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Singable Songs for the Very Young: Great with a Peanut-Butter Sandwich

Rounder / Umgd, 1996



Canciones Para Aprender con Diversion (Songs of Learning Fun)
Schiller Educational Resources

Schiller Educational Resources, 2006

Songs about the alphabet, colors, opposites, months of the year & other concepts. Songs are sung in Spanish with English translations. Every song is singable, clever and catchy! A must for bilingual classes as well as any classroom where native English speaking children are learning to speak Spanish.


Mary & Company: 15-Singable Songs
Mary Rice Hopkins

The classic Mary Rice Hopkins collection. Features all-time favorites "Hip Hip Hooray Hippopotamus," "Superman," "Walk LIke Jesus," and "Matilda The Gorilla." (Ages 2-8)


Disney Silly Songs: 20 Simply Super Singable Silly Songs
Silly Songs

Walt Disney Records, 1991


More Singable Songs

Rounder / Umgd, 1996



Passover Seder Sing-A-Long
Paul Zim

CD Baby, 1996


Sing to Learn
Dr. Jean

Music Design, 2007

MH-DJD04 Make learning fun the Dr. Jean way with these singable, learnable teaching tunes. Alphardy, Sing And Sign, Color Animals, Macarena Math, Shape Family, Continents, Oceans, and The Presidents.


Playing Favorites
Greg & Steve

Young Heart Music, 2000

YM-012CD With more than two million recordings sold to date, Greg & Steve hold the rank of the number-one children's music duo in the country. It's easy to see why—their singable lyrics and catchy melodies are set to a contemporary beat. Parents and teacher alike find Greg & Steve's tunes a fun way to teach children basic concepts such as colors and numbers as well as friendship and cooperation. Greg & Steve have received numerous accolades, ...


Singable Songs for Letters and Sounds CD

HeidiSongs, 2008

These songs were written to help children memorize the alphabet, letter sounds, letter formation and much more! There is a unique song for every letter of the alphabet and includes the sound of the letter, and a reference to what the letter looks like or how it is formed. There are also two other songs that practice all of the letters and their sounds from A-Z. These fun songs help children easily memorize both the upper and lower case letters ...


Raffi The Singable Songs Collection (20th Anniversary Special Edition)

Rounder, 1996



Positively Singable Songs

Kimbo, 1994

Why does this author, RONNO, win so many awards? Because he knows children so well, and he knows what is essential for their all-around growth. We all know how important it is to give our kids positive reinforcement. These highly singable songs are one of the best ways to meet this challenge because they are fun, lively and movement- oriented. Engaging songs about self-esteem, doing your best, getting along with others, and caring for the ...


The Raffi Singable Songs Collection

Tracks: 1 The More Get Together 2 Down By The Bay 3 Brush Your Teeth 4 Robin in the Rain 1:54 5 Five Little Frogs 1:40 6 I Wonder If I'm Growing 1:33 7 Aikendrum 1:17 8 Bumping Up and Down 1:31 9 Must Be Santa 2:22 10 Willoughby Wallaby Woo 1:53 11 Spider on the Floor 2:14 12 Baa Baa Black Sheep :58 13 Going to the Zoo 1:39 14 My Dreydel :32 15 Peanut Butter Sandwich :58 16 Five Little Pumpkins :30 17 The Sharing Song 1:04 18 Mr. ...


Hunk-Ta-Bunk-Ta Wiggle
Katherine Dines

Hunk-Ta-Bunk-Ta Music, 2007

This album is one of a pair of cds especially for toddlers. It contains 12 imaginative songs from Katherine Dines' other award-winning albums. Activities paired to each song, can be downloaded from the hunktabunkta.com web site and can help teach valuable skills to toddlers. With titles like "Pajarito" (Little Bird in Spanish), and "The Ticklebug", the sing-able lyrics and memorable melodies help curious toddlers get their wiggles out and ...


Smart Fitness, Smart Foods
RONNO & Liz Jones Twomey

Kimbo, 2008

This dual purpose CD features a fun 20-minute guided physical fitness workout (using brain-based moves), and a relaxing cool down. Also includes complementary, singable songs that promote nutritional awareness and healthy eating.


Passover Seder Melodies
Velvel Pasternak

Tara Music, 2006

20 melodies for the Passover Seder sung by Velvel Pasternak and children’s chorus. The disc features many of the most traditional and popular songs of the Haggadah Liturgy. Includes: Kiddush, Ma Nishtana, Dayenu, Eliyahu Hanavi, Echad Mi Yode’a, Chad Gadya and more.


Singable Songs: A Young Children's Concert with Raffi [VHS]

MCA, 1993

Young Children's Concert: Singable Songs [VHS]


Namaste! Songs, Yoga & Meditations for Young Yogis, Children, & Families!
Christopher Kavi Carbone

Arts-in-Celebration!, 2005

From the Artist Some songs were created specifically for use in Yoga and Creative Movement classes for children & families. Other songs & pieces are meant to uplift ALL AGES towards being present everyday! More than just a collection of songs to listen to, it is designed to inspire and support awakening every day to the peace, beauty, light and well-being within each one of us. The word Namaste!means: The light in me, greets the light in ...


Hunk-Ta-Bunk-Ta CHANTS
Katherine Dines

Hunk Ta Bunk Ta, 2001

HUNK•TA•BUNK•TA™ CHANTS (Sayable Singable Phrases From Around the World) ©2000 Running Time: 60 minutes (59:57) For:  Children 4-12; parents; home-schoolers; educators Description: A multi-cultural award-winning treasure of 37 traditional chants collected from the corners of world, plus several new ones created especially for this project by award winning songwriter, recording and teaching artist, Katherine Dines. In addition to being ...


Friendship Stew
Magical Music Express

Music Design, 2001

Hop aboard Pam & Greta's Magical Music Express for entertaining, singable songs from here, there, and around the world. Friendship Stew simmers with a zesty mix of musical flavors; swing, rock, and folk melodies blend with ingredients from far away places. Then Pam and Greta add a pinch of zaniness and a whole lot of sing along fun. It all boils down to sharing - ideas, games, languages, music, feelings and laughter - as we celebrate the ...


Canciones de Ti y de Mi (Songs of You and Me
Schiller Educational Resources

Schiller Educational Resources, 2006

Songs about family and friends. Songs are sung in Spanish with English translations. Every song is singable, clever and catchy! A must for bilingual classes as well as any classroom where native English speaking children are learning to speak Spanish



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