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Dvorak: Life & Works
A. Dvorak

Naxos Educational, 2006


Mindful Healing: Reducing Pain and Increasing Comfort with Hypnosis
Richard K. Nongard

CreateSpace, 2008

Mindful Healing: Reducing Pain and Creating Comfort with Hypnosis This audio CD program teaching the skills of self-hypnosis for pain management can help you to reduce pain, increase comfort and promote healing from within. Richard Nongard lovingly created this program for a friend experiencing pain during treatment for breast cancer, and now this program is available to you. Many people have found mindfulness training and hypnosis to be ...


Increase Creativity

Brain Sync, 2005

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Ultimate Confidence and Charisma Hypnosis CD - Change your life by increasing your natural confidence. ...
Mark Bowden MSc BSc Dip Hyp

Mark Bowden MSc BSc Dip Hyp

What Would It Mean To You? When you have bullet proof confidence it's as if you can have everything that you want, the friends, the relationships, the career success and on and on... but when you don't have confidence it's like you have none of this and all you can do is simply stand back and admire those that do. Now it's time for you to experience what confidence brings! This powerful hypnotherapy session helps to: Make you feel ...


Wai Lana's Meditation Trilogy
Wai Lana

Gold Moon Productions, 2001

Sacred sounds to conquer fear and anxiety, including Music of the Heart, Yoga Sound, and Wai Lana’s newly released Rest and Relax CD. Music of the Heart Let Wai Lana's Music of the Heart transport you to a world of relaxation and inspiration: the world of Yoga. Soothe your nerves, calm your mind, and awaken your heart. Yoga Sound Yoga Sound is the heart and soul of yoga. Let Wai Lana's Yoga Sound take you on a meditative journey far ...



Oreade Music, 2011

Karunesh began creating his unique meditative, cross cultural music in 1984 and his popularity as an artist has been increasing ever since. This album contains eleven of Karuneshs favourite tracks from Heart Chakra Meditation, Secrets of Life, Silent Heart and Beyond Heaven.


Meat Puppets


The Meat Puppets at their psychedelic peak. A tightly crafted labor of love, ""Mirage"" was released in Spring of 1987 to increasing interest from mainstream rock circles. Joe Sasfy (Washington Post) proclamed it ""their finest, as close to a polished artistic arrival as you'd want from a frisky anti-pop band committed to musical spontaneity and adventure."" This editon of ""Mirage"" has been expanded to include five extra tracks, featuring ...


Increasing Sexual Intimacy for Men: Subliminal Nature Sounds and Affirmations to Change Your Life
Rick McFall

United Hypnotherapy

Increasing Sexual Intimacy for Men: Subliminal Nature Sounds and Affirmations to Change Your Life. Sex doesn't always mean intimacy, and intimacy doesn't always mean sex. Share a wonderful sexual intimacy with your partner that will bring you intimately closer in ways other than just physically. Intimacy includes mental, emotional, and spiritual closeness as well as the physical closeness. This recording is designed to be listened to by men ...


Juana Zayas in Recital: Bach-Busoni, Mozart, Beethoven, Liszt, Debussy
Mozart, Beethoven, Liszt, Debussy Bach-Busoni, Juana Zayas

ZMI, 2001


Rest and Relax
Wai Lana

Gold Moon Records, 2001

On this CD, Wai Lana talks you through two relaxation techniques, Gauranga Breathing and Yoga Nidra, followed by a restful meditation. These ancient techniques can relieve stress, anxiety, and depression. They will also help you overcome insomnia, enabling you to slip into deep and sound sleep. Wai Lana’s calming voice and soft music will ease your mind, relax your body, and soothe your spirit.


Gilana Sutta Buddhist Chanting Healing Energy
Bhante Thalangama Devananda Abbot Indiana Buddhist Temple, Sri Lankan Buddhist Chanting, ...

Bhante Devananda Indiana Buddhist Temple www.indianabuddhistvihara.org, 2014

Bhante Devananda chants this Sutta to invoke blessings. The CDs are professionally recorded and produced. Gilana Sutta: According to the Samyutta Nikaya, once when the Buddha was gravely ill he asked Venerable Mahacunda to recite the seven Factors of Enlightenment to him. In such a way the Buddha was cured of his illness. In the Pali literature, these short verses are recommended by the Buddha as providing protection from certain afflictions. ...


Light It Up

WTII Records, 2005

Fusing hip-hop vocals and ryhthms with classical compositions and post-industrial rock, Stromkern have been carving out a unique sound for over a decade. Founded by J. Ned Kirby in the early 1990s, initial releases (such as the 1997 debut Flicker Like A Candle) were heavily influenced by the danceable sounds of the European electro scene, but already the influences of Ned's classical training and love of hip-hop and noise were readily apparent, ...


Improve Your Productivity Hypnosis CD - Focus your mind and your thoughts to increasing your productivity. ...
Mark Bowden MSc BSc Dip Hyp

Mark Bowden MSc BSc Dip Hyp

Hypnotherapy session to help you improve your productivity.


Will Call
Will Donato

Innervision Records, 2007

Fans were introduced to his musical and performing abilities with some of the best musicians in the West: Gregg Karukas, Blake Aaron, Tony Guerrero, Jeff Caruthers, Steve reid ( The Rippingtons), Al Mckay (Earth,Wind, and Fire), Bruce Conte (Tower of Power!) and Steve Oliver, including Will s signature sound on his phenominal chart toppping #1 hit single High Noon. Will was one of the signature front men of Steve Reids- Bamboo Forest for four ...


East Coast Roots
Pat Bianchi

Jazzed Media, 2006

Hammond B3 Organ artist Pat Bianchi is joined by Mark Whitfield on guitar and Byron Landham on drums. This exciting recording covers several famous jazz compositions including the John Coltrane classic Straight Street , and Turn Out the Stars by Bill Evans. Mark Whitfield played with the great Jimmy Smith and Byron Landham has worked extensively with Joey DeFrancesco. Their partnership with Pat Bianchi should solidify Pat s increasing ...


nature sounds, rain on a roof Thunderstorm

Peaceful Valley Nature Sounds PVNSXX, 2004

This is a restful, relaxing CD containing subdued thunder and rain increasing and decreasing throughout the 74-minute CD. There are no human sounds and no music on this CD.


Mantra Meditation


The book ?Mantra Mediation? contains a CD as well to help you learn the art of using mantra to advance your meditation practices. Over his long fascination with Vedic and Buddhist Sanskrit mantras, Ashley-Farrand acquired more than 8,000 transliterated mantras. Needless to say his impressive collection is a standout in the English language. He acquired world-wide renown in applying these mantras to life?s problems, as you?ll find in his book and ...


Lost and Found Project 2065
Michael Carvin

Life Force Jazz, 2010

Michael Carvin is a drummer of extraordinary talent, inventiveness and technique. His mastery affords him the ability to handle any musical situation and to skillfully pass on his knowledge of the instrument to an ever increasing number of students internationally. Born in Houston, Texas, Carvin s musical training began at an early age with his father, one of the top drummers in Houston. With that training, by the age of twelve, Carvin began ...


Bodum 3 Cup Chambord Coffee Press



Don't underestimate the rich dark coffee that only this simple but elegant brewing method can make. Start with freshly roasted beans, coarsly ground. Add the grinds to the glass beaker, fill with boiling water, stir with a non-metal spoon and let the grinds steep for 3-4 minutes. Then, slowly press down the plunger and pour. This deep, dark, rich coffee will have some sediment...but that's what makes it one of Europe's best kept secrets.Bodum ...


Increasing Sexual Intimacy for Women: Subliminal Nature Sounds and Affirmations to Change Your Life
Rick McFall

United Hypnotherapy

Increasing Sexual Intimacy for Women: Subliminal Nature Sounds and Affirmations to Change Your Life. Sexual intimacy for women is a melding together of the intimacy needs of her and her partner of choice. It's about the intellectual, emotional, spiritual and physical intimacy needs that the two have together and it's about sharing and deepening that intimacy. Pleasure and enjoyment, as well as purpose and fulfillment can result from ...



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