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West Virginia Game & Fish

Intermedia Outdoors

Your ticket to West Virginia's hunting and fishing hotspots.


Phoenix Home & Garden

Cities West Publishing

Phoenix Home & Garden magazine is renowned as the premier guide to affluent Southwest living. From grand ideas for the home to magical makeovers for the garden, this publication provides inspiration for transforming your home into a relaxing retreat.


India West

India West Publications

Contains news from India, and news and features covering the Indian community settled in the U.S. Includes India politics, Indo-US relations, features on Indians successful in business, science and academia in the U.S., book and film reviews, sports, and trades.


Cottage Life West

Cottage Life Media Inc


Southwest Art (1-year) [Print + Kindle]

F&W Publications

This magazine is a must for the art collector--both beginning and experienced. The work of the West's most accomplished artists comes to your home every month in the pages of Southwest Art. Each issue highlights up-and coming artists and emerging art trends.


Phoenix Magazine

Cities West Publishing

Phoenix magazine provides need-to-know information about the restaurants, shops, issues, local personalities, events, and history that make the Phoenix metropolitan area a unique place to live or visit.


DG: World at War Magazine #30, with Hinge of Fate: Poland & France 1939 Board Game

DG Decison Games

DG Decison Games

Mag & game. Includes errata/variant counters for South Seas Campaign (40), Afrika Korps (29), Sedan 1940 (17), Partizans (30) & Patton's First Victory (8). Game is a simpler, 2-4 player contest based on the situation in Sept. 1939 as Germany invades Poland. One version covers just that historical conflict on one map. But the bigger game includes the western, Rhineland front and the possibilility that France would have lived up to its word ...


Art of the West

Art of the West

Native American art, mountain men art, and "cowboy" art, from the old wild West days to the working cowboy of today.


Spin to Win Rodeo (1-year)ΓΏ

Active Interest Media

Spin To Win Rodeo is the most all-encompassing team roping magazine available anywhere. Readers are given in-depth horsemanship and roping tutorials from the industry's top professionals, Seven-Time World Champions Jake Barnes and Clay O'Brien Cooper in e


SPI: Strategy & Tactics Magazine # 79, with Berlin '85, Enemy at the Gates, Board Game

SPI Simulations Publications, Inc.

SPI Simulations Publications, Inc.

Magazine & game. Tense game of a Warsaw Pact assault on West Berlin's NATO garrison, c.1985. NATO forces are ultimately doomed, but seek to delay & cause casualties to the Warsaw Pact forces while holding out this key transportation junction as long as possible early in World War III. A good game. J.Dunnigan'78


Marvel Comics The Heroes Return #1 1998



DG: Strategy & Tactics Magazine #180, with Reinforce the Right, Western Front 1914, Board Game

DG Decison Games

DG Decison Games

Mag with game. Corp lvl gm of the initial campaign in the West, 1914, from Swiss border to the N. Sea. Relatively simple, w/ player chosen options that influence victory points. 2 scenarios: one covers thru the Marne, the other thru Nov. J.Miranda '96


Marvel Comics Avengers West Coast Vol. 1 #48 1989   



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