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Achla Designs CMP-05 Spinning Composter Horizontal



The Achla Spinning Horizontal Composter lets you steer those table scraps and garden waste away from the local landfill and put it to work feeding the microorganisms in your garden. Inside ridges help break up big clumps. The composter is made from 100-percent recycled plastic and resists pesky rodents. A sliding door provides easy access. The compster holds 7 cubic feet and rests on an included stand. It measures 33 x 39 x 36 inches and weighs ...


Yard Butler G-CULT Green Line Cultivator

Yard Butler

Yard Butler

More ergonomically comfortable, the unique design uses less material and resources while maintaining our highest quality standards. This human powered tool emits no greenhouse gasses, reduces the need for chemicals, and saves you money. Cultivates between and around rows, quickly breaking up and loosening soil. Spinning scissor like wheels cut and uproot weeds. Removable teeth let you custom configure the cultivator for precision cultivating. ...


Orbit 91594 Stainless Steel Ornamental Sprinkler, Styles may vary



This Orbit 91594 ornamental stainless steel sprinkler has a copper plated finish and covers an area up to 30 feet. With a solid, 4-spike metal base, this sprinkler is easily transportable to any location in your yard. Its decorative nature adorns your lawn with watering it in an innovative way. With spinning rings sprinkling water in opposite directions, this lawn sprinkler has full coverage. Made of solid stainless steel, this Orbit 91594 ...




Preen Lawn Crabgrass Preventer - 17 lb. 2463694
Monterey Spinosad Organic Garden Insect Spray - Pint Hose Spray LG6130
Dalen OW6 Gardeneer 16-Inch Molded Owl
Monterey Sluggo Snail & Slug Control For Organic Gardening - 2.5 lb ...
Liberty Garden Products Decorative Non-Rust Cast Aluminum Wall ...


Fiskars 7978 Composite Trowel
Fiskars 7064 Softouch Polished Aluminum Cultivator
Radius Garden 102 Ergonomic Aluminum Hand Weeder
Fiskars 7870 Uproot Lawn and Garden Weeder
Bond 6930 Pink 5 Piece Garden Tool Bag Gift Set


Presto Products GKL0951-6 Geobin Composting System
Urban Compost Tumbler 9.5r
Exaco Trading WIBO WB160 160-Gallon Composter
Espoma Organic Traditions Compost Starter- 4 lb Bag BE4
Exaco Trading ECO-2000 2.4 Gallon Kitchen Compost Waste Collector

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