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Acti News Bulletin

Asian Cross Cultural Trng Inst

The ACTI News Bulletin features updates on current missionary work as well as provide information for pre-field cross-cultural missionary candidates, tentmakers and bi-vocational workers intending to serve in a cross-cultural environment in an Asian country.


Asian Diver

Asian Geographic Magazines P/L

Asian Diver was launched in June 1992 and quickly grew into an internationally respected, widely available and fast-growing dive magazine. Editorially, ASIAN DIVER magazine is supported by a network of contributors spread across more than 20 countries, all considered experts in their respective fiel



Cricket Media

Appleseeds is an award-winning magazine filled with non-fiction reading and social studies topics for kids ages 7 to 9 (grades 2 - 4). Appleseeds provides kids with thematic issues that cover everything from daily life in ancient Mexico to American Heroes to Islam.


Asia Horizon = Horizon Asie

Canadian Asian Studies Assn

Association promoting the study of Chinese culture and society, supporting international scholarly exchange, and creating a better understanding between the Chinese and other peoples. Membership includes their newsletter Asia Horizon.


Diverse Issues in Higher Education (1-year auto-renewal)

Cox, Matthews & Associates, Inc.


Journal of South Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

Villanova University

In-depth analysis of political, economic and social developments in the modern Islamic and non-Islamic societies in South Asia, the Middle East and North Africa.


Asian Academy of Management Journal

Universiti Sains Malaysia

The Asian Academy of Management Journal is designed to enrich management frontiers in Asian economics.


Asiana Wedding Magazine

I&I Media Ltd

Asiana Wedding is the leading Asian wedding magazine for the asian wedding market.


Asia Journal of Theology

Btessc / Po Box 4635/ 3rd Fl

A popularization of contextual theological literature.


Bulletin of the European Association for Japanese Studies

Eajs %Fu East Asian Studies

The European Association for Japanese Studies publishes a bulletin with information on the organization itself, on forthcoming events in the field of Japanese Studies throughout Europe and summaries of conferences and other meetings.


Asian and African Journal of Economics and Econometrics

Serials Publications


Asian Textile Business

Daisen Ltd

Reports on the major topics of the industry, future direction of the apparel and textile industry, and in-depth commentaries.


Asian Journal of Pentecostal Studies

Asian Jrnl of Pentecostal Stud

Provides a forum for Pentecostals and Charismatics in Asia for discussion, interaction, and stimulation of faith and ideas.


Asian Defence and Diplomacy

Global Business Press Ptd Ltd

AD&D covers defence, security, military and foreign affairs and strategic and geo-political issues in the Asia Pacific. It has won recognition for its in-depth and extensive coverage of the issues, international events and profiles of defence companies and their products.



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