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Fab Abs Inside and Out with Yogi Marlon II - yoga   


Fab Abs Inside and Out with Yogi Marlon I - yoga   


Abs Pilates Workout
Ana Caban

Gaiam - Fitness, 2004

The strong and lean Pilates body is based in the powerhouse‹the deep, woven layers of the abdominal and lower back muscles. The Pilates system of exercise empowers you to stand confidently and move gracefully through your life, by grounding your movements in the strong core of your body. Set on Maui, Hawaii, the Pilates Abs Workout helps you slim and strengthen the ab muscles at the same time. Certified Pilates instructor Ana Cabán takes you ...


Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Disease: Silent Killer   


Power Foundation   


Perfect Abs
Meghan White

Bodywisdom Media, 2005


Jane Fonda's Step Aerobic and Abdominal Workout [VHS]
Jane Fonda, Mark Brunetz

Warnervision, 1992

This multilevel class is safe for and accessible to beginners, and just right for intermediates. Three of Fonda's able and motivating instructors teach the 45-minute step class. Half the room does lower-intensity moves; the other uses higher steps and higher-intensity techniques. The teaching technique is excellent: a pattern is taught on the floor before taking it up on the step. One participant does the routines totally without the step to ...


The Firm: Firm Abs
Nancy Tucker

Good Times Video, 2004



Jillian Michaels: 6 Week Six-Pack

Lions Gate, 2010

Get ripped, flat abs in 6 weeks with America’s toughest trainer, Jillian Michaels. Forget boring sit-ups – Jillian’s ab-shredding system will chisel the midsection with her winning combination of core-focused cardio circuits and ab-toning exercises. 6 Week Six-Pack includes two dynamic 30-minute workouts plus warm-ups and cooldowns. Start with Level 1 for three weeks, then advance to Level 2 for increased intensity and fat burn. Stick ...


Pilates Core Power - Abdominals & Back
Karen Voight

Entertaining Fitness, 2005

Imagine your body has the posture, lightness and elegance of a dancer. Enjoy this practical approach to Pilates with 50 minutes of matwork done entirely on the floor. Take a break from traditional weights and develop strong, lean muscle without building bulk. With just the right mix of toning and stretching, flatten & firm your abdominals and strengthen your back with easy-to-follow Pilates moves. With strong and stable torso muscles, daily ...


Yamuna Body Rolling Abdominal Strenthening DVD



YBR Abdominal Strengthening Routines on DVD. No more crunches! YBR will strengthen your abs without tightening and shortening these muscles. We promise you not just longer, stronger abs but a longer, leaner torso, too. Meanwhile, you'll develop greater core strength and your belly will flatten in the most wonderful way!


Quick Fix - Stability Ball Workout
Keli Roberts

Peter Pan, 2003

If you have 10 Minutes a day you can strengthen your muscles and improve your balance and coordination! QuickFIX Stability Ball Workout brings an exciting spin to the same old workout routine. Broken into three 10 minute segments the first segment will concentrate on the lower body. The second segment you will shape and tone your arms and back. The third segment is a focused ab routine.System Requirements:Running Time: 35 Min.Format: DVD MOVIE ...


Stronger Seniors Core Fitness: Chair-based Pilates program designed to strengthen the abdominals, lower back ...
Anne Pringle Burnell

Spectrum Music and Video, 2012

The Stronger Seniors Core Fitness Chair Exercise Program is designed to help seniors and the mobility-challenged develop strength and flexibility, enhancing the ability to function in daily life. Core Fitness is specially designed to strengthen your abdominals, lower back and pelvic floor muscles: those which support your spine and internal organs - the foundation of your body. Exercising the core is essential to good posture and balance. If you ...


10 Minute Solution: Quick Tummy Toners
Jessica Smith


No time to exercise? We have the soltuion for you - the 10 Minute Solution! Everyone can find at least ten minutes in their day, and we've developed 5 tummy toning workouts that are just 10 minutes each. These quick workouts will help shrink your workout time and your waistline. Compact and ultra efficient, the 10 minute belly blasts fit into even the busiest of schedules. Splt them into 5 separate workouts or do them all together for the ...


Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm: A Silent Killer   


Yoga Booty Ballet (2-Disc Set w/ Book): Total Toning Basics/ Advanced Fat Burning & Abdominals/ Core Strength ...


yoga booty ballet goddess guide; includes the rehearsal and guided meditation


Bellydance for Core Fitness, with Ayshe: Belly dance fitness, Belly dance abdominal workout, Belly dance ...
Ayshe, Blanca

World Dance New York, 2006

Bellydance is an amazing art and one of the world's oldest fitness disciplines. Bellydance emphasizes movements of the abdomen and pelvis, and is an ideal way to develop deep abdominal core strength. Passed down from mother to daughter, this ancient celebratory dance became the traditional method for imparting body awareness, techniques of posture and movement, both natural and beneficial to the female body, as well as preparation for and ...


Yogi Marlon's Abdominal Powerhouse Yoga III   


XTFMAX: Find Your Shape - Women's Complete Home Fitness - 12 DVD Set



Get in the best shape of your life with XTFMAX! If you want to melt away fat, build lean muscle and get serious about your fitness, then join Stephanie Oram in XTFMAX. XTFMAX includes 12 workouts designed to shred fat and build long lean muscle. Each workout demonstrates 4 different workout levels so regardless if you are a beginner, or ready to take it to the next level athletically, this workout is for you. Not only do you get 12 ...


Total Body Pilates   



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