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Age Of Empires Collector's Edition (Limited Edition)

Windows | UBISOFT, 2009

Control 10,000 years of human history and rewrite it to suit you. Lead your civilization to glory across the Millennia by choosing your path to greatness. Battle alongside legendary heroes as you conquer rival empires. Discover new technologies and chart your course well - from the Stone Age to the Imperial Age - and your legacy shall live forever!


BD&A Skylanders Classic Travel Tote

Not Machine Specific | Bensussen, Deutsch & Associates, 2014

Perfect for the Skylanders fan who wants to play on the go, the Classic Skylanders Travel Tote will get your collection there in style! With Skylanders graphics and an easy-to-carry handle, this convenient cloth-covered carrying case will easily, safely, and stylishly transport your collection across the street or across the globe. Figures more than four inches may not fit vertically.


Jak 3 - PlayStation 2

PlayStation2 | Naughty Dog, 2006

One year has passed since Jak and Daxter saved Haven City from Kor and the attacking Metal Heads, yet Haven City is still immersed in deadly chaos as three groups fight for control of the streets. The people of Haven City have grown to distrust Jak's dark powers and as rumors boil of Jak's ties with Krew and Kor, the city blames Jak for its current woeful circumstances. When the palace is destroyed by a surprise Metal Head attack, even Ashelin ...


Assassin's Creed I & II

Windows | Encore Software, 2011

Assassin'S Creed Ultimate Collection 1 & 2 Jc (Win Xpvistawin 7)


Veronica Mars: Season 3
Kristen Bell, Jason Dohring

Warner Home Video, 2007

Hearst College, jewel of the Pacific. A citadel of higher education set amid rolling lawns and swaying palms. But since Hearst is in Neptune, California - and since Veronica Mars is among its incoming freshmen - you know it's also a noir netherworld of lies, betrayal, secrets and (of course) murder. Veronica, Logan and more of your VM favorites join cool new characters for a Season 3 of seething mystery and sardonic wit. College is indeed a ...


Bioshock Infinite: The Complete Edition - Xbox 360

Xbox 360 | 2K, 2014

Burial at Sea - Episode One features Rapture as you've never seen it before-a shining jewel at the bottom of the ocean, built almost entirely from scratch in the Bio Shock Infinite engine.


The Serious Sam Collection - Xbox 360

Xbox 360 | Maximum Games, 2013

Sam 'Serious' Stone is back. Follow the notorious hero in his quest to destroy the alien overlord, Mental, in The Serious Sam Collection. This includes Serious Sam: The First Encounter, Serious Sam: The Second Encounter, Serious Sam: BFE (plus Jewel of the Nile DLC pack, and Serious Sam: Double D XXL.


LEGO Lord of the Rings - Nintendo Wii

Nintendo Wii | Warner Home Video - Games, 2012

Based on The Lord of the Rings motion picture trilogy, LEGO The Lord of the Rings follows the original storylines of The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, and The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, taking players through the epic story events reimagined with the humor and endless variety of LEGO play. Trusted with the dangerous task to destroy an ancient magical ring that threatens all ...


Disney Princess: Magical Jewels - Nintendo DS

Nintendo DS | Disney, 2007

Disney Interactive Studios brings the magic of Disney Princess to the Nintendo DS this autumn, allowing girls to take their favorite Princesses anywhere they go. Disney Princess: Magical Jewels presents Cinderella, Snow White, Aurora, Belle, Jasmine and Ariel in a fun-filled adventure, designed specifically for how young girls play games. Disney Princess: Magical Jewels invites girls to take on the role of one of the Disney Princesses as they ...


Atari AtGames Flashback 5 Retro Game Console

Electronic Game | Atari, 2014

AtGames Atari Flashback 5 Classic Game Console


Jumpstart Preschool for ages 2 - 4 years

Windows | Knowledge Adventure, 2006

The fun way to get ready for school!Children leap into an early understanding of letters numbers shapes and colors in this colorful classroom bursting with animation and songs. Casey Cat Kisha Koala Eleanor the Elephant and Pierre the Bear guide children through ten irresistible interactive puzzles games and play areas covering over 30 skills.Skills Taught Letters Phonics Pre-reading Numbers Counting Sequencing Spatial relationships Music ...


World of Mahjongg - Deluxe Edition

Windows | Viva Media, 2011

Enjoy more Mahjongg than ever before in this Deluxe Edition of WORLD OF MAHJONGG that also includes 3 Bonus Games – HEXAGON MAHJONGG, YIN-YANG MAHJONG, and MAHJONGG MANIA for one incredible price! In WORLD OF MAHJONGG, challenge yourself with over 1,000,000 professionally created layouts, stunning tile sets, dazzling backgrounds, and so much more as you play Mahjongg in True 3D. Create an endless variety of game variations, delightful ...


Rio - Xbox 360

Xbox 360 | Nordic Games, 2012

Birds of a feather party together in this party adventure based on the hit animated movie Rio! In this multiplayer video game, Blu goes on the adventure of his life, with the help of his female counterpart, Jewel, and a group of wise-cracking and smooth-talking city birds. Blu and his new friends journey through Rio, dodging soccer balls, collecting tropical fruits and soaring across the beach. He participates in amazing games and ultimately, ...


Mount and Blade Collection Jewel Case

Windows | Encore Software, 2013

Massive medieval battles, open sandbox worlds, and three expansive campaigns in this incredible action RPG. Includes Mount and Blade, plus, Warband and With Fire and Sword expansions.


Fate 1 2 3 Jewel Case

Windows | Encore, 2012

All three experiences packed into one package.


Wario World | GameCube

GameCube | Nintendo

As a villain out for all of the gold, Mario's nemesis Wario is the hero in this 3-D console adventure.


Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds Saga (Jewel Case) - PC

Windows | LucasArts, 2004

Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds Saga gathers the popular real-time strategy game Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds and its dynamic Star Wars: Episode II mission expansion Clone Campaigns in a single package. The destiny of a galaxy hangs in the balance. You must lead the great armies of the Star Wars saga in intense real-time strategy clashes across land, sea and air. Execute single or multiplayer battles as you deploy your armies and manage ...


Left 4 Dead 2 - PC

Windows | Electronic Arts, 2009

Left 4 Dead 2 is set at roughly the same time as the original - just after the outbreak that turned most of the population into various zombie mutants. Players assume the role of 4 new "Survivors," each with their own personality and new dialog. The game leads these "Survivors" through the southeastern region of the US - from Savannah, Georgia thru the bayou country, and climaxing in New Orleans' French Quarter.


Scrabble Complete (Jewel Case) - PC

Windows | Beverly, 2004

Scrabble Complete takes the world's most popular word game and adds a whole new dimension. Give yourself a real word challenge, with Anagrams, 2- and 3-Letter Word Games, Word Placement and the new Scrabble Blitz. It's exciting enough to casual players enthralled -- and it turns serious Scrabble players into masters! Windows XP compatible


Bejeweled 3 - Nintendo DS

Nintendo DS | PopCap Games, 2011

Take the biggest, brightest Bejeweled everywhere you go! Discover all-new ways to play the world’s #1 puzzle game. Find your perfect match with 8 breathtaking game modes that meet all your moods - ease into Classic Bejeweled for cascades of fun, journey through 40 challenging Quest puzzles, charge up in Lightning for non-stop action, and fine-tune your Zen experience for a revolutionary new way to relax. Enjoy the amazing sights and sounds and ...



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