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Casting Crowns
Casting Crowns

Reunion, 2003


Until The Whole World Hears
Casting Crowns

Reunion, 2009

2009 album from the Contemporary Christian band led by singer songwriter Mark Hall. Until The Whole World Hears is an offering of encouragement, challenge hope and truth to a world in need. In a six year time span, Casting Crowns have sold nearly 4.5 million albums, received numerous awards and achieved chart topping radio success.


Casting Crowns

Provident, 2013

2014 album from the popular Christian band. Thrive is packed with the band's signature style of songs about real life that redefine our identity in Christ, pointing us to our purpose from Him so that we may carry it out through Him. So many of us today are simply surviving. But we were not made to survive, we were made to Thrive. Like a tree planted by the water (Jeremiah 17:7-8) we should be digging into God's word to know Him and know who He ...


Until the Whole World Hears Live (CD/DVD)
Casting Crowns

Reunion, 2010

Deluxe CD/DVD edition of the Christian band's 2010 live release. In an unprecedented six-year span with nearly 4.5 million career album sales, a GRAMMY Award, an American Music Award, 23 Dove Awards and 8 chart-topping radio singles, Casting Crowns remains focused on discipleship through music. With lead singer and songwriter Mark Hall's 18 years in youth ministry, the band's message remains rooted in the student services he has led on a weekly ...


Peace on Earth
Casting Crowns

Reunion, 2008

2008 release of Peace On Earth by Casting Crowns. Following the highly successful The Altar and The Door album and tour, Grammy Award-winning group Casting Crowns release its first Christmas record. Known for its life-changing ministry of renewal and discipleship, Casting Crowns continues that mission with an album of songs dedicated to the meaning behind this holy season.Casting Crowns has received an American Music Award and 20 GMA Dove ...


Acoustic Sessions 1
Casting Crowns

Reunion, 2013

2013 release from the Contemporary Christian outfit. Experience some of your favorite Casting Crowns songs in a fresh way on The Acoustic Sessions: Volume 1. Inspired in part by the acoustic medley portion of the Come To The Well Tour, this collection of eight re-imagined songs and two new songs to the Casting Crowns catalog is perfect for old and new fans alike.


The Altar and the Door
Casting Crowns

Reunion, 2007

After two Platinum-selling albums (Casting Crowns & Lifesong), one Platinum and one Gold live project (Live from Atlanta & Lifesong Live), numerous awards, and one of the most successful headlining tours in our industry, one might expect a different Casting Crowns. Those who meet this exceptional group, however, quickly realize they are still the same down-to-earth people with ministry at the heart of what they do both on the road, and in their ...


Casting Crowns

Beach Street / Reuinon Records, 2005

Beach Street Records is proud to release Lifesong, the much anticipated sophomore project from Dove Award-winning, Atlanta-based group, Casting Crowns. This follows the group's hugely successful self-titled debut that has already sold over one million copies, and has scored the band three consecutive number one radio hits, each holding the top spot for multiple weeks. This new album explores what an authentic life of worship looks like, desiring ...


Come To The Well
Casting Crowns


Come To The Well is an appeal to Christians to let the "living water" of Christ well up in us, overflowing into the relationships we have around us (spouse, parent, child, neighbor, stranger), both inside the church and beyond. Inspired by the story of Jesus talking to the woman at the well, the title track illuminates the album's main theme. "She thought she was standing by a well talking to a man, but really she was standing by a hole in the ...


Who Am I? [Accompaniment/Performance Track]
Made Popular By: Casting Crowns

Daywind, 2005

With & Without Background Vocals Key: High - Eb Medium - B Low - G


The Well [Accompaniment/Performance Track]
Casting Crowns

Daywind, 2012

CD includes a demo track (complete song, with lead vocal) and performance tracks (without lead vocal). Vocal ranges: H-M-L. Keys: C - Ab - E. Studio Track: This is a studio produced track recorded 'in the style of' the artist listed. While the instrumental music will be similar, it is not the original recording, and the voice you will hear on the demo is not the original artist. All keys both with and without background vocals.


Live From Atlanta
Casting Crowns

Reunion, 2004

Recorded in 2003, this DVD lets you experience the excitement as this Christian band's home church celebrates the launch of the group's debut album and the extention of the band's ministry worldwide. The 2 disc set includes a 6-song DVD with behind-the-s


Casting Crowns Gift Edition (W/Dvd)
Casting Crowns

Reunion, 2007

This gift edition includes the band's original debut album as well as a DVD containing the original behind-the-scenes story of how they got their start, live performance footage, music video, and more.


Lifesong Live
Casting Crowns

Reunion, 2006

This set is an insightful look into the band's music and members. Included are 6 songs on DVD as well as 7 live songs on CD from the 84-market Lifesong Tour. Also included is a video plus behind-the-scenes making-of footage. Additionally are 12 bonus feat


Altar & The Door Live
Casting Crowns

Reunion, 2008

Altar & The Door Live includes DVD. Experience Grammy Award-winning artist Casting Crowns on the most popular Christian tour of 2007/2008, reaching nearly 400,000 people in 84 locations. This two disc set features seven live songs both on CD and DVD from Casting Crowns' best-selling The Altar and the Door album, including the US hits East to West and Every Man. Bonus content includes a behind-the scenes documentary, the new Slow Fade music ...


Voice Of Truth [Accompaniment/Performance Track]
Made Popular By: Casting Crowns

Daywind, 2008

With & Without Background Vocals Key: High - F Medium - Db Low - A


Casting Crowns Bluegrass Tribute
Casting Crowns Tribute

Cc Ent / Copycats, 2008


Glorious Day (Living He Loved Me) [Accompaniment/Performance Track]
Casting Crowns

Daywind Records, 2010

Glorious Day (Living He Loved Me) Track] by Casting Crowns


Praise You With The Dance [Accompaniment/Performance Track]
Made Popular By: Casting Crowns

Daywind, 2008

With & Without Background Vocals Key: High - Ab Medium - E Low - C


The Invitation
Rick Warren, Amy Grant, ...

Maranatha Music, 2006

Track Listing: 1. What On Earth Am I Here For? - Rick Warren; 2. Innocence Lost - Amy Grant; 3. Our Creator Loves Us - Rick Warren; 4. Worth Everything - Pocket Full of Rocks; 5. We Are Separated By Sin - Rick Warren; 6. Set Me Free - Casting Crowns; 7. Accept- Believe and Receive - Rick Warren; 8. Peace of God - Chris Falson; 9. Life Has Meaning - Rick Warren; 10. Invitation Prayer - Rick Warren; 11. I Bow Down - Joel Engle; ...



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