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Dancing Into Silence
R. Carlos Nakai, William Eaton, ...

Canyon Records, 2010

Dancing Into Silence interweaves individual songs to create a continuous music-scape featuring the haunting sound of Native American flute, the rich harmonies and timbres of harp guitar, and subtle textures of world ethnic percussion.


R. Carlos Nakai

Canyon Records, 2003

Mountain vistas interspersed with alpine parks, stands of Aspen and conifer forests interlaced with rivulets and creeks of cool, clear run-off emanating from winter's glacial snows far about the tree line... this is the alpine homeland of Colorado's native tribal peoples. Today, the remnants of their summer encampments, in these secluded rocky Mountain fastnesses, are ideal places of spiritual refuge and unencumbered solitude. The nurturing ...


Earth Spirit
R. Carlos Nakai

Canyon Records, 1993

This album best captures the timeless serenity of the solo Native American flute. R. Carlos Nakai's music speaks to the spirit with a simplicity that transcends place and time. Includes original compositions, traditional Athabascan and Omaha melodies.


Peter Kater and R.Carlos Nakai

CD Baby, 2014

In their first recording together in over 10 years Peter Kater/ pianist composer and Native American Flute player R.Carlos Nakai stand once again united on scared ground . Ritual invokes a rich and soulful exploration of Self within a musical landscape created through deep listening , presence and love .They are joined by legendary reedman ,Paul McCandless; etherial vocalist , Trisha Bowden; and celebrated cellist , Jaques Morelenbaum. If you ...


Inner Voices
R. Carlos Nakai

Canyon Records, 1999

Inner Voices presents the haunting flute melodies of R. Carlos Nakai with the richness of a string ensemble in new arrangements of Nakai's melodies. The evocative power of the traditional flute is enhanced by the lush harmonies of violin, viola, cell and double bass in arrangement by two-time Grammy Award winner, Billy Williams. Williams' arrangements create a tranquil soundscape for the mellow tone of Nakai's flute that takes the listener on a ...


Ancestral Voices
R. Carlos Nakai, William Eaton

Canyon Records, 1993

1994 GRAMMY AWARD Finalist in Best Traditional Folk Music. R.Carlos Nakai and guitarist William Eaton create a diverse music that celebrates the rich traditions of the peoples of the Americas. With the Black Lodge Singers.


R. Carlos Nakai

Canyon Records, 1993

The best representation of R. Carlos Nakai's concert performance for the solo cedar flute beginning with renditions of traditional melodies from the Plains and Nakai's own works in the traditional style. Closes with an ethereal rendition of Amazing Grace.


Feather, Stone & Light
R. Carlos Nakai, William Eaton, ...

Canyon Records, 1995

Native American flutist, R. Carlos Nakai, draws on his Navajo-Ute heritage in this fourth collaboration with guitarist William Eaton who adds the unique sounds of his hyraharp guitar, o'ele'n strings and spiral clef guitar to Nakai's cedar flutes. Joined by percussionist and are joined by percussionist Will Clipman they bring fourth a music born in the Sonoran desert and colored by sounds of the world. A BILLBOARD MAGAZINE Critic's Choice.


Canyon Trilogy: Native American Flute Music
R. Carlos Nakai

Canyon Records, 1993

Using digital technology, R. Carlos Nakai creates the sound of the cedar flute echoing in the canyons and valleys of the vast Southwest. His seventeen free flowing compositions soothe the spirit and carry the listener to the far realms of the imagination. Awarded a certified Gold Records in 1998 ~ the first ever awarded for a Native American music album.


Desert Dance
R. Carlos Nakai

Celestial Harmonies, 1992

Desert Dance is R. Carlos Nakai's musical interpretation of his experiences in the sacred place of his ancestors, Colorado's San Luis Valley. Like his critically acclaimed 1988 release, Sundance Season, the Navajo-Ute musician's latest album was recorded in the Lindisfarne chapel, a uniquely resonant structure situated within this dramatic expanse of holy ground. Many tribes, from the early pueblo dwellers to the Kiowa, Arapaho, and ...


Sundance Season
R. Carlos Nakai

Celestial Harmonies, 1992

The Sun Dance ritual is the subject for R. Carlos Nakai's Sundance Season. The Sun Dance celebrates and honors man's relationship with Mother Earth. Nakai explains that tribal dancers in the ritual are encouraged to concentrate on their reasons for dancing and to meditate on the orderliness of life. Nakai's original melodies arise from the themes of the sacred traditions: On Eagle's Wings, (meditations on the scintillating flight of the ...


Mythic Dreamer: Music For Native American Flute
R. Carlos Nakai

Canyon Records, 1998

This collection of traditional and new melodies for solo Native American flute continues R. Carlos Nakai's exploration of this expressive instrument. Returning to traditional roots, he presents eleven arrangements of Zuni, Lakota, Kiowa and Cheyenne melodies along with seven original compositions and a work by composer by James DeMars. Nakai beautifully demonstrates the haunting simplicity and evocative magic of the traditional flute.


Inside Canyon de Chelly
Paul Horn & R. Carlos Nakai

Canyon Records, 1997

Two of today's greatest and most innovative flutists, Paul Horn and R. Carlos Nakai, join for a musical exploration through the monumental spaces inside Canyon de Chelly located in the heart of the land of the Navajo.


In Beauty, We Return
R. Carlos Nakai

Canyon Records, 2004

In 1983, R. Carlos Nakai (Dine/Ute) introduced the haunting and soothing sound of the Native American flute to the world and began an exploration of the musical possibilities of this traditional instrument. This collection of songs draws from the best of Nakai's recordings and shows the range and versatility of his artistry and musical imagination.


Red Wind
R. Carlos Nakai, William Eaton, ...

Canyon Records, 1998

Red Wind conjures the subtle beauty and intimate grandeur of the singing desert, weaving aural fables of human and animal presence into enduring tableaus of landscape and sky...illuminate by musical influences from Native American and around the globe. Nakai, Eaton and Clipman discover the exotic in the familiar by journeying deeply into the sonic atmospheres of northern Sonora, blending celebration and lamentation with passionate eloquence.


Winter Dreams for Christmas
R. Carlos Nakai, William Eaton

Canyon Records, 1993

The world's favorite Christmas melodies in new arrangements for the cedar flute and Eaton's guitars. Ten carols including, What Child Is This?/Greensleeves, I Saw Three Ships, Angels We Have Heard On High, and Silent Night (with Navajo chorale).


Healing the Divide: A Concert for Peace and Reconciliation
Dalai Lama, Tom Waits, ...

Anti, 2007

This once in a lifetime event gathered musicians from wildly different backgrounds in a benefit for Richard Gere's Healing The Divide Foundation. Recorded live at Lincoln Center in NY, this CD features transcendental performances from Tibet's Gyuto Choir, India's Anoushka Shankar, genre-bending duets from Tibetan avant-garde musician Nawang Kechong with Native American master R. Carlos Nakai, and maverick composer Philip Glass with Gambian ...


Awakening The Fire
R. Carlos Nakai, Will Clipman

Canyon Records, 2013

Grammy Award®-nominees R. Carlos Nakai and Will Clipman delve into a primal sonic odyssey, channeling a sound that grounds each of us in the center of our being, a place where all cultures merge into the river of human existence. The ancient call of Native American cedar flute and the vibration of African, Native American and Asian rhythms connect to our innermost essence and finely tune the awakening energies inside each of us nourishing inner ...


Carry the Gift
R. Carlos Nakai, William Eaton

Canyon Records, 1993

The panoramic harmonies of R. Carlos Nakai's flute with William Eaton's guitar, harp-guitar and lyre create visions of canyons and plains in these fifteen songs. Music haunting in its serenity, graceful in its simplicity and with a zen-like lyricism.


Changes: Native American Flute Music
R. Carlos Nakai

Canyon Records, 1993

R. Carlos Nakai's first recording and still a favorite. Fifteen solo songs of pure, soothing Native American flute music including renditions of Zuni, Blood and Lakota melodies along with Nakai's own impressionistic melodies inspired by his travels throughout North America.



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