Perplexus Maze Game from PlaSmart. This Perplexus Original is a bendy, trendy, can't-put-it-down challenge! With plenty of twists, turns, and barriers between start and finish, it will leave you perplexed. Once you try it, you won't be able to put it down!

"Easy to Play, Hard to Master" The Perplexus Original Maze Game is a clear sphere filled with multicolored pathways covering different areas of the sphere's interior. A small metal ball rolls around on the inside, and it's your job to guide that ball through the maze to its end. Once the ball is balanced in its starting position, it's easy to start rolling it around the tracks. By the time you've learned the different passageways, you'll realize that even though it's easy to play, all the different ways of moving around are hard to master!

"Flip, Twist, and Spin Your Way through the Maze" Moving through the different pathways is a wacky exercise in spatial reasoning and stimulates your cognitive reasoning. As you move the ball along one track, you find that it's never long before you reach a different colored track that requires you to flip, twist, and spin the sphere 90 degrees one way or another to keep the ball rolling. Twist around corners, flip from the yellow to the orange ramp, spin around the various curves--if you fall off the track, just get back on and try again!

"Race Yourself, Your Friends, and the Clock" If you work hard enough and make it to the end of the maze, congratulate yourself, and then turn it into a racetrack! Keep track of your personal best times and race against the clock.

"3 Races and 100 Challenging Barriers to Master" The Perplexus Maze Game includes a super spiral, a tightrope, and a swing arm to form 3 different puzzles and 100 challenging barriers to discover and overcome.

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Perplexus Original Maze Game by PlaSmart, Inc.
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