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Brussel's Golden Gate Ficus Bonsai

Brussel's Bonsai

Brussel's Bonsai

Imported from China, our Golden Gate Ficus have been meticulously trained for wonderful truck movement. The Chinese have hand-wired every tree to create the trunks' beautiful swirl. The small dark green leaves make the Golden Ficus perfectly suited for bonsai. In the ficus family, this variety is the best for growing indoors.


Fiskars 79786931J Composite Trowel



Strong, lightweight and affordable, this quality Garden Trowel features stronger-than-steel FiberComp construction for lasting value. One-piece design means the handle won't loosen and the trowel won't bend at the neck when digging into tough soil. What's more, this trowel won't rust. Includes a hang hole for easy storage. Lifetime warranty.


P3 International P7906 Vibrasonic Mole Chaser

P3 International

P3 International

- P3 vibrating mole repeller- Perating sonic pulses radiate through soil causing rodents to run for cover- Covers up to 13500 sq. feet- Battery life 4-6 monthsP3P7906




Oregon Lawn Mower Blade For John Deere 19-1/2-Inch M84472 91-400
P3 International P7901 Mole Chaser
P3 International Sonic Mole Chaser P7900
Oregon Lawn Mower Blade For John Deere 19-1/2-Inch M82408 91-392
Barnel B888 8-Inch Aluminum Straight Blade Garden Ratchet Hand Pruner


Fiskars 79786931J Composite Trowel
Fiskars Ratchet Anvil Pruner (7685)
True Temper Heavy Duty Poly Splash Block Natural 13212
Fiskars 7977 Composite Cultivator
Fiskars 7.9-12 Foot Lightweight Extendable Tree Pruner (93906935J)


Fiskars 9124 Professional Bypass Pruning Shears
Fiskars Garden Bucket Caddy, Bucket Not Included (9424)
Fiskars 14 Foot Power-Lever Tree Pruner (9301)
Fiskars 78506935 X7 14-Inch Hatchet
Fiskars 3 Piece Softouch Garden Tool Set (7067)

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