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String Swing CC08 Violin Hanger with Bow Peg Attachment for Music Stand

String Swing

String Swing, 2012

Violin does not rest on tuners! Bow holder included. Slides onto the front lip of a music stand. Secured with a thumb screw.


Everest Violin Shoulder Rest 4/4 And 3/4



The Everest EZ-4A Violin Shoulder rest is ergonomic and is virtually indestructable. Coated feet protect the finish of your instrument finish. This low-cost comfortable shoulder rest was designed in USA.


Mighty Bright Orchestra Light, with Adapter and Bag

Mighty Bright

Mighty Bright, 2010

Mighty Bright’s LED Orchestra Light is the brightest in the business. The sleek, black music stand light blends in, is tasteful and understated, and comes with a convenient travel case and AC adapter. Use the light with the AC adapter to enable centralized switching capabilities - perfect for large concerts. The long head features a row of nine brilliant LEDs and a sliding power button that offers two light level options. Set at the higher ...


D'Addario NS Micro Violin Tuner

D'Addario &Co. Inc

D'Addario &Co. Inc, 2014

NS Micro Violin Tuner View larger NS Micro Violin Tuner D'Addario brings its popular headstock tuner design to the orchestral world with the new NS Micro Violin Tuner. By combining the easy-to-read multi-color display of the original NS Micro with a non-marring lever-lock clamp the NS Micro Violin Tuner is an ideal tuning and practice tool for violin and viola. Key Features Easy to use lever-lock clamp fits most standard ...


String Swing Home & Studio Violin Hanger

String Swing

String Swing, 2010

This clever violin hanger has a hardwood base and all the hardware needed to mount it to a flatwall surface i.e. drywall, wood, etc. Your instrument does not rest on the tuners. Includes a bow holder and the exclusive tubing will not mark the finish on your instrument. GUARANTEED! This hanger will display a 3/4-4/4 Violin or 13"-17" Viola along with it's bow.


Ingles Adjustable Cello and Bass Stand

U.S. Band & Orchestra Supplies Inc.

U.S. Band & Orchestra Supplies Inc., 2014

This great Ingles Adjustable Cello and Bass Stand allows you to keep your instrument and bow, with its endpin extended, always ready to play. Folding nearly flat for storage, it features two height-adjustable cushioned arms to support the instrument's bottom and a third with a safety bar to secure the neck. The bow hangs from a cushioned hook out of harm's way, behind the instrument and off the floor. Grip knobs for easy adjustment to height of ...


Super Sensitive Light Violin Rosin

U.S. Band & Orchestra Supplies Inc.

U.S. Band & Orchestra Supplies Inc., 2009

Made with high quality natural resin encased in a sturdy finished wood block with an easy to open slide box.


Don't Fret Position Indicator for 4/4 Violin or 14" Viola

Don't Fret

Don't Fret

Vinyl base applique replaces tape on the fingerboard.


Jade L'Opera JADE Rosin for Violin, Viola, and Cello

U.S. Band & Orchestra Supplies Inc.

U.S. Band & Orchestra Supplies Inc., 2009

Metronome/Tuner combination. Tempo range from 40 to 216 beats per minute. Accented and subdivided beat options.


Gearlux Deluxe Collapsible Orchestra Music Stand - Black


Gearlux, 2014

Tough and sturdy, Gearlux brand accessories are built to last. This Gearlux deluxe collapsible orchestra music stand has a tubular design and comes in a black finish. Sturdy tripod legs fold easily for maximized portability. Height-adjustable for standing or sitting positions. Large steel desk, perfect for any sheet music, with holes to help reduce overall weight. Gearlux brand instrument accessories are perfect for musicians looking for quality ...


Vic Firth American Custom® SD1 General,1 pair

Vic Firth Drumsticks

Vic Firth Drumsticks, 2013

The American Custom line consists of a variety of models conceived and engineered by Vic Firth performer and teacher. The first manufacturer to apply the concept of a round striking surface to drumstick design, Vic developed the other originals that complete the line with jazz players in mind. Round tip. Ideal for orchestral work, rock and band. A legendary practice stick. Length: 16 3/8 Diameter: .635


Glaesel GL3980 Orchestral Polishing Cloth



The Glaesel Polishing Cloth is an excellent polishing cloth for care and maintenance of all fine musical instruments.


Dampit Moistener Violin

U.S. Band & Orchestra Supplies Inc.

U.S. Band & Orchestra Supplies Inc., 2009

The original Dampit Humidifier and the only one to come with it's own humididty guage. Superior sofet rubber sleeve encloses a special open cell sponge. Simply soak in water, wipe off and insert into the F hole of your violin.


Korg Clip-On Microphone - Black


Korg, 2014

The CM-200 is a contact microphone that can be attached to the bell of a brass instrument, the bridge of a violin, or even to a guitar or ukulele. The microphone uses a piezo element to directly capture the vibrations and send them to the tuner. The CM-200 is an indispensable item in situations where the Mic built into a tuner might have difficulty detecting the sound of your instrument, such as during a practice session with an entire brass ...


On-Stage SM7211 Professional Folding Orchestral Music Stand, Black

Music People

Music People, 2010

The On Stage music stand is revolutionary, incorporating all the features of the past with the new tripod folding base for the musician on the go. This stand can also fold up and nest together if you are staying in one place.


Xeros Endpin Anchor: Cello

U.S. Band & Orchestra Supplies Inc.

U.S. Band & Orchestra Supplies Inc., 2009

Your cello will never slip with the Xeros Endpin Anchor! The adjustable, 2" wide heavy duty woven strap with large D-ring, secures the molded cup with non-slip sole directly to almost any chair leg, and is adjustable form 16" to 32" to accommodate most players. Fold compactly for storage. Lifetime limited warranty. Made in USA.


Kun Original 4/4 Violin Shoulder Rest

U.S. Band & Orchestra Supplies Inc.

U.S. Band & Orchestra Supplies Inc., 2009

The practical, uncomplicated design of the Kun Original shoulder rest is based on our earliest handmade model. This rest is adjustable in three directions, and the end members are fitted with a patented locking device to ensure that it will never touch the instrument. The Kun Original has remained the favorite of amateur and professional players alike.


D'Addario Helicore 4/4 Size Violin Strings 4/4 Size Set with Steel E String

D'Addario &Co. Inc

D'Addario &Co. Inc, 2011

Zyex Composite synthetic core strings produce an extremely warm, rich sound. Zyex is a new generation of synthetic material, creating strings that are extremely stable under drastic climatic conditions. Zyex strings settle in on the instrument very fast, within a matter of hours. Zyex has a warmer sound than most other synthetic core strings, and they have excellent projection. Excellent for use when a dark, rich tone is desired along with ...


Kaplan Premium Light Rosin with Case for Violin, Viola, and Cello by D' Addario

D'Addario &Co. Inc

D'Addario &Co. Inc, 2011

Kaplan Premium Light Rosin is packed in an attractive case, designed for easy one-handed use. A dial at the bottom of the case allows the rosin to be turned, to avoid creating a groove, if desired.


Peterson 403857 StroboClip Clip-On Strobe Tuner


Peterson, 2011

The StroboClip? has the 1/10 cent accuracy of all Peterson strobes and also includes new Sweetened? Tunings and alternate temperaments for a wide variety of string and wind instruments. The StroboClip comes with its own carrying case. Features: Smallest Multi-Temperament Tuner 1/10 Cent Accurate Smooth, Real-Time Display Alternate Temperament Presets (Including Buzz Feiten Tuning System) Includes Eastern Temperament Presets Drop/Capo Setting ...



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