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Mystery Masters: Volume 2 - 15 Pack

Windows | Viva Media, 2011

Dare to discover thrills, intrigue, suspense and much more in this mega-collection of mysteries to die for! There are 15 complete mysteries with over 7,000 hidden objects to find. It’s up to you to unlock the secrets and uncover the truth in this amazing collection of thrilling hidden object adventures where everyone is a suspect and nothing is above suspicion!! Includes: exorcist – enter the inner sanctum of evil and discover a dark ...


Play! 101 Premium Games Collection - Get Right to the Fun!

Windows | Viva Media, 2012

GET RIGHT TO THE FUN with the largest collection of the world's best premium casual games for one incredible price. Packed with over 100 complete full-version games this extraordinary collection delivers the greatest PC value and variety for one incredible price. It's high quality entertainment for the entire family! Enjoy high quality games in this mega collection of unbeatable variety and fun! With so many HIDDEN OBJECT, Time Management & ...


Viva Media Stronghold Crusader 2

Windows | Viva Media, 2014

Stronghold Crusader 2 is the long awaited sequel to Stronghold: Crusader, the original 'castle sim'. After 12 years Stronghold returns to the deserts of the Middle East circa 1189, with a new 3D engine and realistic castle destruction powered by Havok Physics. Crusader 2 will recapture the original game's addictive, fast-paced gameplay and authentic castle simulation. True to its roots this new Stronghold will define old school real time ...


Fritz Chess: Fritz 14 with Deep Fritz 64-bit [Download]

Viva Media-148206-148206, 2014

FRITZ CHESS 14 is the most comprehensive chess program in the world. Whether you are new to the game or a Grandmaster, FRITZ 14 is suitable for all skill levels! The top-ranked Fritz Chess engine adjusts its playing strength automatically, offers coaching at all levels, explanation of chess positions, color coded danger warnings, openings statistics, automatic game analysis and training modules for openings, tactics and endgames. Whether ...


Mystery Masters: Legends of Terror - 20 Pack

Windows | Viva Media, 2012

Experience games of intense suspense as you journey into dark hidden object worlds and encounter legends to fear in this Collector’s Edition compilation that includes 20 Complete Hidden Object Mysteries for one incredible price! When the dead cannot find release, they beckon to an unlikely medium to pass between the spirit world and our own to free them from their twisted past lives and the endless horror that they cannot escape. What secret ...


World of Mahjongg - Deluxe Edition

Windows | Viva Media, 2011

Enjoy more Mahjongg than ever before in this Deluxe Edition of WORLD OF MAHJONGG that also includes 3 Bonus Games – HEXAGON MAHJONGG, YIN-YANG MAHJONG, and MAHJONGG MANIA for one incredible price! In WORLD OF MAHJONGG, challenge yourself with over 1,000,000 professionally created layouts, stunning tile sets, dazzling backgrounds, and so much more as you play Mahjongg in True 3D. Create an endless variety of game variations, delightful ...


Professional Farmer 2014 - Bonus Edition

Windows | Avanquest, 2014

Take up the challenge of professional agriculture and get set for a dynamic and wide-ranging farm simulation experience. Hook up the plough, re-fill the tractor or unload the harvest - you control and operate a wide variety of authentic machinery and equipment. Farm management, cultivating fields, planting crops, breeding livestock, buying & selling produce, and more! Climate and changing seasons influence the game, providing the player with a ...


House of 1000 Doors: Serpent Flame - Collector's Edition

Windows | Viva Media, 2013

Return to the House and cross the threshold into danger to save mankind from annihilation. Embark on a homecoming of epic scale as the calamitous powers of a long dormant creature are awakened in this Collector's Edition of HOUSE OF 1,000 DOORS: SERPENT FLAME that includes bonus gameplay, an integrated strategy guide, and other exclusive features. When giant serpents emerge from deep within the Earth to wreak destruction across every continent, ...


House of 1,000 Doors: Family Secrets - Collector's Edition

Windows | Viva Media, 2012

What secret do all these souls share with Kate? A young bride who lost her husband in a gruesome accident refuses to leave a train. A sculptor who disturbed his wife's grave is suffering in a wintry hell. And a young girl who posed for a cursed portrait haunts the charred remains of her father's studio. These lost souls cannot move on. To save them, you must pass between these mind-bending worlds as enter the House of 1000 Doors.


Play! The Ultimate Casual Game Collection

Windows | Viva Media, 2009

Enjoy dozens of full version games in one package-high-quality family entertainment with variety that can't be beat. Take a break for a few hours or just a few minutes. With something for everyone, it's easy to get in the game. In a world of Play the possibilities are endless. Get Addicted to fun! Bringing you the largest collection of today’s best casual games! Detective, Mad Scientist, Magician, Farmer, Fashionista, Sea Captain, Tycoon, ...


Treasures of Mystery Island 3 Pack - Uncover a Trilogy of Secrets in 3 Thrilling Adventures

Windows | Viva Media, 2011

Discover all the extraordinary secrets of Mystery Island in this trilogy of hidden object adventures for one incredible price!In TREASURES OF MYSTERY ISLAND: FIRST ADVENTURE, when your plane uncontrollably spirals into a dive toward choppy waters below, you must parachute to safety on an uncharted island where hidden treasure and the curse of an angry god await! Your seek-and-find skills will be challenged as never before as you scour the ...


Airport Simulator 2014

Windows | Avanquest, 2014

The planes, the vehicles, the passengers! The rumbling sounds of the jet engines, the changing weather conditions, and the booming turbine noise all present an accelerating atmosphere filled with rapid change. Reach for the skies and rise to the challenge of operating a modern international airport in this comprehensive simulation. Refuel super jumbos, coordinate ground crew, air-traffic and technical staff - even organize perfect catering. ...


S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat

Windows | Viva Media, 2010

Year: 2012, Place: Pripyat, the wasted city near Chernobyl, site of the world's most devastating nuclear accident. Decades later, unstable and inexplicable artifacts with malevolent powers are discovered within the zone. High risks do not stop the S.T.A.L.K.E.Rs, paramilitary adventurers and looters from entering the zone for profit. They are willing to face death to make a fortune by retrieving and selling those precious artifacts. When 5 ...


Learn to Play Chess with Fritz & Chesster: Chess Complete 3-Pack

Windows | Viva Media, 2011

Learn to play chess step by step with FRITZ and CHESSTER in this complete collection of all 3 games in the awarding winning series. You’ll learn how to play chess from scratch in these three thrilling and unforgettable chess adventures. You’ll have a ton of fun discovering, playing, and winning chess! Includes LEARN TO PLAY CHESS, LEARN TO PLAY CHESS 2 – CHESS IN THE BLACK CASTLE, and CHESS FOR WINNERS. Promotion of memory, math, ...


Mystery Masters: Bonus Collection - 20 Pack

Windows | Viva Media, 2012

Reveal the secrets that no one should know, as you discover the chilling side of evil, intrigue, and suspense in this Collector’s Edition compilation that includes 20 Complete Hidden Object Mysteries for one incredible price! A reporter's investigation of a series of strange disappearances becomes personal when a psychopath abducts his girlfriend and then challenges him to rescue her. To free your beloved from captivity, you must venture into ...


In Search of the Lost Temple [Download]

Viva Media-148206-148206, 2014

Ancient China, an enigmatic and mysterious land, hides many long lost secrets and mysteries. Anna's grandfather had always had a keen interest in these legends and mysteries. He was especially interested in the Legend of the Lost Temple. After many years of searching, he finally found its secret location high up in the mountains of China. He spent days exploring its mysteries. Upon his return home, Anna's grandfather was stricken ill, ...


Pet Vet: Animal Hospital Triple Treat - 3 Complete Games in 1

Windows | Viva Media, 2010

This award-winning collection includes 3 complete games for one incredible price. Meet, treat and take care of adorable animals from all around the world! Train, feed and shop for these little bundles of joy and make them better! Customize your character with fun clothes, hire help and more! Experience adventurous fun in free play mode or play in over 35 exciting scenarios! In pet vet: animal hospital, your animal friends need tender love and ...


Masterpiece Mahjong Ultimate pack

Windows | Viva Media, 2013

Get ready for Mahjongg like never before as you enjoy stunning tile sets, dazzling backgrounds, and so much more in this collection of Mahjong and more for one incredible price.. Experience royal generosity for yourself when you play MAHJONG ROYAL TOWERS. Earn points and trophies as you visit different parts of the royal castle, from the Garden and the Armory all the way to the Throne Room. Climb the achievement ladder and the royal treasury ...


Crazy Machines: Gold Edition - More Gizmos, Gadgets and Whatchamacallits Than Ever Before!

Windows | Viva Media, 2010

More gizmos, gadgets and whatchamacallits than ever before! Get ready for superb puzzle action as you invent and build crazy machines to solve tricky brainteasers! Enjoy over 400 gizmo-twisting levels as you work your way up from the inventor’s training camp to exciting challenges from the laboratory. Take it into your own lab and create unique wacky contraptions using the free-style editor. It’s all up to you how to utilize robots, ...


Fritz Chess 13 [Download]

DVG Viva Media, 2012

TAKE YOUR GAME TO A HIGHER LEVEL with FRITZ CHESS 13 and experience its array of exciting new features! Take your game into the cloud and enter a virtual world of chess where players of all abilities can play and train using the revolutionary new functions! Whether you’re a chess beginner, club player or professional Grandmaster, FRITZ CHESS 13 has it all! The top-ranked Fritz Chess engine adjusts its playing strength automatically, ...



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