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Asia Journal of Theology

Btessc / Po Box 4635/ 3rd Fl

A popularization of contextual theological literature.


World Sculpture News

Asian Art News

Dynamic magazine keeping you up-to-date with the worldwide art scene. Includes articles and pictures from galleries in Austria, Australia, Canada, France, Hong Kong, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, the U.K., the U.S., and more.


Asiana Wedding Magazine

I&I Media Ltd

Asiana Wedding is the leading Asian wedding magazine for the asian wedding market.


Diverse Issues in Higher Education (1-year auto-renewal)

Cox, Matthews & Associates, Inc.


Asian Art News

Asian Art News

Focuses on issues surrounding contemporary art in Asia.


Arts of Asia

Arts of Asia Publications Ltd

Intended for educated people and connoisseurs who are interested in works of art and antiques.



Cricket Media

Appleseeds is an award-winning magazine filled with non-fiction reading and social studies topics for kids ages 7 to 9 (grades 2 - 4). Appleseeds provides kids with thematic issues that cover everything from daily life in ancient Mexico to American Heroes to Islam.


Scuba Diver Australasia

Asian Geographic Magazines P/L

An international dive journal featuring the best Asian and Australian destinations, breathtaking photography, experts, new products and gear, and more!


Asian Diver

Asian Geographic Magazines P/L

Asian Diver was launched in June 1992 and quickly grew into an internationally respected, widely available and fast-growing dive magazine. Editorially, ASIAN DIVER magazine is supported by a network of contributors spread across more than 20 countries, all considered experts in their respective fiel


Journal of South Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

Villanova University

In-depth analysis of political, economic and social developments in the modern Islamic and non-Islamic societies in South Asia, the Middle East and North Africa.


Asian Banking & Finance

Charlton Media Group Pte Ltd

The new leader in reporting the moves and news at Asia's leading financial institutions. It offers fresh perspectives and ideas to the executives who run these companies as it guides them through the challenges and complexities of their businesses. Covers technology and insider news.


Asian Military Review

Media Transasia Ltd

Delivers information to Asian military and government professionals in Asia and the Pacific. Provides readers with a unique blend of articles and insights directed at meeting their defense information needs.


Asian Water

Shp Media Sdn Bhd

The magazine brings incisive reports and articles on the latest development in the water and wastewater industry of Asia. Asian Water provides readers with information needed to stay up to date with events and opportunities in the water and wastewater happenings in the fast developing Asian region.



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