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Razer Mamba Rechargable Wireless PC Gaming Mouse

Razer USA

Razer USA

The Razer Mamba harnesses everything that the greatest gaming mouse would need to take gamers to the stratosphere of win. Featuring a 2.4Ghz gaming-grade wireless technology for unhindered swiping freedom, an all-new 6400dpi 4G Dual Sensor System for blisteringly accurate tracking and customization of lift-off tracking distance, and longer battery life, the Razer Mamba makes legends of gamers who dare to strive for immortality.


Razer Vespula Dual-Sided Gaming Mouse Mat - Speed and Control

Razer USA

Razer USA

The dual-sided Razer Vespula Gaming Mouse Mat provides two distinct gaming-grade surfaces on an abrasion-resistant hard coat to suit your preferred level of gaming glide - Speed for smoother fast-paced action that maximizes freedom of movement, and Control for ultra-precise movements and tactile feedback with its textured surface, allowing you to adjust your mousing surface to any specific gameplay-requirements with incredible ease. Extended ...


Warriors Orochi 3

PlayStation 3 | Koei


Razer Ouroboros Elite Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse



Hold Infinity In The Palm Of Your Hand The Razer Ouroboros is outfitted with the most advanced and configurable sensor yet. It tracks so precisely, you always hit targets exactly where you need to. It can also be calibrated to your specific surface, and has adjustable cut-off to lift-off tracking, empowering you with more control than ever. From an adjustable arched palm rest, to a retractable back, as well as four interchangeable side ...


Razer Abyssus Optical PC Gaming Mouse

Razer USA

Razer USA

The Razer Abyssus is created for gamers looking for quality, reliability and performance in a no-nonsense, straightforward gaming-grade mouse. Designed to focus on the fundamentals of competitive gaming, the Razer Abyssus is armed with ultra-responsive buttons tuned for maximum tactile feedback. With an uncompromising 3500dpi Razer Precision™ 3.5G infrared sensor at its core, take full control of your every aim with perfect tracking so you ...


Razer Orochi Mobile PC Gaming Mouse



The new Razer Orochi is outfitted with the most precise laser sensor ever outfitted in a mobile gaming mouse: Its 6400 dpi 4G sensor promises to take out the competition with deadly accuracy.


Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper - Nintendo Wii U

Nintendo Wii U | Tecmo Koei, 2012

Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper combines the much loved heroes of the Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors series in a story that also features characters from Ninja Gaiden, Warriors: Legends of Troy, Bladestorm, Trinity: Souls of Zill O'll, Dead or Alive and a new character made specifically for Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper! Years after the battle against Orochi, the Serpent King, the heroes of the Three Kingdoms and the Warring States struggle to seize ...


Warriors Orochi 3 - Xbox 360

Xbox 360 | Tecmo Koei, 2012

Warriors Orochi 3 X360


Logitech Wireless Gaming Mouse G700



With 13 programmable controls and a full-speed wireless connection, the logitech wireless gaming mouse g700 keeps you comfortable, in control and deep into your game.


Okami - PlayStation 2

PlayStation2 | Capcom, 2006

In Okami, the legendary monster Orochi has come back to life and turned the world into a veritable wasteland. Players become a wolf, an embodiment of the sun god Amaterasu -- the world lies in gamer's hands as they fight ominous beings and reclaim the earth from a curse that plagues it. It is crucial to help Amaterasu make the world a place where all living creatures can dwell once again.


Musou Orochi 2 Ultimate

PlayStation Vita | koei

Japan Import


Warriors Orochi 2 - Xbox 360

Xbox 360 | KOEI Corp, 2008

The evil serpent King Orochi was defeated, yet a mysterious alliance is hatching an otherworldly plan so that Orochi may rise again. Now a new group of heroes must join forces with the Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors to prevent this evil resurrection.


Razer Orochi Blade Edition Wireless Bluetooth Gaming Mouse (RZ01-00300300-R3M1)

Razer USA

Razer USA

The Razer Orochi Blade edition brings both mobile and gaming mouse standards to new heights with its small form factor and bleeding-edge technology.


Musou OROCHI 2 Ultimate

The serpent lord Orochi has died, but the battles between the Sengoku and Sangoku heroes continue. Daki, the righthand woman of Orochi is trying to resurrect her lord, and gods and goddesses are sent from heaven to aid the warriors. Kaguya gives gamers the chance to return to the past to change the future. Rescue the friend that died in past battles and win new weapons. Build unbreakable bonds with comrades to unlock story elements and create a ...


Warriors Orochi - Xbox 360

Xbox 360 | KOEI Corp, 2007

Warriors Orochi X360


King of Fighters Collection: The Orochi Saga - Nintendo Wii

Nintendo Wii | SNK, 2008

The first ever collection of The King of Fighters consisting of 5 complete games: King of Fighters 94, 95, 96, 97, and 98.


Samurai Warriors 3 - Nintendo Wii

Nintendo Wii | Nintendo, 2010

Assume the role of legendary Japanese Samurai during a time of civil unrest, launching into chaotic battles against huge swarms of enemies. Skilled in the arts of combat, the Samurai must protect their lord’s interest, and doing so requires careful planning and strategy. With tales of revenge, political intrigue and romance, Samurai Warriors 3 asks you to play your part in the unification of Japan and to defend your honor in the process. ...


King of Fighters XI - PlayStation 2

PlayStation2 | SNK NeoGeo, 2007

The world has been rocked by two major events – Mukai has stolen the Orochi seal and the theft of the Yata Mirror by Ash Crimson. Just as the dust has settled, a new King of Fighters tournament was announced - a tournament which brings together some familiar faces, as well as new comers to the world of The King of Fighters . Not all is what it seems in this new tournament. There are too many unanswered questions. Too many mixed ...


Musou Orochi Z [Japan Import]

PlayStation 3 | KOEI

Musou Orochi Z Japanese Format (NTSC-J). Box,package,


Musou Orochi 2 Ultimate (Chinese Subtitles / Japanese Voice Language) [Playstation Vita]


Musou Orochi 2 Ultimate is a third re-release and sequel of Warriors Orochi 3 which continues from the original game's good ending. Akihiro Suzuki returns as the producer and Youji Noda is director.



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