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Woman's Day (1-year auto-renewal)

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Woman's Day Magazine covers many topics of interest to women, making it one of the leading magazines in the country. Each issue features a variety of articles relating to home improvement, cooking, fashion, and family. Designed for women on a budget, many of the issues come with tips on saving money on clothing, food, and travel.

Woman's Day Magazine places an emphasis on cooking, and most issues feature a full-color image of a dish on the cover with detailed instructions inside for creating that dish. Most of the recipes involve ordinary items found in most markets, and you can check the preparation and cooking time, equipment listing, and the ratio of ingredients before you head into the kitchen. Each issue focuses on recipes that use in-season fruits and vegetables, and the magazine caters those recipes to special events or holidays taking place that month.

In addition to cooking, you will also find tips designed to help you stay healthy. The magazine has experts on staff who answer questions submitted by readers, such as suggestions about when you need to visit a doctor, what you can do at home to treat a specific medical condition, and the newest medications and treatments for illnesses. Woman's Day Magazine even includes tips on home decorating with many issues highlighting a specific home and the decorations the owner used with information on where you can purchase those pieces for your home.

Subscribing to Woman's Day Magazine gives you the chance to improve yourself by offering tips on cooking, fashion, and home decorating.

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