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History Magazine

Moorshead Magazines Ltd

Written from a North American perspective, this magazine provides broad overviews and detailed examinations of the past. Features informative and insightful articles and stories on exploration, innovation, war, government, the arts, etc. Also, includes colorful maps and illustrations.


1867 Harper's Weekly March 2-Thomas Nast; Winona MN; Alabama illegal still; Fire

Harper's WeeklyMarch 2, 1867Complete magazineLarge format 12X16" . Inside News: the Louisiana Bill; Reform of the Civil Service; Fires and insurance risks; ; Prints with articles: Washington Statue in Union Square NY; Washington's headquarters at New burg NY; Martha Washington; Regent's Park London Ice skating disaster; Winter; Prometheus Bound by Nast has a mended tear; Appleton building fire in NYC; Minnesota state normal school at Winona; ...


Civil War News

Historical Publications

Civil War News is a national current events newspaper offering extensive coverage of preservation issues, news, features, book reviews, events as well as columns on medicine, firearms, images and round tables. Annual special sections include Gettysburg and Civil War books.


1939 Click August - Salvador Dali; Jean Parker; Gambling off California's shores

ClickAugust 1939Inside: Exploited girl athletes; Bathtub exercises; How can schools solve the sex problem? Olsen and Johnson show how to dodge the news camera; Murder for sale - arsenic killers; Human dinners for mosquitoes; Jean Parker color centerfold; lots of cartoons; Hollywood heartbreaks; Why Americans pay $3000 for Dali's nightmares - 9 photos with 5 of him and 3 page article; Gold Strike in Kearney CA; Gambling on Pacific waters the ...


1906 Scientific American March 10 Teddy approves Panama [Kitchen]

Scientific AmericanMarch 10, 1906This large issue (12X16") is in good condition. Some of the articles inside are: The cover is the Panama Canal and the American steam shovels that will be excavating. So far $60 Million has been spent and no dirt turned. Lesons from the past. Gatun Dam the key to the canal problem. Mikkelsen's Arctic Expedition. Samuel P. Langley dies. The new British Battleship "Dreadnaught." Burning slack coal in a soft coal ...



Historical Publications

The Artilleryman is a quarterly magazine for people who collect and shoot cannons and mortars primarily from the 1750-1900 time period. Content includes cannon safety, artillery history, places to visit, book reviews, shoot reports, how-to articles, and artillery news U.S.and abroad.


1905 Scientific American Supp July 8-South Linden MI; Mammoth Cave;Parsons turb

Scientific American SupplementJuly 8, 1905This large issue (12X16") is in excellent condition. The Supplement was similar to the regular Scientific American with more photos included in the larger articles. Lots of drawings and artwork. Some of the articles inside are: The cover shows the Parsons steam turbine on German ships; Stereoscopic projections; Army sanitation in Manchuria; RADIOGRAPHY IN THE ARMIES OF THE FIELD; South Lake Linden MI ...


1927 Good Housekeeping November-Austria;Swinnerton Baby [Kitchen]

Good HousekeepingNovember 1927Looking for a birthday gift for someone this age? These are large, easy to read with large print and lots of color ads. Check our listings for Woman's Home Companion, Ladies Home Journal and McCalls for this year also.This issue is in very good condition ex-library. A large Magazine over 300 pages with lots of color ads, fashions and articles. Inside: Garden Oats by Faith Baldwin; The cost of College; The contagion ...


1939 Esquire April - Polo- Strange fish stories; Penn U [Kitchen]

EsquireApril 1939From Esquire's own Library filesInside: Petty Old Gold Ad; Swing Dance is from the heart; Gossip from the desert; Aviation as a business; Strange fish stories; The new 1939 cars do a catwalk by Sakhnoffsky; Lots of fiction; The University of Pennsylvania; Flying as a hobby; Nomads of the Hardwood floor; The cult of the woodchuck; Polo the gentleman's game. This issue is missing a page. . Esquire began in the Autumn of 1933 and ...


1915 Ladies Home Journal March-Pavlowa Dance;Lettie Lane Paperdoll;Birdhouses

Ladie's Home JournalMarch 1915These are the big issues 11X16" and are out of a library. Sometimes there will be repair along the edge or a sticker at the bottom. Binder holes in the left margin or tape repairs inside sometimes also. They're extremely hard to find. . Inside: the voice at the end of the telephone wire; 2 pages showing the dance New Pavlowa Gavotte and showing Anna Pavlowa; the Pavlowa Gavotte Music; where the college fails the ...


Between the Lakes : Newsletter of the Interlaken Society

Interlaken Historical Society

Local historical news and programs.


Alaska History

Alaska Historical Society

Scholarly articles on Alaskan history, photographer essays, book reviews, and book announcements.


Historical Dictionary Australia

Scarecrow Press Inc

Introduction to Australia and its history, tracing the history of the continent from the first human settlement about 80,000 years ago to the late 1990s, in 371 cross-referenced entries.


1946 New Yorker December 21 -J.D. Salinger - Slight Rebellion off Madison

New YorkerDecember 21, 1946Magazine with Christmas cover by EickeExtremely rare issue with a story by J.D. Salinger"Slight Rebellion off Madison."Extremely Nice condition. Bright vibrant colors inside and out. The New Yorker is...well it's the New Yorker. Good authors, great car ads as well as perfume, china and crystal. Great artwork. Cartoons. Usually Charles Addams has something in here as well as Helen Hockinson, Alajalov, Rea Irvin, Peter ...


Alabama Review

Alabama Historical Association

Covers the civil, economic, political, natural, literary, and ecclesiastical history of the state of Alabama and its people. Contains reviews of books about Alabama and the South, and reports on the activities of the Alabama Historical Association.



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